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Naked Family Heirarchy by nudemuse
Naked Family Heirarchyby nudemuse
Me, my sister, my aunt, my mom, all of us naked. Its may be sensual, but it was a blessing, it was our lifestyle
Embarrassed Pantsed Story by JacobMatthews123
Embarrassed Pantsed Storyby JacobMatthews123
Being stripped and groped by your sister's friends is never fun
Naked Minor by nudemuse
Naked Minorby nudemuse
Can a consentual sex with minor be the best girl on girl? Based on true story
what happens? // one direction by hahahakris
what happens? // one directionby Kristel
What happens when a twist of fate causes a weekend getaway to go terribly wrong? © copyright 2012 hahahakris
Sexting ➵ Dylan o'Brien by lucagilliot
Sexting ➵ Dylan o'Brienby 💀
About a girl who sends a risky text to the wrong person
Dnf Smuth UwU by Niaisfound
Dnf Smuth UwUby Niaisfound
~this is a real talking~ me:damn i m horny hira:me to me:😏 hira:😏 and then we write this book
Tom Cruise and other celebs Smut and Imagines  by KASHMIRAWRITESSMUT
Tom Cruise and other celebs Smut KASHMIRAWRITESSMUT
Heyyy Bestie soo after seeing how every ones Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise's Smut/Imagines are absolutely shit so yup i'm making my own Reminder : some Smut here will p...
Nude 💋 by NakedUrbanFiction
Nude 💋by NakedUrbanReloaded👑
When you feel like you can't catch a break in life 🌠
Nerdy Sam Winchester by JuniperLemon
Nerdy Sam Winchesterby JuniperLemon
Sam is a nerd and isn't afraid to show it through his love of useless trivia and nerdy things.
gotham high school (harley x joker.) by quinnfics
gotham high school (harley x quinnfics
high school is boring as can be right?! well you've obviously never heard of gotham high. gotham city the home of muggers, thieves, all crime in general. a handsome evil...
Nudity Primer: Your Guide To Going Naked by markalantrimeloni
Nudity Primer: Your Guide To Mark Alan Trimeloni
Have you ever wanted to go naked at home? How about outside in your community? I am here to show you how to feel good about going naked. This book will be released in...
B666 BINGO! by markalantrimeloni
B666 BINGO!by Mark Alan Trimeloni
Where do you go when you kill someone? Jacob is a nine year old boy who looks like he's six. But age doesn't matter when you are in a game for your soul and the Devil...
30 days of rape by hweartlia
30 days of rapeby Vianna. Rihanna
⚠️warning: this story can make some feel disgusted or uncomfortable. please do not read if you are under the age of 15. ⚠️this story isn't complete yet. more parts are c...
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Mister. Olven by Books_Blankets
Mister. Olvenby Books_Blankets
I hope to make more of these books I really do hope so wish me luck!
Her Closet, His Room  by 2005NaomiFidelis
Her Closet, His Room by 2005NaomiFidelis
About a girl named Alexis Walker who falls for her player boss unintentionally and now she has to become his personal assistant because of some unexpected circumstances...
Shadow of the Half-Light || *Harry Styles Punk Fanfic. (INCOMPLETE) by piedImpala
Shadow of the Half-Light || * Winchester Bitch
*VERY SEXUAL SO I SUGGEST NO ONE UNDER 13 WHO AM I KIDDING UR GOING TO READ IT ANYWAYS. AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?* She runs. She runs until she cant run anymore. He hurt...
Shhh....Its my dark side by awesomeinbed
Shhh....Its my dark sideby LoverForever
Do not open this book unless you wanna see fucking things... Grey is what describes my Fifty shades...
Stockholm Syndrome by lindapersley
Stockholm Syndromeby Oof
An insecure and innocent teenage girl suffers a traumatic event which changes her life forever. Is it a blessing in disguise? You decide for yourself...