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The Nephew Series by sushantjoshi90
The Nephew Seriesby sushantjoshi90
Two young boys recieve their first experience of something. What that something is, find out in this series, first of the many to come.
KALICO: 1 Hypnotized, Naked in Hope Springs, Texas by JamJanSand
KALICO: 1 Hypnotized, Naked in JamJanSand
This begins a series about life in Hope Springs, Texas, especially among 9th graders at Eternal High School. Students will be keeping individual journals about their ad...
If Sex Is What You Desire...... by angrytits
If Sex Is What You we are really angry tits
You may be in the wrong place but it could be the right time.
About my  sexual desire by yuu_ishigami1997
About my sexual desireby Yuuuuu Ishigami
18 ပြည့်မှဖတ်ပါ
Blue Eye Samurai x Male Reader by _PatrickBateman_
Blue Eye Samurai x Male Readerby _Patrick Bateman_
A samurai and A Hand to Hand Combative
~nude de moi~ by fillefacile2520
~nude de moi~by fillefacile2520
Je vous préviens le contenu de cette histoire est -18. Alors ne venez pas pour signaler vous êtes prévenu.
She Left Him For Me by wrrsyjvfhdk
She Left Him For Meby ItsMe anonymous
A sixteen year old has a crush on her sister's soon to be husband. She secretly wished he would take her virginity. contains adult content better be 18+
One Direction One Shots by desperately
One Direction One Shotsby jude begin
One Direction One Shots. *REQUESTS CLOSED*
The Collected Poetry by OwensMartin
The Collected Poetryby Martin Owens
Poetry published May 2012- May 2013 (Written 2003-2013) Dedicated to my sister, those who followed in Viper's footsteps, and America.
Un renoi Une rebeu  by Ecrivaineh_213
Un renoi Une rebeu by Ecrivaineh_213
Lui chrétien moi musulmane lui ivoirien moi algérienne, deux familles différente mais qui se ressemble.
gotham high school (harley x joker.) by quinnfics
gotham high school (harley x quinnfics
high school is boring as can be right?! well you've obviously never heard of gotham high. gotham city the home of muggers, thieves, all crime in general. a handsome evil...
Cruel Intentions  by Curlygrl123
Cruel Intentions by Trevorrr
Two Boys Remy & Andy seem ok at first but things become odd in thier lives (A Friendship turned to something you wouldnt expect)
yuki aoki,an omega who suddenly got his heat earlier than expected at school.but then there was a kind alpha who decided to help him ,but..yuki thought that he was going...