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One Direction One Shots by desperately
One Direction One Shotsby jude begin
One Direction One Shots. *REQUESTS CLOSED*
My New Boss by FxnFxcFxn
My New Bossby FxnFxcFxn
Follow the story of Emily Valentine, a new worker for a new boss who likes her a little too much ;).
Embarrassed Pantsed Story by JacobMatthews123
Embarrassed Pantsed Storyby JacobMatthews123
Being stripped and groped by your sister's friends is never fun
Spiritual Prowess [Bleach X Male Reader] by MortalGod4
Spiritual Prowess [Bleach X Male Mortal God
~Bleach belongs to their respectful owners ~ Journey with Y/n a 11 division squad member on his journey with countless friends to eradicate Hollows and more dangerous be...
Diary of a Goth Slag!  by SluttyBitchJam
Diary of a Goth Slag! by Jamie Stevens
My name's Clara, I just moved to what will soon be known as sluttsville, U.S.A.
nude 3 by NakedUrbanFiction
nude 3by NakedUrbanReloaded👑
continued from nude 1&2
The Pastors Son | Joah by The_Fastest_Man
The Pastors Son | Joahby The_Fastest_Man
Jude is scrolling through Facebook as one does, and spots a fine looking boy! Jude notices he is mutual friends with his bestfriend Taylor. So Jude sends him a friend re...
The EVP And Boss by XXRatSmolBeanX2X
The EVP And Bossby 𝙷𝚎𝚕𝚕𝙶𝚒𝚛𝚕
Cover by: me Noah met Jude at the Devils Playground as a result of something new in Noah's life Just a fanfiction of Noah and Jude Kinkade from a VH1/BET Tv Show called...
The Bodyguard Seal & The Singer by AngelStar100781
The Bodyguard Seal & The Singerby Angela A. Twigg
Steve's Friend, & Famous Singer, Trish Vega comes home to Hawaii to visit for awhile, & do some concerts, Steve has feelings for her, Will she have the same, & will the...
Lydia Deetz and Tomb Raider (completed 3/3) by Captainleon_English
Lydia Deetz and Tomb Raider ( CharmRing_English
What will happen when a friend of Lara Croft's resuscitates Indiana Jones thanks to Lydia's spell book?
Tommy Hits Puberty by markalantrimeloni
Tommy Hits Pubertyby Mark Alan Trimeloni
Tommy faces his future in the mirror. A life riddled with anguish over an uncertain future. He tries to cut himself at the kitchen table, but Becky stops him. How man...
Tommy Gets A Girlfriend by markalantrimeloni
Tommy Gets A Girlfriendby Mark Alan Trimeloni
Becky arrives to find Tommy bleeding. He is lost in a moment of madness, grieving the loss of his parents. Can she bring him back from the edge before he hurts himself...
Moi by SohaibeBaki
Moiby Sohaibe
Stuck | Harry Styles Fan Fiction by grabbingharry
Stuck | Harry Styles Fan Fictionby annaaaa
"You know, some days I feel like I should just move on. Get it over with. Let it go and keep living the life I made up for myself. It took some hard work to build u...
Dark by heyitjenna
Darkby jenna
After a mysterious girl wakes up randomly in a mysterious forest a mile away from a mysterious village she must out who she is, where she is , and what she is.
Ben drowned x Jeff the killer  by s7470302
Ben drowned x Jeff the killer by s747052
Jeff can't take it anymore he has the fillings for Ben and he thinks he's gunna lose it .... so read to find out what happens to Ben in the story 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🌙🌙🌙�...
A night with Eugene by Rossthren-Bechum
A night with Eugeneby Ross B
oc/m/f-reader smut/sexual tension
Married to Lust. by SarahEJordan
Married to SarahEJordan
After straight-laced Elizabeth Bell loses her controlling husband in an accident on the job, she turns to his partner, Alex Valentine, for support and comfort. While dea...
gotham high school (harley x joker.) by quinnfics
gotham high school (harley x quinnfics
high school is boring as can be right?! well you've obviously never heard of gotham high. gotham city the home of muggers, thieves, all crime in general. a handsome evil...