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-4𝙡𝙞𝙛𝙚𝙧𝙨 by -allisluvr
-4𝙡𝙞𝙛𝙚𝙧𝙨by -
mason mount. © -allisluvr, 2021
A Good Christmas by toxicscribbler
A Good Christmasby Charmaine Davis
House on the brink of foreclosure, car always running on fumes and her husband in the unemployment line-again and with Christmas right around the corner; Maureen Upshaw...
Taylor's Journey (BWWM) ~Interracial~ by Bbria1213
Taylor's Journey (BWWM) Bria
Once Taylor's boyfriend found out that Taylor was pregnant he didn't want anything to do with her. Watch Taylor go through her journey and meets a mysterious, yet famili...
Loving Miss Independent by ClairJane89
Loving Miss Independentby ClaireJane
"I can't. . . I just hate the feeling of when I am not in control of something it makes me feel weak and vunerable. And you. . . the type of man you need a woman at...
You Will Be Mine (BWWM) by kate16677
You Will Be Mine (BWWM)by kate16677
She was a natural nurturer while he was destruction. How can they be together in two separate worlds? Does he change her or does she him?
What I See In Us (BWWM)  by AyitiCheri_26
What I See In Us (BWWM) by Writer
This is book 2 to "What I See In You" please read that if you haven't already. ________________________________________________ Desiree has made it to her last...
Carrying His Baby( A BWWM Christian Romance) #wattys2016 *Published* by BeCa2801
Carrying His Baby( A BWWM BeCa2801
Rebecca is a 21 years old girl who has had a hard life, she moves to America to stay with her aunt who promised to take care of her but turns out to be her worst nightma...
Drunk {Jack Gilinsky} by -alurehoemora-
Drunk {Jack Gilinsky}by somethin somethin
"I'm drunk off of the pain you've caused me - you broke my heart." "You can't break the heart of the heart you never had." ~ Some Mature Content ~ C...
Beliefs  (Interracial Teen Story) by girlygurlgoorl
Beliefs (Interracial Teen Story)by girlygurlgoorl
Azalea is in Missisipi for a reason she can't reveal. Johnny is a popular boy around town. The year is 1965. Johnny's white, and Azalea's colored. When their paths cross...
Christmas Boss by toxicscribbler
Christmas Bossby Charmaine Davis
Love will prove who's really in charge! Not your ordinary boss romance... They broke apart and his hands drifted to her shoulders, holding her in place, keeping her from...
Sweet Girl (BWWM)by S’Navah 🧿
"My sweet sweet girl, so naive." Iyesha Arden and Santo Genovese .
Blissful by positiveflowerhut
Blissfulby positiveflowerhut
He makes me happy, even when all else fails.
The Other Way Around (BWWM)|| Discontinued. . . by TrapGang
The Other Way Around (BWWM)|| Mariah
She found her 'Promised'. But the thing is; He's human. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Superficial Beings, BWWM, INTERRACIAL, BLACK WOMAN WHITE MAN.
To Live. To Love. (COMING SOON) by Pixie__16
To Live. To Love. (COMING SOON)by Nie
"Let me finish child. She will tell you her past in due time but don't rush her. If you love her as you say you do have patience with her. And my dear you are wro...
I'm A Billionaire Too . by asante209
I'm A Billionaire Too .by asante209
Asante is a African American lady and is also a well known business woman who has the world at the palm of her hand , or that's what she thinks . She is a multi billiona...
Law of the Heart by toxicscribbler
Law of the Heartby Charmaine Davis
Forbidden love at its most contemporary. "We haven't done anything wrong," Raquel snapped, defiant and indignant. "Perception is reality." Galen's gr...