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Sutures | m.yg ✔️ by FarFromSuga
Sutures | m.yg ✔️by Alyce⁷
"A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it." --Jean de la Fontaine There was only one thing you and Min Yoongi had in common that night...
Hidden || MYG by riseofsuga
Hidden || MYGby fae
He woke up everyday not knowing who she was and she woke up everyday content with who he was. "I wish you'd wake up one day and call my name." --- [Winner Of B...
Hater || KookV by NotAVkookShipper
Hater || KookVby Redi
Jungkook and Taehyung are both famous idols and Jungkook is a HATER of Taehyung. •Check out tags to find more about the story
Stolen Reality ✓ by jiminfiltre
Stolen Reality ✓by -
What if Jungkook was never the 'Golden Maknae.' What if Jin was never the 'Third Guy From the Left.' What if BTS was never BTS. What if reality was rewritten. And it was...
Dear Reaper | Jimin fanfiction [Completed] by enasthetic
Dear Reaper | Jimin fanfiction [ Ena (⃔ *`꒳´ * )⃕↝ ❥
"Who are you?" "Me? I'm a... pizza delivery guy!" "But..." I scanned him from head to toe. "Pizza delivery guys don't wear suits...&qu...
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IQ148 // namjoon ✔️ by GabbySLee
IQ148 // namjoon ✔️by GABBY S LEE
She was a wildfire of emotion that hid in the corner between the bookshelves. And NamJoon was curious as to why she concealed her flames. SYNOPSIS; [A highly intelligen...
Who You Are || kth (EDITING) by zamidami
Who You Are || kth (EDITING)by Zam
-Completed- She confessed to him back in High School, but he rejected her coldly in front of everyone. Now she's grown up to be an aspiring artist that doesn't let anyon...
The Dark Kiss {Jimin x Reader FF} by JimchiandJisooshi
The Dark Kiss {Jimin x Reader FF}by Jimchi~
You felt your heart pound against your chest. It's a vampire, and it looked hungry. Vampire AU Started: 27/7/2018 Ended: 20/6/2019 WARNING: INCLUDES DARK THEMES AND MURD...
Déjà vu | Jungkook fanfiction [Completed] by enasthetic
Déjà vu | Jungkook fanfiction [ Ena (⃔ *`꒳´ * )⃕↝ ❥
There are glitches in time and space... When the rules bend and mystery takes hold Everything is not what it seems... Life gives you a second chance But it never gives y...
Never Alone • a BTS fantasy ff by Mochi-Mochi_Cheeks
Never Alone • a BTS fantasy ffby Mochi-Mochi_Cheeks
A BTS fantasy AU set in a fairytale world ... In which seven supernatural creatures decide to help a determined human on her mission to save her mother. ... A story of c...
Throne || BTS  by riseofsuga
Throne || BTS by fae
Yisun neither wished to be a princess nor to live in the royal palace for behind those gates lies the most inhumanity she's ever seen, the worst murders she's ever witne...
it's complicated » vkook[✔] by PhoenixABridges
it's complicated » vkook[✔]by © ash
[completed] see, taehyung likes jimin but not in that way, but jimin likes jungkook in more than just one way, and jungkook likes taehyung a certain way but not the way...
Liar//MYG✔️ by MochiNovi
Liar//MYG✔️by Novi
"I love you Jinae." "Liar." "Correct." Min Yoongi Fanfiction Disclaimer: Discussion of divorce, depression, and unhealthy relationships.
The Things Unsaid ✥ Min Yoongi [✔] by mysmeaddiction
The Things Unsaid ✥ Min Yoongi [✔]by jackie
Piano Teacher!AU - Sometimes, the things unsaid should stay unsaid. Or... Should they? Hyorin is an 18-year-old girl in her last year of high school with one, big dream:...
Headphones | myg by lolacucaaa
Headphones | mygby lauren💘
"I knew I was in love when all those stupid love songs started making sense." ; suga x reader • complete
'cuz he got malo in him | yoongi ✓ by cloudyybliss
'cuz he got malo in him | yoongi ✓by hesha
❝still feisty, huh❞ ❝leave me alone, asshole❞ //angst, fluff © 2018, 'cuz he got malo in him » lowercase intended » text au + short narrations #459 in fanfiction (05-27...
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Darling | knj by lolacucaaa
Darling | knjby lauren💘
"Happy relationships don't just happen. You make them happen." ; rm x reader ; soulmate au • complete
Etiquette by lolacucaaa
Etiquetteby lauren💘
DISCONTINUED "In this competition, young ladies compete for the hearts of the kingdom's princes. They will be compared in personality, strength, and... etiquette...
HOUSE OF GHOST ✔ by dgtaelized
HOUSE OF GHOST ✔by div⟭⟬
What happens when BTS encounters a ghost haunting a big mansion since 69 years? Will BTS be able to live in that house? Or the ghost will be successful in making them le...
Through Sunshine and Rain//JHS✔️ by MochiNovi
Through Sunshine and Rain//JHS✔️by Novi
Hana has always been the constant in Hoseok's life, and he's always been her rock. However, neither are as bright and happy as they seem. Will the darkness in their live...