A Different Kind of Animal

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Rosalie Tarr By RosalieTarr Completed
Imprisoned in an underground laboratory his entire life, eighteen-year-old Leonardo finally escapes, entering the real world for the first time. Overwhelmed by all the new experiences, Leo finds himself struggling to fit in and survive, all the while attempting to outrun his dangerous pursuers, who wish to recapture their very valuable experiment. As he attempts to disguise his genetically engineered mutations - including a deadly set of claws and elongated canines - Leo finds himself falling in love for the first time, as a sweet, selfless high school senior named Arabelle takes him under her wing, unaware of the danger she's just gotten herself involved in.
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This is sad. I feel bad for him. Somebody better help him or I'll reach into the book and beat the shit out of them.
lol I found this bit funny, I could just imagine him cringing away.
ohmigawd this story is amazing I wish I could like hug u rite now this is the best story I've ever read :) I WUV IT <3
I'm going to be perfectly honest and say I've read this story about a dozen times. Give or take a few but in all honesty, this is a story I could reread over and over again, and not get tried of.
This was a really great start, I'm already intrigued and your writing is just fantastic! :D It sort of reminds me of a story I had in the back of my mind, but different haha (:
This is amazing! Just...wow. You've got a lot of talent! Can't wait to read more :D