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The Alpha and The Omega Of DXD. by DarkPrinceZeldris
The Alpha and The Omega Of Dark Prince Zeldris
You are the first born of the Demon Sparda.
date a live x  Depressed male reader by XD0010Bigfan
date a live x Depressed male XD0010Bigfan
i not good making description, just read my story,I'm just inspired to make this story If you like this story, vote this story or follow me 
The Heroic Samurai by ItsmeMikotoKen
The Heroic Samuraiby Christian Leo Vermillion
Izuku Midoriya want to become a hero samurai since he's quirkless.... Or so he thought. I do not own any of these characters. Obviously
Demon Hunter: Nero by KnightRider_34
Demon Hunter: Neroby Rider
in a world full of women having quirks. 80% of the population is female. while the men became sex slaves to produce children. we meet Izuku Midoriya who is the only male...
"Stylish!" Male (Dante) Reader X Yang Xiao Long - Part II by Jack-DD
"Stylish!" Male (Dante) Reader X Jack-DD
Ditching classes? Sneaking out at night? What could possibly go wrong? - Sequel to Male (Dante) Reader X Yang Xiao Long "Let's rock, baby!" -part I
Great... Any Idea Who The Pervert That Made Them? by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
Great... Any Idea Who The Change is Good
Dante in Azur Lane... cause why not? also bored and my mind won't give a damn for not writing on my other books.
Face your demons (DmC Dante Male reader x RWBY) by Johnny_Blade289
Face your demons (DmC Dante Male SwitchBlade
A guy who can't remember anything past the age of seven suddenly becomes the center of attention.
The goddess and the demon (Hyperdimension neptunia x OP Male reader) by InfenoBlaze
The goddess and the demon ( InfenoBlaze
What would happen if the goddess's came across a demon, but the demon isn't what they thought he was.
The Deadly Blind Neko ( Malé blind Neko x fire emblem three houses girls harem) by Arthurpendragon285
The Deadly Blind Neko ( Malé Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
in the monastery they being Heard rumors about a new transfer student would Join the house either black Eagle,blue lion and Golden dear, but when they meet the new stude...
LEGaCY (DMC x BNHA) by MezzapCH
LEGaCY (DMC x BNHA)by MezzapCH
[ Yn Redgrave ], found himself in an unfamiliar place where everyone has superpower. How could he be ended up there? Didn't he was at the underworld last time? ( Remembe...
RWBY and The Darkness (Prolouge) by Lupus_R3x
RWBY and The Darkness (Prolouge)by Lupus_R3x
(Y/N) Rex lived a normal and happy life with his family in a small rural town in Remnant, free from the threat of grimm. But when a tragedy strikes, (Y/N) finds himself...
Highschool DxD x Gilgamesh DMC Reader by DarkEsdeath18
Highschool DxD x Gilgamesh DMC Fabrice Hill
This is my Story about the son of Dante and Decendant of Gilgamesh and his Live in the world of Highschool DxD. Read the Story for more Info. It's my first story so i do...
The true power of the Demon(Vergil self insert x honkai impact 3) by Raiden_Yamashita
The true power of the Demon( Raiden Yamashita
After I lose against my little brother Dante and now my son Nero, they show me how important family is and after the battle me and Dante going to the underworld, to seal...
The Soul is the Key to Immortality by Darth_Jaqwel
The Soul is the Key to Immortalityby Darth Gema
All of Y/n's life he was bullied for not being special. He was bullied just because he's an average Teenager who just wants to save people. He eventually got accepted in...
Demon Dad. Devil May Cry. by TriggerHappyHaven
Demon Dad. Devil May TriggerHappyHaven
Don't question this, I was up all night listening to scary stories and this hit me. Evangeline is an 8-year-old girl neglected by her parents and always being left to he...
I am Vengeance  by Darel114
I am Vengeance by Darel114
journey of a neglected boy, his only fault? born with the ability to control demonic power.
The Alpha and Omega (M Reader X Rwby) by The_Fallen_Crusader
The Alpha and Omega (M Reader X Fallen
Y/N L/N, A Student who was betrayed and left to die by his team, his girlfriend, Ozpin, and mostly everyone at Beacon. Y/N managed to survive and in the process found a...
In Another World With My Smartphone?! (Male Gamer Reader x IAWWMS) by Saiyan_Of_OOF
In Another World With My YourSenpaiz_69
Two young brothers were killed by an Accident. Who made the mistake? God! And now he wants to revive them into a new world. Follow their Adventures! Nothing's mine besid...
He Who Desires, But Acts Not: Abused Male V Reader (Devil May Cry X RWBY) by TheChainsOfDespair
He Who Desires, But Acts Not: Horror-Kun
So this is my first time I'm inheriting a story from another Author. Ima do my best but I'll make changes of course. anywho the original owner of the story is @Hyde_kido...
Devil's retribución ( rwby x abuse x negleted male reader x devil may cry) by Arthurpendragon285
Devil's retribución ( rwby x Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Born as a demon freak Yet innocent boy call Y/n all he wanted Is to live as human but the world took His family and whats worse Is that His friends dislikes him even mak...