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God's Blessing On The Mysterious One! (Male ' V 'Reader X KonoSuba!)  by DeadweightClaudius
God's Blessing On The Mysterious Nero 'Deadweight' Claudius
Weak, frail, scrawny, boring, and weird. These are the words that could be said about Y/n. Due to this, he was often ignored. He never smiled and gave only a serious loo...
Vergil's Irritation Rises by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
Vergil's Irritation Risesby Change is Good
Virgil got thrown into a world with questionable customs.
Kill la Kill! - Devilborn [DMC OC x KlK Harem] by RedNightRaider
Kill la Kill! - Devilborn [DMC RedNightRaider
Y/N was an experiment from the Devilborn project, the scientist wanted to create a devil hunter that was superior to Dante himself. For year's the project was a failure...
The Red Avenger by TheAgent88
The Red Avengerby Expendable Asset
Total AU crossover. Devil May Cry X Marvel Cinematic Universe Dante is a young mercenary that only takes odd jobs that interests him. But when SHIELD's come knocking on...
Legendary Devil Huntresses by Anime0CC0Manga
Legendary Devil Huntressesby Anime0CC0Manga
Team RWBY accidentally ends up in the world of Devil May Cry~
Devil Slayer (Devil May Cry x High school dxd) by Ireye1
Devil Slayer (Devil May Cry x Ireye1
You are Dante's son and you both moved to Japan for better demon jobs. What adventures will (Y/N) seek. I don't own DMC or Highschool dxd
Devil's retribución ( rwby x abuse x negleted male reader x devil may cry) by Arthurpendragon285
Devil's retribución ( rwby x Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Born as a demon freak Yet innocent boy call Y/n all he wanted Is to live as human but the world took His family and whats worse Is that His friends dislikes him even mak...
Too OP? Nah (Male OP reader x crossover) by KazumaNo
Too OP? Nah (Male OP reader x KazumaNo
this is my first story, so please bear with it all characters and pictures that appear in this story are not owned by me. this will be a harem story
marvel: Sparda by flamebaron20
marvel: Spardaby flamebaron20
The son of Sparda and Azrael Sam Azrael sparda is the best at what he dose, with his weapon's and familiar's you best watch your step.
Fairy May Cry by sambamhaw
Fairy May Cryby sambamhaw
Dante's shop is trashed (again), but now it's time to move on. Our favorite devil hunter joins Fairy Tail, and meets people as crazy as him. He loves it. However, when h...
Kill la Kill: Sparda by ShianjiMajima
Kill la Kill: Spardaby Shianji
Ember "Dante" Redgrave has arrived at Honnōji Academy, His reason for being there is to find his brother Vergil who vanished years ago after the death of their...
Dark Bloodlines [Nero x Male Reader] by IDK6123
Dark Bloodlines [Nero x Male IDK6123
Y/N was just recently safe by a cult who wants something out of him. Dante and his friends safe him and allowed him to stay at their place. While staying he meets a boy...
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Remnants Legacy by FadedPhantomz
Remnants Legacyby ShadowRogue
Your are (Y/n) rose or at least that's what you been told. You are the adopted sibling of Ruby Rose and Yang Xia Long and despite not being related by blood you still ca...
Call Me V (being rewritten) by MetaCrisisDR
Call Me V (being rewritten)by ProgramInCMinor
(Being rewritten) "He who desires, but acts not, breeds pestilence" -William Blake, "The Marriage of Heaven and Hell" Beacon Academy: the most presti...
~Our Little Boy~ ( Yandere RWBY x Male child reader ) by DoctorRoxas
~Our Little Boy~ ( Yandere RWBY Dr.Roxas
This was given to me by HunterZim and was originally Yandere Summer X male child reader
Alpha and Omega (Vergil x DxD) by Jalters_Plaything
Alpha and Omega (Vergil x DxD)by Jalters_Plaything
While Dante and Vergil go to the Qliphoth, it unleashed its demonic powers to stay alive. This causes Vergil's teleportation to take him somewhere he doesn't know. Yo, I...
issei's brother by ShadowAnime4
issei's brotherby Shadow Anime
I don't own Highschool dxd or devil may cry. The older Brother of Issei Hyoudou but when Issei was 12 he vanished not to be seen for 5 years but he still keeps in contac...
Reincarnated Gamer! (Male Gamer Reader x Highschool DxD) by Saiyan_Of_OOF
Reincarnated Gamer! (Male Gamer YourSenpaiz_69
A young man died. He got reincarnated by the Supreme God and now he needs to help save the universe! Nothing's mine besides the Story, I guess.