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Sparda's Heir by Hambo_Again
Sparda's Heirby Hambo
Legends speak of a powerful demon who sealed off the Demon World from the Mortal Realm. This great demon was known as Sparda. He allied with humans and fought off the de...
The Grimm Hunters of Vale (Devil May Cry X RWBY) by PhantomRider080
The Grimm Hunters of Vale (Devil Jack Phantom
One year after the events of Devil May Cry 5, Dante and Vergil were able to escape the underworld into a Kingdom known as Vale. Elsewhere, Nero gets called to work at t...
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A Brokenhearted hero become a Dangerous Storm. by Dark_Project_09
A Brokenhearted hero become a The Lovely Person
Izuku midorya, the nine users of OFA, he succeeded in ending AFO, everything was peaceful,it's all over, the war of villains and heroes is all over even though his mento...
Swords And Guns (Dante In Date A Live) by Drunken_Crow
Swords And Guns (Dante In Date A Unknown_Narrator
Meet Dante, your average hybrid human/demon, just trying to make a living, pay the bills, and enjoy some pizza in peace. Unfortunately for him, relaxation is a luxury he...
Bury The Twilight Deep Within (DMC x Twilight) by ArkScorpion669
Bury The Twilight Deep Within ( ArkScorpion669
YN Sparda is the second son of Vergil two years after of the events of DMC 5 Dante and Vergil manged to get out of the underworld and Vergil decided to leave and go on a...
The Demon Hunter Hero:Nero by KnightRider_35
The Demon Hunter Hero:Neroby Knight Rider
Izuku Yagi led a horrible life as he was abused by his so called friends and ignored by his parents and uncles and aunts. Only Sir Nighteye was the only one good in his...
Fighting Spirit by SonicAsuraX
Fighting Spiritby Geri Henderson
Redgrave City is known for the large scale demon attacks and demonic presence for decades. Yet these threats were always subdued by a single business known as Devil May...
Legendary Devil Huntresses by Anime0CC0Manga
Legendary Devil Huntressesby Anime0CC0Manga
Team RWBY accidentally ends up in the world of Devil May Cry~
The Coming Storm (Akame Ga Kill OC STORY) by GrimstoneRX1300
The Coming Storm (Akame Ga Kill GrimstoneRX1300
(Original idea by MaTcH0210) Dean and Vali have been through more battles than they can count. They both have goals that must be reached. But what happens when a group o...
The Devil, The Rose, and The Raven by batmanbeyondis
The Devil, The Rose, and The Ravenby GogetaBlue
(y/n) (l/n) is convinced that he works better by himself. But, when he comes to Beacon, imagine his shock when he learns that he doesn't get to have that choice. After t...
Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt x Male! Son of Dante! Reader! by PersonaxJJBAPhan-boy
Panty and Stocking with PersonaxJJBAPhan-boy
A new guy with white hair comes to Daten City. His name is Y,N and he's the son of Dante, one of the sons of Sparda. So that makes Y,N Sparda's grandson. He goes to a pl...
Vergil's Transportation  by MotivatedChair
Vergil's Transportation by Raiden#2
"What the hell is this?" - DMC4 Dante Black Clover x DMC5 Crossover Vergil's shocking discovery of a new world within a portal of a fallen demon. Let's find o...
I had it and I lost it {Dante Sparda Love Story} | ✔️ by pixiepopcandy
I had it and I lost it {Dante ᵖⁱˣⁱᵉ
Masumi Shinhoshi was just an normal girl, well, what you would call normal. An unpopular girl with a love for Devil May Cry, when events send her down a rabbit hole like...
Vergil's OneShots (DMC Fanfiction) by ZerlinaQuinn
Vergil's OneShots (DMC Fanfiction)by Zerlina
Back with more Devil May Cry fantasies! Vergil's limelight is here in Vergil's Oneshots, and this time, he comes in different forms and roles; demonic, non-demonic, adul...
YOUR LEGACY: Vol.2 (Male Reader) by DanggaM12
YOUR LEGACY: Vol.2 (Male Reader)by Manra
After Mundus reawakening event. Yn and Nero make their way toward "Demon World" itself in order to destroy the Demon Army. Their journey continue. New friend a...
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The sons of sparda at beacon (RWBY x Devil May Cry) Vol. 0 by Grays0n1928
The sons of sparda at beacon ( Grays0n1928
The sons of sparda have finally got over there differences and worked together to defeat Arkham but soon after they fought again and Dante was victorious and Vergil was...
The Gamer in the Uchiha by JaztNewAccount
The Gamer in the Uchihaby Jazt055
Made by Old banned acc @Jazt055 #1 gamer November 24th and July 4th #a lot of other records
"Let's rock, baby!" Male (Dante) Reader X Yang Xiao long - Part I by Jack-DD
"Let's rock, baby!" Male (Dante) Jack-DD
Waiting for something to happen, Yang finds a guy who knows how to party. Let's hope this ends with a yang. I also don't own RWBY or Devil May Cry
Is It Wrong To Try To Party In A Dungeon? (Danmachi x Dante) by Drunken_Crow
Is It Wrong To Try To Party In A Unknown_Narrator
Bell Cranel with his iconic silverly-white hair, crimson coat, and a mysterious blade, he brings a dash of style and chaos to the dungeons of Orario. His presence is a w...
One Star operator(Arknights x Male reader) by RazeLast
One Star operator(Arknights x razelast
Y/N (son of Sparda) is a one star operator, he is human. Despite not having super powers, he does have super strength and super speed. Let's see how the other operators...