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We Are All Heroes...  Right? (Sanders Sides Superpower AU) by IAmOnlineQueen646
We Are All Heroes... Right? ( IAmOnlineQueen646
If you went to a science lab, I bet the last thing you'd expect to happen is to leave it in ruins and with amazing abilities? Yeah, so did those guys. I DON'T OWN THE CH...
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Young Ones by TheWitchOn5thStreet
Young Onesby Emerson Daily
A regression Sanders Sides au for my sister because she's the one who convinced me to write fanfics.
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Cursed {Prinxiety AU} by PikaGirl_Oshi
Cursed {Prinxiety AU}by Kara/Olivie/Oshi
For generations, a great family heirloom has been passed down, along with mysterious powers. And now, Virgil has both of these things. Being a modern day warlock doesn't...
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Polysanders high school AU by maxwell354
Polysanders high school AUby maxwell354
Polysanders Au
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A Ghostly love (LAMP) by _the_quiet_one_gala
A Ghostly love (LAMP)by _the_quiet_one_
When three boyfriends and their friend moved into a mansion they didn't expect it to be haunted. Logan and Thomas suspect something because everything that was dirty is...
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Virgil the Child (Sanders Sides) by miniondraws
Virgil the Child (Sanders Sides)by Minion
What happens when Virgil becomes a child? How will the others react? What shocking truths will they discover? Who stole the Crofter's?! (Lol jk that's not in the story) ...
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The Necklace by FandomFreak55555
The Necklaceby FandomFreak55555
Everyone has a necklace that's given to them at birth. A necklace that is half of a unique shape and ties you to your soulmate. The problem is, Virgil doesn't have one...
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4am by GypsyStar042
4amby GypsyStar042
Virgil Code Name-Anxiety Power- Send people into a complete panic attack for up to 4 hours Power Activation- Must touch skin Status- Villain He never asked for this. He...
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Mine (A Virgil X Reader) by VioletAnxiety
Mine (A Virgil X Reader)by VioletAnxiety
A story about you and the sander sides. particularly one edgy emo nightmare who seems to feel more than anxiety around you. A lot of grammer mistakes but in working on it
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The Dying Light by NicoleTheFireFoxFire
The Dying Lightby the yaoi Queen
Virgil an who is a secret artist, has a bit of a problem once deceit his ex shows up wanting to take him back. which stirs up trouble in the mindscape when Roman has a c...
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Virgil's Secret by Pika051
Virgil's Secretby Sydney Gulrud
Virgil has a secret, they all know that. It's the reason he never takes off his sweatshirt, it's the reason he does his own laundry, and it's the reason he feels differe...
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Hide Away by CasMichaelRose
Hide Awayby Juniper
When Virgil is the one Deceit impersonates, things go horribly wrong. Anxiety watches as all of his friends interact with the liar as if nothing were wrong, and decides...
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Dorm Buddies {Sanders Sides Fanfiction} {Moxiety} {Logince} by corruptedfile404
Dorm Buddies {Sanders Sides Alex is Gay
Ever since they were younger, Patton and Virgil have been friends online. Recently, however, Virgil has moved up to where Patton lives to live with him as they go to col...
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Hanahaki Disease // Sanders Sides - Virgil by death_by_fanfic
Hanahaki Disease // Sanders Taco Bell
Virgil's in love with Roman. It's as simple as that. Except, it's not. Roman despises Virgil. He's constantly belittling him and making it clear that he does not enjoy...
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Roman x Virgil by xoxsassyqueenxox
Roman x Virgilby xoxsassyqueenxox
Virgil and Roman deny their feelings for each other , until something happens between them (credit to the owner to this picture , also I do not own these characters)
How Can You Be So Trusting? by Theamoore13
How Can You Be So Trusting?by Theamoore13
This is a Moceit story. Deceit/ Dante is 15 Virgil is 15 Logan is 16 Patton is 16 Remus is 16 Roman is 16 Logan and Deceit are cousin's and Roman and Remus are twins. I...
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Sanders Sides Tickle Fic Oneshots by chickoo56
Sanders Sides Tickle Fic Oneshotsby Christina Hivanoff
Ughhhhhh!!! Yes Fine I'll admit it. Sanders Sides tickling gives me life! I've been putting these on one of my blogs on tumblr, so I'll go ahead and put them on my wattp...
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Haunted High School (Thomas Sanders Analogical Fanfiction) by ringpopprince
Haunted High School (Thomas 🧡Pumpkin Boi🧡
Virgil had heard the rumors of the ghost that haunted his school building. He never was one to believe in the paranormal, but while staying after school in the library o...
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Vince Versus the Darkness by CasMichaelRose
Vince Versus the Darknessby Juniper
Cover credit to @fangirltothefullest on Tumblr. Roman has a dark secret, and Virgil helps him through it even if he doesn't know what it is. Along the way, they discove...
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Thomas Sanders x child reader by antisepticeye124
Thomas Sanders x child readerby antisepticeye124
You are a 3 year old child and your parents put you on a doorstep, not knowing who's house it was, you sat there waiting for someone to open the door, when you heard the...
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