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A Story of Magic and Miscommunication by Pinkie2054
A Story of Magic and pinkie2054
Virgil is just an angsty teen. Who happens to be able to see ghosts. In fact, his only friend, Thomas, is a ghost. Virgil is perfectly content with his life as is, being...
Bad Guy | Sanders Sides by Bekka911
Bad Guy | Sanders Sidesby Bekka
| Book 1 in the Sanders Series: Anxiety | 'If he was drowning, he'd just have to learn how to swim. Even if he was tempted to let himself go under.' ! PLEASE DO NOT COMM...
Antagonist by CinnamonAngstRoll
Antagonistby Cinna
[Complete] Virgil feels out of place among the Light Sides. They don't accept or listen to him. Each day he's in pain, and nobody cares. They all see Virgil as the villa...
I Guess I Fell For You(I Was Bored So Don't Expect This To Be Good!) by Unikitty9274
I Guess I Fell For You(I Was Unikitty9274
Sandersides human AU~ In a world where Logan Berry, Patton Heart, and Roman Sanders are in a polyamorous relationship, have two dogs, and are very happy with each other...
Sanders Sides x Reader Smut\Fluff by LillyLemonDrop
Sanders Sides x Reader Smut\Fluffby LemonDrop
A compilation of short stories I've written about Thomas Sanders' characters, the Sanders Sides. * The Cover Art is Not Mine
Bands (A LAMP book) {COMPLETED} by Pengi11
Bands (A LAMP book) {COMPLETED}by Elliott
High school Au Virgil is gender fluid, and they have issues coming to terms with it, especially when their mother doesn't seem to be much help, but their boyfriends are...
Sanders Sides Lemons by BellaGlistaria
Sanders Sides Lemonsby BellaGlistaria
This is where I will do full-on lemon/smut, soooo (it's my sin book). Please keep in mind I am not the best writer, but I do try.
The Cat by MoonGazer215
The poor neko shivered against the wind pushing snow drifts against his feet. Maybe he could get warm if he just took a nap... In this universe it is illegal to breed or...
Virgil's story || a secret is soon to be told by Logan_weebu
Virgil's story || a secret is Jordan Bailey
a re-write of Virgil's Secret, thinking about keeping the original story up- idk-
~Toxic~ by TheCactusLord
~Toxic~by SC
Thomas had made so many mistakes while on stage, due to being nervous. His anxiety is a little more heightened than most people, sometimes it can get in the way of thing...
Not Just The Bad Guy by ANXIETY_XX
Not Just The Bad Guyby ANXIETY_XX
(short chapters- thats why there are so many, sorry!😬 ) Virgil is anxiety. nothing more and nothing less. he is the emo nightmare everyone expected him to be, the dark...
Ask and Dare The Dark Sides by Shadow101921
Ask and Dare The Dark Sidesby Remus
Ask or dare Janus, Virgil, or Remus Cover art credit: ghosttb0y
Love at last sight | anxceit by Dorito_child359
Love at last sight | anxceitby Dorito child
What happens when Roman (Virgil's boyfriend) makes Thomas take anxiety medicine because Virgil had a panic attack and screws up an important audition? What happens when...
Arranged (COMPLETED) by Creepypasta_fander
Arranged (COMPLETED)by Blaize
Prince Roman has never met the boy he's betrothed to. When he turns sixteen, he finally meets the other prince. Neither are very thrilled with the situation but they'll...
Beyond Broken by miyaalove1
Beyond Brokenby miyaalove1
Virgil use to be a dark side and life was less than perfect. but he's a light side now so everything should be ok... Right? Trigger warning, self harm #1 in virgilsander...
The Academy of S.I.D.E. by DragonWriter77
The Academy of ZarityWrites
Virgil's always stayed in the shadows... literally. He was born with the ability to control them. He's mostly used it to make shadow creations when he's bored, or talk w...
Baby boy - Sanders Sides Age Regression (Discontinued) by DontBeSuchASnek
Baby boy - Sanders Sides Age KingoftheClouds
Virgil is secretly a little, he's been hiding it his entire relationship with Logan. He's afraid of being judged, or broken up with. What'll happen when Logan walks in o...
Hurt by TheKingVirg
Hurtby TheKingVirge
Virgil is getting more terrified of the other sides the longer he doesn't tell them. Terrified of what they might think of him if they knew. (Cover art not mine)
I'm Not Always the Bad Guy by That_Typical_Ty
I'm Not Always the Bad Guyby Ty Hams
BANG BANG BANG Crying, screaming, red, red everywhere "A-Anxiety?" I look terrified at the voice. "Thomas, I'm sorry, please. Thomas I'm so so-sorry."...
You Make me Chill out. (Prinxiety) by hhhhhhhhqqqqqq
You Make me Chill out. (Prinxiety)by hhhhhhhhqqqqqq
(Soulmate AU/Human AU) ~When one turns 18 a tattoo appears somewhere on their person, That tattoo is in the place your soulmate will first touch you. The tattoo is a rep...