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Aradhya ||Indian historical fiction|| by AmbikaBharadwaaj
Aradhya ||Indian historical fictio...by Ambika
||PART 1- REGAL DUOLOGY|| Aradhya, the firstborn of the king of Shiladhika...her life wasn't very pretty. Dispised for being a concubine's daughter insulted on a normal...
LEGACY ||Indian Historical Fiction|| by AmbikaBharadwaaj
LEGACY ||Indian Historical Fiction...by Ambika
||PART- 2- REGAL DUOLOGY|| (Can be read as a standalone) Darsh, the most illustrious son of Ashokdhar, is kind, loving, caring and simply just too good to be the Yuvraj...
Please Stay by AnonymousMe91
Please Stayby AnonymousMe91
Khushi gets to know about the real reason behind the contract marriage that left her shattered. Still she tries to make Arnav believe her by any means possible. He never...
KALICO: 1 Hypnotized, Naked in Hope Springs, Texas by JamJanSand
KALICO: 1 Hypnotized, Naked in Hop...by JamJanSand
This begins a series about life in Hope Springs, Texas, especially among 9th graders at Eternal High School. Students will be keeping individual journals about their ad...
HATE TO LOVE❤️ by __BANU__24
This is my first fan fiction.actually I am addicted to this serial but I don't love the current track so I thought to make a fan fiction .If u love my fan fiction suppor...
"Football is a Man's Sport" My Derriere. by reedperson
"Football is a Man's Sport" My Der...by Gracie
Elizabeth Kane's life is pretty normal. School, parents, annoying siblings, you name it. But after a life changing accident that her older brother, Gabriel, goes through...
Gone but never forgotten... by Kaitlynisgreat234
Gone but never forgotten...by Greys.anatomy.luv
This story starts in season 1 of Greys Anatomy but I change a few things starting at around season 5. In this book Meredith and Derek live their life peacefully until M...
Ashamed by iheart_riah
Ashamedby iheart_riah
While both organizations are teaming up to fight an opposing team they find out some unexpected information, how are they supposed to handle it?! ⚠️FIRST TIME WRITTING...
I'm Not Dead!!  by Ggukie_Tokki
I'm Not Dead!! by 𝐦.𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐞
Jungkook died a year ago, but he doesn't believe that he's dead, he continued to be with the six... Getting mad everytime they ignore and tell him that he's dead. "...
Undertale: The Pain of Disbelief  by Espeon804
Undertale: The Pain of Disbelief by Espeon804
"Human, look at what you've done to me. I had so much faith in you, but now all I can feel now is seething hatred. What you did... was just idiotic." It all st...
Dusttale: DUSTBELIEF by UncleDromulus92
Dusttale: DUSTBELIEFby Uncle Dromulus
Welcome to DUSTBELIEF, Dusttale's Disbelief. I am writing this because I feel Dustbelief is very underrated, and I wanted to make my own version. WARNING: My version of...
Your Lost Love (fem!frisk x reader) by undertalecomics
Your Lost Love (fem!frisk x reader)by undertale ships
btw, this will have a bit of the disbelief papyrus, and you're the disbelief one, it will have a bit of funny and it will be more different than the video, I'll show you...
Please Don't Leave  |TAEKOOK| by Linyi_05
Please Don't Leave |TAEKOOK|by 𝑴𝒆𝒕𝒂𝒏𝒐𝒊𝒂❀
I love you (deletes*) I love you ❤️ Kook are you pranking on me ...? No Tae, I was expressing myself. Taebear❤️ offline Wh...
Forever by kaitlynmariebrown
Foreverby Kaitlyn Brown
Unable to age, unable to die. So many people want me, but they can't have me. They want to experiment on me and use my blood to make more people like me. They want an ar...
Dustbelif au fan fiction by Moonrossman
Dustbelif au fan fictionby Hayden Rossman
dustbelif is a swap au of og dusttale in this au papyrus acedintly killed his sans in self defense read to find out how the story goes
Lost Boy ( Undertale Fanfic ) by TheReturnOfTurtle
Lost Boy ( Undertale Fanfic )by TheReturnOfTurtle
This fanfic is based on what i believe the events previous to the fan-made battle "Disbelief" were. There are a lot of my own head canons in this as well as m...
The Rebel. by WingsofAnAngelx
The Rebel.by WingsofAnAngelx
Nova West, a girl who's bad at making friends, decides to opt it off and become a loner. She's an insecure girl, although she's too guarded to admit that to anyone but h...
LOVE BLINDED ME by YandaNdlela
LOVE BLINDED MEby Yanda Ndlela
My name is Yanda Mkhize. I never had an easy childhood. Every time I thought things were getting better, it seems they only got worse. I met this amazing guy Musa Ndaba...
I Was Wrong About You - a Disbelief Papyrus story by BriarDatura
I Was Wrong About You - a Disbelie...by BriarDatura
WARNINGS: Happy-ish ending, angst (always), implied Papyton, (PapyrusXMettaton) a possible trigger for family loss, LOTS of tears (I cried writing it, that's a sign peop...
hogwarts imagines by rileyg0897
hogwarts imaginesby urmom.com19
draco malfoy. mattheo riddle. theo nott. lorenzo berkshire. tom riddle. ron weasley. fred weasley. george weasley. harry potter. cedric diggory. james potter. remus lup...