Satan's Little Helper by thetruthinourlies
Satan's Little Helperby syd.
It all started with a harmless little wish. Now, Christie is stuck in Hell. Now, Christie has a new job; to kill, to murder, and to torture. Now, Christie is Satan's Lit...
  • lucifer
  • helper
  • sick
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Vindicate || Devilish Sequel by rippedskinnyjeans
Vindicate || Devilish Sequelby マリ
After Harry's sudden disappearance, Raiza tries to put the pieces of her broken life back together. Will she be able to do it? Or will Harry's memory haunt her? © Copy...
  • fan
  • devilishsequel
  • demon
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Mr. Preacher Man by -strawberryswing
Mr. Preacher Manby —hel
"HEY, MR. PREACHER MAN, CAN YOU HELP ME GET AWAY FROM THIS LIFE OF SIN?" In which Kit Lawther, a young man with severe depression moved into a new house to st...
  • sevendeadlysins
  • nathanielbuzolic
  • sloth
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Taming Her Devilish Heart by Amirarock8
Taming Her Devilish Heartby Amira
What happens when a good, sweet kind guy meets a female devil? Damien Johnson a hot ,smart sweetheart who cares for anyone and everyone. After leaving college he gets in...
  • romance
  • truth
  • abusivefather
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The Devilish Deal by samaraais
The Devilish Dealby samaraais
"Did you do this on purpose?" I asked. "Well," he pulled the word like a chewing gum increasing my irritation by almost ten times, "you never kn...
  • deal
  • mcavoy
  • leo
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Gravity Falls: Devilish Minds. by Bill_Cipher_618
Gravity Falls: Devilish Pain is Hilarious
Dark¡Dipper. This is after the return of the real Stanford. After Mabel ignored Dipper's pleas to press the button. He feels betrayed.
  • cornchips
  • pines
  • billdip
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Fuck Me Big Brother by maturewhore
Fuck Me Big Brotherby —Sub machine
•⚠• WARNING•⚠• If you don't like Incestuous drama, violence, and gang banging. Don't read. Dragged into a life of sex, crime, manipulation, and more.
  • criminal
  • violence
  • gangbang
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Dirty Dolan Devils by potato2dolan
Dirty Dolan Devilsby Liv
liv is going through hell on earth but will it ever become heaven??
  • potatoes
  • twins
  • fandom
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D R O P D E A D {Completed} by AlmostInfectious
D R O P D E A D {Completed}by aoifey
'Forgot to tell you -- you've sold your soul.' Andrea Williams has never exactly been an adventurous girl - her idea of a wild Saturday night is a bowl of popcorn and Do...
  • deal
  • andi
  • funny
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Devilish || Creepypasta story || by SmileYouLiar
Devilish || Creepypasta story ||by Do11
A long and tiring life of being imprisoned in multiple mental hospitals and asylums has led to Clarabelle wanting out, wanting to be free like everyone does, and because...
  • trailblazers
  • angel
  • freedom
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Devilish Romance by zarko67
Devilish Romanceby zarko67
An angel (Rose) travels to earth after committing a crime with a punishment worse than death. Anxious to save her life she agrees to go to earth to heal a fallen angel n...
  • angelic
  • devilish
  • romantic
It's a one shot on their love, all rights reserved bc I'm not talking about the environment of the wizarding world, just the love. I am not making money on this story. 1...
  • devilish
  • anglais
  • french
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My Devilish Husband ( COMPLETED ) by mgrey1516
My Devilish Husband ( COMPLETED )by Grace
Clark Dave De Castro. 19, 4th Year College! -- •Devil Clara Sophia Mendez De Castro 18, 3rd Year College! -- •Dave's wife √Cyrus Daniel Mendez De Castro √Claire Sydney M...
  • claire
  • hates
  • love
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Tendrils by ReaderJt15
Tendrilsby Amaura Blackmon
Claudel Artimier is a succubus. She loves being a succubus. Claudel's not afraid of going dark. Being scary and seductive is apart of the game. But what happens if the g...
  • succubus
  • action
  • devilish
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The New Dekoo by Dekoo27
The New Dekooby Dekoo27
I'm trying something new, maybe I did it before, anyway, will be interesting. Enjoy.
  • devilish
  • inlove
  • dejavu
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Devilish | Arabic Translation by synchrophii
Devilish | Arabic Translationby Marshmello
كل ارواح البشر فاسدة ومظلمة، باستثناء روحها. انها صالحة ونقية. انها الروح التي كنت ابحث عنها طيلة هذا الوقت. لابد من ان تكون ملكي. وسوف تكون لي. All copyright to rippeds...
  • demon
  • dark
  • devilish
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My stalker is My teacher. by Pixieforever_16
My stalker is My Pixieforever_16
He's my used to be my best friend My teacher But now He's my stalker
  • devilish
  • stalker
  • teacher
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Devilish by ajnaxgirl
Devilishby A L I C E
*редактира се* Доведени брат и сестра... търсят жертви - невинни момичета, които да разиграват... Вярвате ли в съдба? Тя ги срещна с Емилия Сорвино... Богатата дъщеря н...
  • money
  • amazing
  • hurt
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No Where To Hide by starteamdancer2015
No Where To Hideby LexieBear:)
No Where To Hide is all about the harsh realities about becoming a teenager and what it is like to feel so many emotions and let it all out. This is not just a story it'...
  • dark
  • tragedy
  • horror
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Little Devil by tigrrwolf68
Little Devilby tigrrwolf68
  • findout
  • good
  • devilish
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