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FNAF x Reader Lemon by MutantSphere676
FNAF x Reader Lemonby imaretard676
I saw some and thought "Why not make my own?" DON'T READ IF YOU HATE LEMONS! Even though I sound like a crazy fangirl who thinks these fan fics are serious...
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Fnaf x reader oneshots.  by Broken-fnaf-fan
Fnaf x reader oneshots. by Creator-Chan
(Requests are open!!) It seems that I've swapped fandom's yet again because of a fanfic. -_- Anyway I've seen a lot of these, but I wanted to make my own! (I may updat...
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Living of nightmares- FNAF 4 x Child!Reader by 200shadowfan
Living of nightmares- FNAF 4 x Chi...by 200shadowfan
I seen the trailer (love it btw) and want to make a full chapter of you in it. Well... Maybe yer lucky day. Come, and join the living nightmare that you are escaping as...
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Who Says Nightmares Can't Be Good Too?  Nightmare Freddy x Reader by Maria_Cat_
Who Says Nightmares Can't Be Good...by Maria
Basically, a Nightmare Freddy book for all you Fangirls. Yea...you're supposed to be a teenager in this story. Nightmare Freddy is also a teen in the book. Sorry, I know...
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FNAF as Anime by ImNotJealous
FNAF as Animeby Jealousy
Longest book I've ever "wrote" 😂 Might be expanded due to requests of fangames and what not. Highest ranking: #1-UCN
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a nightmare game.        (thefamousfilms fnaf AU) by springtrapisbest
a nightmare game. (thefamou...by Molten Lushara Afton Films
there's a nightmare for everyone here's a smol list the mediocre melodies have nightmares molten-molten nightmare Bryan-.................. (jon-#nope) {lefty has nightma...
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Fnaf Zodiacs by Maria_Cat_
Fnaf Zodiacsby Maria
OK. my first zodiac, so I hope you all enjoy. Read, don't read, whatever. Later my peeps. ~Foxy_Fazbear_
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Bryan past by phenioxflims83
Bryan pastby phenioxflims83
As Bryan was was infront of his pizzeria. He than start to see things . That look familiar to him. It doesn't help him much because usual he wouldn't see these things...
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Fnaf 4 x child! reader by mylittlehedgie14
Fnaf 4 x child! readerby mylittlehedgie14
This will be new, I don't remember how the story went so I'll just make a new one.
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Fnaf Memes by DragonGamer888
Fnaf Memesby MoonDragonGaming
Hi it's LunaDragon88. Hello I have seen tons of these and I get the feeling that I should at least do some of these on my profile. Plus I just love Fnaf. I really hope y...
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[Recontinued!] The Twisted Family [FNaF fanfiction] by adde235
[Recontinued!] The Twisted Family...by adde234
So I wrote some fan fiction. It takes place from several points of view. I don't own any art shown. First couple chapters are cringe, but it gets better the more you rea...
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Fnaf foxy x reader by OwenViele
Fnaf foxy x readerby Owen Viele
In this at first ur human than golden Freddy kidnaps u and puts u into a suit but u can change to human but u have a golden vest on gray shirt and tie and gray pants and...
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(ON HOLD) Mangle x Foxy | | Mangled Love | | Book 2 by MariBaee
(ON HOLD) Mangle x Foxy | | Mangle...by MariBaee
(Sequel to my first story, I recommend reading that before this to find out how they met!) After Vixen was destroyed by the toddlers and was given the name 'Mangle', The...
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Nightmare's daughter (Five Night's At Freddy's 4)  by Lolbittt
Nightmare's daughter (Five Night's...by lmao
Discontinued A/N before you read I'll just like to say something before you read Tom and June is not my OC its @Insanity_corps OC.
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FNAF ONESHOTS by blackpanther125
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The Big Finale (Vincent x springtrap x reader) by Ven_betta
The Big Finale (Vincent x springtr...by inactive
I've been stuck here all alone, no one to tell the things I know... well I guess, I am me, golden green, old machine, Cause Its Me! this is it! the big finale, but they...
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Mangle x Foxy | | Mangled love by MariBaee
Mangle x Foxy | | Mangled loveby MariBaee
Foxy is a crimson red fox. He used to be ignored in the old Pizzeria just because the kids thought he was scary. But after the Bite of 87 , all that changed after he met...
  • foxy
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Fnaf Texts by KittKattGirl
Fnaf Textsby Makenna Richards
Hehehe... :3 Fnaf Texts... Exactly the title... XD Just the Fnaf gang texting each other. Simple.
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