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War Storm FanFic by DontBlameMeTS
War Storm FanFicby a spoonful of suga
Mare is pregnant. Nobody knows, not even Mare herself. Will the child be a newblood? or will it be a Burner? The Scarlet Guard is sheltering Mare from Cal's plan with hi...
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You Again (Red Queen Fanfiction)  by racingintherain
You Again (Red Queen Fanfiction) by racingintherain
(COMPLETED!) Queen Elara made Mare Barrow fake her death after the parting ball because she saw that the little lighting girl was a threat to the monarchy - but more o...
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Lingering Memories by Mare_Molly_Barrow
Lingering Memoriesby Mare Barrow
This story takes place after Broken Throne. The difference is that Mare realizes she doesn't want to go through life without Cal. However, Cal has decided that Norta isn...
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King's Cage (my version) by thelivinglibrary134
King's Cage (my version)by Sanjana
What I think should happen after the Glass Sword.
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When Fire And Lightning Collide by Natthefantastic
When Fire And Lightning Collideby Nathalie Erin
I remembered I wrote this a few months ago and it's been hibernating in my Google Drive ever since. Why don't we see if anybody likes it, then I'll decide what to do wit...
I Would Ask You To Dance (Mareven) by Josie_N_C
I Would Ask You To Dance (Mareven)by Josie C.
(Mareven) Maven never wanted to wear a blood stained crown. He also never wanted to lose Mare, but that's exactly what happened. Afraid of what his mother could turn him...
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Care-Mal OneShots by PinkDemigods
Care-Mal OneShotsby AnnabethChase
Mare and Cal, an unlikely couple from the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard! Divided by blood, but united by love. Read how Mare and Cal deal through hardships but al...
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Past Lovers by Marinammb
Past Loversby Marinammb
This story has place in the third book of Victoria Aveyard's King's cage. Mare and Cal are in the base in Piedmont, and Mare is still getting used to being back from Mav...
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My Love (Completed) by fuzzyblanket02
My Love (Completed)by Fuzzy_blanket
After mare get taken by Maven. Mare misses cal but, is trapped and afraid. She makes no atempt to escape till cal shows up. After a quick talk they make escape plans but...
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Naruto, son of Alice by mickol93
Naruto, son of Aliceby mickol93
Resident Evil/Naruto crossover. In this story, Naruto was spirited away from his home. Since then, Umbrella captured him and experimented on him in the hive. During t...
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King's Cage (Red Queen Fanfic) by ChocolateMilk30
King's Cage (Red Queen Fanfic)by ChocolateMilk30
[FANFICTION OF KING'S CAGE - ALL TEN CHAPTERS WERE WRITTEN BEFORE FEBRUARY 7TH.] In this breathless third installment to Victoria Aveyard's bestselling Red Queen series...
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Red, White, or In Between ✓ by TheTigerWriter
Red, White, or In Between ✓by Enna L. Foxwood
Eryn, a normal high school girl, not to mention popular, finds an old bracelet in her late grandmother's room. When she puts it on, she ends up in a strange world where...
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My Precious Wife by Aschara
My Precious Wifeby Scha
' Ya, dia suami aku. Syurga aku. And i love him so much ' - Nadine Brieanna ' Maafkan abang sayang. Sebab abang sayang menderita. ' - Adrian Ezzam ' Aku takkan biarkan...
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Shadow's Throne by mackattack_1
Shadow's Throneby Mackenzie
Red Queen Fanfiction Takes place after King's Cage, my version of War Storm "Then we take them over," I say hesitating before finishing my thought. "By...
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WAR STORM (Red Queen 4// Alternate Version) by Natthefantastic
WAR STORM (Red Queen 4// Nathalie Erin
*ALTERNATE VERSION OF WAR STORM* VICTORY COMES AT A PRICE. Mare Barrow learned this all too well when Cal's betrayal nearly destroyed her. Now determined to protect her...
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The Choosing  by Glass_Sword
The Choosing by Kayla
(The Selection and Red Queen) THIRD PLACE genre winner of The Shadow Awards THIRD PLACE genre winner of the Golden Awards ♡BOOK ONE OF THE CHOOSING SERIES♡ When the hei...
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Welcome to Wonderland [ Mikayuu ] by CorvusInk
Welcome to Wonderland [ Mikayuu ]by Corvus
There is a place where the impossible becomes possible. Imagine smilling cats that can appear and dissapear with ease. A white rabbit always looking at a pocket watch. A...
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King's Cage [Completed] by madythorne00
King's Cage [Completed]by Mady Ashton Rose
Starting right after the end of Glass Sword: What if Maven didn't keep his promise? What if he not only took Mare, but some of her most loved friends? Is he too far gone...
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Dying Days: Yandere x Reader One Shots #Requests: CLOSED# by Twilight175
Dying Days: Yandere x Reader One Twilight175
Read the title, read the rules. Requests are closed. *I don't own the characters I just write the stories.*
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