Loving you is difficult (Completed✔) by joanokey
Loving you is difficult ( Ogochukwu Okechukwu
Amy is a 21year old lady who graduated from college with a very good degree. She wants to be an independent lady. She doesn't want any man to treat her like shit. She ha...
  • lies
  • sad
  • doctor
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Teenagers (prinxiety/logicality Highschool AU) by Marshmellow_111
Teenagers (prinxiety/logicality Marshmellow_111
When an Emo, a jock, a nerd, and a cheerful geek get put in detention for different reasons, unlikely friendships blossom, but what happens when more blossoms from that...
  • remy
  • joan
  • deceit
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Deceitfulness (The Sequel To Deception) by Punkinnella33
Deceitfulness (The Sequel To Punkinnella33
Sequel For Deception After the tragedy of Alonzo and Melissa marriage two babies was born into the world not together with Alonzo and Melissa. Jalisha is in a bad place...
  • kids
  • decisions
  • secrets
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Not Real by bunny_boi_
Not Realby #ihaventslept
The Sides, as they're known are "heroes" flaunting their powers for good and for the people. They have one job, stop The Dark Sides, originally comprised of tw...
  • slowburnprinxiety
  • deceitsanders
  • remysanders
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The Bonds That Tie - Sequel To Cougar Mansion by bdixon89
The Bonds That Tie - Sequel To bdixon89
The Cougar Mansion is under new management. Marcus has taken over as head of the mansion partnered by Jake with Houston at their side. You know what they say, when the w...
  • suspense
  • sequel
  • badboy
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Won't Comedown (Book 3) by cestoryteller
Won't Comedown (Book 3)by Oprah Penfrey
While awaiting his arraignment, Wesley Miller is left to deal with a series of unfortunate events and the death of someone close. With the groups future in jeopardy, cov...
  • thriller
  • drama
  • lies
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The Dark Side Of Now  by feel-joyy
The Dark Side Of Now by J.T Fredericks
I tasted my blood as it dripped through my teeth. This was not going in the direction i hoped. He comes to stand in front of me with an exhausted smile. "I never h...
  • runaway
  • murder
  • hope
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An Act of Deceit by Gardenofroses01
An Act of Deceitby Garden Of Roses
"Patton is dead." The smile burned bright on Deceits face as he spoke the horrible words. Leading way to a whole new story. (So basically in the episode "...
  • fanfiction
  • logan
  • patton
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Sanders Sides Quote of The Day + Song Of The Day by wowwhatastory
Sanders Sides Quote of The Day + ...
Title pretty much explains it. Don't do school, Stay in drugs, And don't forget to eat your tests.
  • desleep
  • patton
  • sorryifitsucks
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Another day. {} A sander side fanfic [] Logicality & Prinxiety by Sander_Side_Girl
Another day. {} A sander side Aida Sanders
Virgil, Logan, Patton, Roman, Deceit, Thomas, and others face the fate of the mind palace Made by: Sander_Side_Girl (Aka. Aida Sanders) Book 1
  • virgil
  • prinxiety
  • thomas-sanders
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(COMPLETE) Sexy Hot Ass Italian Man  by jriedl2003
(COMPLETE) Sexy Hot Ass Italian jriedl2003
"Sheesh." He turned around and she quickly set down her laptop on the desk so she could tie her housecoat around herself. "Ok now, what the hell are you...
  • christmas
  • yearslater
  • mcdonalds
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The Mirage by NkechiAjogwu
The Mirageby Nkechi Ajogwu
Highest ranked #1 in obligation(12/08/18) Highest ranked #4 in illusions(30/11/18) love triangle, obligation and deceit. Left to decide between obligation an...
  • blackmail
  • feisty
  • mystery
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Mind Palace - Sanders Sides/Falsettos Crossover by Sincerely_Bri
Mind Palace - Sanders Sides/ Bri M
Lovers come and lovers go, lovers fight and sing fortissimo, give these handsome boys a hand, welcome to the mind palace... Oneshots of the Sanders sides based off of Fa...
  • patton
  • romansanders
  • sleep
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Sex Therapist {K.TH} by LonelyPotato921
Sex Therapist {K.TH}by LonelyPotato921
"I'll teach you how to really love." -Kim Taehyung BTS Kim Taehyung X Reader This story contains: •Strong language •Mature content •Angst ©LonelyPotato921
  • love
  • jin
  • fanfiction
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Demons | A Sanders Sides Fanfiction by MavisNova
Demons | A Sanders Sides Fanfictionby TheArtisitcNerd
Welcome to hell! Where you follow Virgil's pov of his escape from it. Will he successfully survive? Or will the king of demons ruin his plans?
  • roman
  • deceit
  • remi
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Chains by DarkRoyallty
Chainsby ♚DarkRoyallty♚
Ezmy was an almost average young woman. She had a promising career and the perfect boyfriend. Being dumped by her boyfriend of 4 years, her friends take her out where sh...
  • manipulation
  • deceit
  • lies
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Married To Baita by Haphsertuh
Married To Baitaby Hafsatu Mohammed Rahama
'I was your cure, And you were my disease,' 'I was saving you, But you were killing me'
  • jealousy
  • love
  • generalfiction
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Sander Sides One-shots by madymoocow
Sander Sides One-shotsby Harmony Twist
Just a bunch of Sander Sides fluff and angst. I do take requests. My preferences are: Prinxiety Logicality Deceit x Insanity Platonic Moxiety I will do most requests...
  • deceitxinsanity
  • sandersides
  • remy
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"This is going to be difficult, it will be rough. but together, we'll make it through." when their friend goes missing and family turns up dead, 5 grievin...
  • lies
  • highschool
  • mysterygang
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The evil Prinz by weirdfanboi
The evil Prinzby secret superfan
Roman was a kind Prinz who cared about his kingdom but one day he suddenly changed and everybody wasn't happy about it he became a abusive Prinz who tortured every pers...
  • characterdeath
  • logan
  • virgil
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