Ask or Dare Deceit And Daniel by Anaya_Cat
Ask or Dare Deceit And Danielby Deceit
I definitely want to do this
  • deceit
  • deceitsanders
  • sanderssides
Jefe II  by Love_Bri94
Jefe II by Love_Bri94
14 years later, your favorite couple is back.
  • urbanromance
  • love
  • temptation
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A Scarlet Storm by Zoramorana
A Scarlet Stormby Zoramorana
He had crossed a fine line and he knew it. Her eyes changed from a lovely brown to a vibrant purple and black wings made appeared out of thin air. The girl may have not...
  • fantasy
  • maskedman
  • dancing
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Sanders Sides Oneshots and Short Stories by kbaycolt
Sanders Sides Oneshots and Short Kayla
A collection of Sanders Sides oneshots featuring: Virgil Roman Logan Patton Deceit Remy Scenes can be requested. More specifics inside. Inspiration will be credited.
  • romansanders
  • creativity
  • logic
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Deceitful Lottery (boyxboy)| Y.E.P.1 series, BOOK 1 by AliceCrowleyn
Deceitful Lottery (boyxboy)| Alice Crowleyn
When an Alien ship came to anchor just outside Earth's atmosphere and contacted humans for the first time, everyone was beyond shocked. People who knew about them automa...
  • wattys2017
  • traveling
  • humans
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Sanders Sides Onshots Book 2 by Pengi11
Sanders Sides Onshots Book 2by Jordan
Even more Sanders Sides Fun! You all wanted more, so here's another book! Requests are open, and welcomed. (I don't do side x reader.)
  • thomassanders
  • roman
  • creativity
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✨ASK THE SANDED SIDES ✨ by SharpShooter_Sos
✨ASK THE SANDED SIDES ✨by Analogical
run by Anxiety
  • sandersides
  • morxiety
  • logince
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Sanders-Sides oneshots! by amethystdarkwolf
Sanders-Sides oneshots!by Max
Collection of sander sides one shots! {Cover by: @lloveless92 } Highest rank: 83 {5/25/18}
  • oneshots
  • lamp
  • prinxiety
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Admiration : Soraya's story by GoalDiggerrr
Admiration : Soraya's storyby Shae🖤
Soraya Swazel Admire is a 23 year old 8th grade english teacher . She has a 6 year old daughter Lyric Symphony Baldwin. Soraya has family that loves her , family meant e...
  • over
  • urban
  • pregnancy
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Sanders Sides Rambles by Magentapawz
Sanders Sides Ramblesby Megan
Just random Headcanons, rambles and random one shots c: Cover art by me c: Roman Numerals/Logince is my guilty pleasure ship c: All ships welcome here, I won't judge (un...
  • logan
  • morality
  • logic
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Sander Sides Headcannons by AG-writer234
Sander Sides Headcannonsby im tired
Hey guys! Here's some headcannons from Sanders Sides, both from the regular show and some AU ideas uwu
  • logan
  • virgilsanders
  • roman
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The Arrangement  by Phunmito
The Arrangement by Phunmito
Kayla Andrews was living a simple life,even as the daughter of one of the richest men in the society,she still tried her best not to dwell under her father's name and ev...
  • hatred
  • rivalry
  • deceit
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||+Sanders Sides Things+|| by C0uldBeGayer
||+Sanders Sides Things+||by 🖤Emo•Nightmare🖤
Just a few funny screenshots I took based on Thomas Sanders' series "Sanders Sides." The sources for everything will either be Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, or I...
  • logan
  • logicality
  • morality
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Enemies of Power by SparkeDawg
Enemies of Powerby SparkeDawg
((Sanders Sides AU)) Revenge might not always be what you want it to. Some things don't always go according to plan.
  • logan
  • remy
  • deceit
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Sanders Sides One Shots by PurpleMusicLover14
Sanders Sides One Shotsby PurpleMusicLover
In this book you will find all sorts of angst, fluff, love and craziness from the Sanders Sides lives. I will be writing about ships, both platonic and romantic. The cha...
  • oneshot
  • princey
  • patton
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420Sanders Sides Oneshots  by FanFictionOfLife
420Sanders Sides Oneshots by Nonbinary30649204848200111337...
ships, aus, plots, and so much more. Please enjoy what I have to offer. requests are open. check out my other stories they're better than this lmao. Some of these onesho...
  • genderqueer
  • deceit
  • gay
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Anywhere But Here by AnnaAlbo
Anywhere But Hereby Anna Albo
When Sara Delvecchio married her high school sweetheart, she dreamed of happily ever after, but when he shares a secret from his past, their lives are changed forever. A...
  • redemption
  • betrayal
  • substanceabuse
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Sander sides- Spys by Doomkitten2004
Sander sides- Spysby Doomkitten2004
A guy named Thomas has to work at a spy agency. He has to work with four boys that were brought to his agency. These four boys have special abilities that will help with...
  • deceit
  • roman
  • patton
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ɴᴏᴡ ᴏʀ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ |  by UrbanZDesire
ɴᴏᴡ ᴏʀ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ | by - ʀᴇʟʟᴇ -
ιт waѕ only ѕυppoѕed тo вe a ѕpecιal o occaѕιon wнere ĸenjι propoѕeѕ тo нιѕ gιrlғrιend aт тнeιr ѕpecιal ѕpoт, тнe caғe wнere тнey ғιrѕт мeт. нowever, all тнaт cнangeѕ w...
  • speed
  • bwam
  • proposes
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War Of Gods by tallulah2447
War Of Godsby tallulah2447
"Where there is peace, humans aquaint it with disharmony. Where there is balance, they introduce instability. Where there is love, they enter lust. Where there is g...
  • royalty
  • battles
  • wattys2018
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