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safe space | One Piece by withloveGrey
safe space | One Pieceby withloveGrey
Where once stood an Emperor, was now a seven-year-old. Shanks copes with this, rather well (Luffy's crew, however, does not). (Originally a one-shot from Promptober 2023...
Tomorrow's Blues by fadedxfires
Tomorrow's Bluesby Eliza
~"You don't- you don't need me." I stared in shock. This was the first shred of emotion he'd shown since he started avoiding me, and I had no idea how to respo...
Smg4 Alternative: New Year... New Mario... by PhoenixFirebird19
Smg4 Alternative: New Year... Chicken God
This is a sequel to the Smg4 Alternative: It's Been 5 Months which is a sequel to Smg4 Alternative: Brother... Make sure you read those two first before you read this on...
Trip || Jjk × Reader  by taetaeficks
Trip || Jjk × Reader by ꪀꪗ᥊
Y/n and her bestfriend were so bored going around the same cafe for numerous times during summer vacations. Y/n planned to go on a trip with her boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook...
Shine the magic light by goldxn_chxins
Shine the magic lightby goldxn_chxins
Story about a teenage girl named Arianna alias Anna who was a student at Hogwarts but kicked out cause of the blood rule. She went to US and started hunting supernatural...
The Long Road by Weredog15
The Long Roadby Weredog15
In the aftermath of Wally's death, Dick chooses to take a step back from his life as a hero. His family, his friends. He leaves it all behind. Not because he wants to...
What Is Done by sadpacific
What Is Doneby jules
During the Great Fire of Arün five years ago, Prince Laverne Ingerman stared down death, succumbed to fear and accepted that his life was at its end to save his father...
They lived a thousand lives by ajala1
They lived a thousand livesby ajala1
Dylan, a young man from San Diego went to New York for New Year's Eve. But as the ball dropped and the countdown began Dylan started to fell woozy and woke up with his f...
After the Dive by Fulvi1318
After the Diveby Asylokat1318
***Heavy Supernatural SPOILERS through Season 5 and beyond.*** After Sam and Dean Winchester stopped the apocalypse, after Sam took the big dive to save the world, Dean...
The ones we left behind by Peach_draws
The ones we left behindby Peach_draws
Maya's sister died in a car accident years ago but the loss left her paralyzed. Years later she's a college student with her life in shambles, that is until she meets a...
Letting Go: A Short Story by SaffronSiren
Letting Go: A Short Storyby SaffronSiren
What would you do if someone you loved died and you had the opportunity to hear their voice one more time? Would you tell them all the things you wished you'd had the ch...
Another Piece of Me {DISCONTINUED} by TAEJUriNe
Another Piece of Me {DISCONTINUED}by TAEJUriNe
Meet Melany Ramson, the cute girl next door and the most confident girl at Ridgeroad High. What people don't know about Melany is what plagues her mind. Melany classifie...
The last words by ValentinaOnTheMoon
The last wordsby ValentinaOnTheMoon
Diana is one of the best grim reapers. Her duty is to walk souls to the world of the dead and she never had problems, she always did what she had to without looking back...
flight of icarus {steddie one shot} by jewishrat420
flight of icarus {steddie one shot}by b 🐝
Eddie's presence is familiar, too familiar, in Steve's unlit room. Memories flood his brain: Eddie laying in his bed, twirling his rings with his forefinger, humming alo...
Dear Fred, We Miss You by casualremuskinnie
Dear Fred, We Miss Youby casualremuskinnie
The story of how Calypso Black, daughter of the infamous Sirius Black, deals with the loss of her one true love, Fred Weasley, after the battle of Hogwarts *Disclaimer*...
ᴠɪʀᴀɢᴏ by cosmicnights
ᴠɪʀᴀɢᴏby 𝕭𝖗𝖎
"there she held it; the only light left in the world. there she cradled it, to keep it alive. yet it was there, that the dark had overcome the only spark left. and...
The Sun Rises from the West by lulasanta
The Sun Rises from the Westby lulasanta
There are moments in our lives that define us. And moments where we wish we could turn back time. But the sun doesn't rise from the west, no matter how we wish it would.
Dying Inside by boecrystal
Dying Insideby Peace & love ✌
It's Adalynn's senior year and everything was going perfect until something terrible happened. The death of one of her best friends Brittney. Adalynn tries really hard t...
A Sister's Loss by ReeceyPeecey
A Sister's Lossby Reece
I lost my sister this week to cancer. I'm broken, but with time I know I will mend. This poem is for my one and only beloved sister, Adelita.
burnt cookies: a short story on death and the living by _trashmuffin_
burnt cookies: a short story on yester
It was an accident. An intoxicated driver, an out of control car, a girl that meant the world to Sireana, and a trip to pick up pizza. And suddenly everything shattered.