The Rebound Agreement ✔ by amiability
The Rebound Agreement ✔by amiability
What happens when two strangers find themselves alone at a New Years Eve party only minutes before the clock strikes midnight? One thing's for certain: it doesn't involv...
  • teen
  • fake
  • love
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Lust At First Sight (One Shot) SPG Compilation by MsQualified
Lust At First Sight (One Shot) Michelle Jasmine Caasi
  • lumabas
  • spg
  • kweba
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White Christmas Red New Year (COMPLETE) by alexandriaASHE
White Christmas Red New Year ( Alexandria Ashcroft
Christopher hopes a New Year's weekend in Aspen will reignite feelings between him and Noel. What he didn't factor in was his mother's need to control everything in her...
  • restort
  • party
  • winterwonderland
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The Soulmate Switch by notjustanovel
The Soulmate Switchby notjustanovel
Everyone grows up waiting anxiously for midnight, January 1st of their 18th year of life. Everyone grows up waiting for the chance to find out who their soulmate is. The...
  • tumblr
  • switch
  • midnight
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Close To You. • D. Swing by CallmeRenee_
Close To You. • D. Swingby Shi
A teen mom spends her New Years Eve at a diner she works in with a severely depressed man who contemplates on if his life is worth living.
  • 702
  • irishgrinstead
  • devanteswing
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Song for Someone (Law X Luffy) by EferhildaWyvern
Song for Someone (Law X Luffy)by Eferhilda Wyvern
It's now winter break at New World University, and many of the students are expected to go home. Law however, not really having any family, wanted to stay at the college...
  • onepiece
  • yaoi
  • christmas
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Love You For A Long Time [BOTHNEWYEAR] by Blossomtear_
Love You For A Long Time [ Blossomtear_
All about Bothnewyear! My favourite real couple... <Reality Vs Fanfiction>
  • realcouple
  • newyear
  • both
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Sparkler Snapshots by evethespy
Sparkler Snapshotsby уιℓєι
Dear beloved wanderer, It is with great pride and pleasure that I extend a formal invitation to you for a worldwide expedition. I plan to travel the globe over the span...
  • featured
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Our Gray Composition by creatistx
Our Gray Compositionby Maroon.24
"Brooklyn," Hudson said lowly. "Yeah?" I whispered back weakly. Hudson waited for a while before continuing. "I'm going to kiss you, okay?&quo...
  • billionare
  • brooklyn
  • newyork
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20 Minutes Left by guilty_gen0cider
20 Minutes Leftby guilty_gen0cider
Twenty minutes before the new year, an introverted stenographer accidentally gets locked in a bathroom. With the weirdest 'stranger' she has ever met. A holiday project...
  • jeongyeon
  • bangtwice
  • taehyung
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New Year, Same Queer (Camren One-Shot) by carcass_with_a_heart
New Year, Same Queer (Camren THEY’RE GAZEBOS
As good at writing catchy descriptions, as Mariah Carey is at lip syncing. Camila hates crowds. She'd rather be home, reading Wuthering Heights for the 100th time. But...
  • lauren
  • camren
  • completed
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In Our Hearts by terrabayna
In Our Heartsby terra
Maya and I are very close. We're besties, sisters in fact. And then there was this fight and.. *car screeches* "I couldn't feel Rileytown anymore." {Girl Meets...
  • topangalawrence
  • auggiemathews
  • girlmeetsworld
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excerpts from a book i'll never write  by vickysteaparty
excerpts from a book i'll never victoria
thoughts and feelings that are put into words for you to read. a little insight to the crazy things that go on in my mind, or in all of our minds. Copyright © 2017 vicky...
  • feelings
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Fairy Tail Erza X Reader - Metal attracts lightning by ElRealta
Fairy Tail Erza X Reader - Metal The insane
Christmas is right around the corner and Fairy Tail is getting ready to show Magnolia how they celebrate. While the citizens are waiting, some with hope, some with fear...
  • natsu
  • girlxgirl
  • fairytail
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New Years (Shigaraki Tomura x reader) by Shiggy21
New Years (Shigaraki Tomura x Shiggy21
  • readerxcharacter
  • shimuratenko
  • mha
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A very DAMIE New Year by RoseWest8
A very DAMIE New Yearby Rose
Continuación de "A very DAMIE christmas" Una historia especial para darle la bienvenida a un nuevo año. Escrita por @nia2706 y @rosewest8
  • fanfic
  • damie
  • damiefanfic
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Cinderella once again [Harry Styles] by SilverBluinse
Cinderella once again [Harry ˗ˏˋ ❝ zυммєя ❞ ˎˊ˗
• Complete • ❝ Why can't she just fall into my arms like an Angel? ❞ Little did he know she was already falling and half way through midair. [A Harry Styles Short St...
  • bridge
  • fanfiction
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Happy New Year, Kara by pwettypwita
Happy New Year, Karaby pwettypwita
The night went from a 10 to a total 100. No one ever wondered that it would ended like this. When the clock turns midnight, the countdowns about to start.. Will Kara and...
  • endgame
  • karamel
  • monel
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BLΛƆKPIИK by lalisalized
Black Pink (Hangul: 블랙핑크), stylized as BLACKPINK or BLΛƆKPIИK, is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Li...
  • bts
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