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Bring Your Secrets, Bring Your Scars by ChickenFanatic1
Bring Your Secrets, Bring Your Wren Nyght
Percy is left deeply hurt after the giant war. No tartarus rising, just percy healing. Sorry, I'm really bad at this.
Percy Jackson: Lost, Lonely, and Powerful by Olympus_child
Percy Jackson: Lost, Lonely, and Tamaki Amajiki Has My Heart
DISCONTINUED Percy Jackson has just won the Giant War, but that doesn't really matter to him anymore. What's the point of saving the world if there is no one left to liv...
SINGER DEKU by Ilovetomanyships
SINGER DEKUby multishipper
Deku has secrets not even All might knows about. How will class 1A react to these secrets? I own nothing other than the plot, the characters belong to their rightful own...
Leaving you (Gonkillu) by Acidlovr
Leaving you (Gonkillu)by Acidlovr
It has been 4 Year since Gon and killua split killua has been running from his family while gon got caught up from school what will happen if they reunite? I DO NOT OWN...
Hero Meets Heroes by spacebar55999
Hero Meets Heroesby Webhead55999
Percy Jackson is the only one of the 7 alive the other 6 died in the Giant War. So he goes to live with his Mom and Paul. Let's see what happens when he gets thrown into...
The Sister of the Girl who Changed My Life by AzaleaSilver
The Sister of the Girl who Azalea Silver
My name is Taylor Jordan Ackers. The girl who changed my life is dead. Kimberly is her sister. I meet Kimberly at her funeral. The memory of our meeting is seared into m...
H̶e̶a̶d̶ ̶O̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶H̶e̶e̶l̶s̶ ˚₊· ͟͟➳❥[TodoDeku] by CockitchyDrinksPanta
H̶e̶a̶d̶ ̶O̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶H̶e̶e̶l̶s̶ ˚₊· ♥ Cockichi ♥
When a new student joins U.A. how will that affect Izuku? U.A. is a shitty human school but what happens when a supernatural arrives and catches the leader of a feared...
death text by linktheheroofthyme
death textby teki
i just watched a super depressing movie where almost every single person died. and so i was extra sad and wrote this. warning! if you understand what's happening, then i...
Hanna eats her friends by DragonSpear101
Hanna eats her friendsby Caution Ramen
IM REALLY MESSED UP GUYS AND I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE FOR THIS!!! This came from an Instagram conversation with my cousin and friend. It's really gory and all around messed...
Wonderwritings---A Collection Of Short Stories And Poems  by Fluttershy411
Wonderwritings---A Collection Of I wrote this to scare you
here's some poetry and short story stuff I'm doing, that's all :)
Well Now We're Fucked by Lydia015
Well Now We're Fuckedby Lydia015
Jennifer hasn't had the best life. Now that she's 18 and finally free from her fathers rule problems arise from her past. She's obviously not bad looking, so why hasn't...
RIP by cookie_dough_69
RIPby Fear me rawrrr
Book of my friend that have committed suicide, basically a memorial...
I'll Be Your Lifegaurd by whymeomgwhy
I'll Be Your Lifegaurdby Another Artist
A young girl named Avery finds herself in a situation with her lifegaurd shortly after the death of her best friend.
Best Friend ( Gohan And Trunks Fanfic ) by WeirderThanYouBru
Best Friend ( Gohan And Trunks Opt
This is a story about the future trunks saga
Timeless by thmrgn
Timelessby thmrgn
Six friends embark on a confusion filled nightmare they can't seem to escape, as the world leaves them behind for time to deal with. How will Ellie and her friends beat...
An Illusion In White by _Freen_
An Illusion In Whiteby Freen
Being trapped in the past can be hard. Very hard. But what about when you trap your yourself and choose to forget those who care? Arch Miller cannot forget about Ben, hi...
My Best Friends Are Dead!!! 2: Together Again HIATUS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE by -Inosuke_Sama-
My Best Friends Are Dead!!! 2: Black.D.Luffy
Its a sequel of a series that I think is gonna be remembered