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Percy Jackson: Lost, Lonely, and Powerful by Olympus_child
Percy Jackson: Lost, Lonely, and Tamaki Amajiki Has My Heart
DISCONTINUED Percy Jackson has just won the Giant War, but that doesn't really matter to him anymore. What's the point of saving the world if there is no one left to liv...
SINGER DEKU by Ilovetomanyships
SINGER DEKUby multishipper
Deku has secrets not even All might knows about. How will class 1A react to these secrets? I own nothing other than the plot, the characters belong to their rightful own...
Bring Your Secrets, Bring Your Scars by ChickenFanatic1
Bring Your Secrets, Bring Your Wren Nyght
Percy is left deeply hurt after the giant war. No tartarus rising, just percy healing. Sorry, I'm really bad at this.
Leaving you (Gonkillu) by Acidlovr
Leaving you (Gonkillu)by Acidlovr
It has been 4 Year since Gon and killua split killua has been running from his family while gon got caught up from school what will happen if they reunite? I DO NOT OWN...
Every Road That Leads To You by The_Letter_Zee
Every Road That Leads To Youby The_Strange_Lestrange
A girl with trauma learns to make friends and have a life again when her brothers friends come to stay for Christmas. She learns to get over her past and move on. _____...
Hanna eats her friends by DragonSpear101
Hanna eats her friendsby Caution Ramen
IM REALLY MESSED UP GUYS AND I SINCERELY APOLOGIZE FOR THIS!!! This came from an Instagram conversation with my cousin and friend. It's really gory and all around messed...
A Friend To Remember by RanudiJayawardhana
A Friend To Rememberby RTJ 23
Seya and Nat has always been the best of friends.But the contrast in their personalities lead to an unbelivable catastrophe in ther lives.Seya meant everything to Nat.H...
Hero Meets Heroes by spacebar55999
Hero Meets Heroesby Webhead55999
Percy Jackson is the only one of the 7 alive the other 6 died in the Giant War. So he goes to live with his Mom and Paul. Let's see what happens when he gets thrown into...
Seeing the Dead by books_are_life_7
Seeing the Deadby books_are_life_7
A boy who can see ghosts. This boy is seventeen, and like anyone else given this grift at birth. But on his seventh birthday, the day people lose this gift and the memor...
Rubys Were Pebbles Too (Draft) by Alison_copper
Rubys Were Pebbles Too (Draft)by Alison Copper
The story starts with a young slave girl who ran from her mistress. The death of her friend and the limits of her power. She only wanted to survive. Things are not alwa...
Empty Jars by percant
Empty Jarsby keeley
"What're all these empty jars for?" I ask absent-mindedly, forgetting that she hated to be asked questions. She smirked at me and said, "For all the brok...
the murmurs sign up  by soliellalune
the murmurs sign up by Nevar
my dear friend who passed away was making a show called the murmurs it was going to be a cartoon
Clarissa Clark, had no idea even in her wildest fantasies that her life was going to be changed in the way it did after meeting a certain, pecuilar stranger at a pecuila...
Dear Zoey. My Beloved Zoey by NutellaSweetness
Dear Zoey. My Beloved Zoeyby NutellaSweetness
I kept my friend, and waited for her to wake up from heaven.
Wonderwritings---A Collection Of Short Stories And Poems  by Fluttershy411
Wonderwritings---A Collection Of I wrote this to scare you
here's some poetry and short story stuff I'm doing, that's all :)
Best Bitch Ever by Lady_Tali
Best Bitch Everby Melz Worku
What if there is no happily ever after? What if prince charming gets dumped by Cinderella and ends up falling for the wicked witch, but still doesn't find happily ever a...
Dead Friends by JasonDavis
Dead Friendsby Jason Davis
When Lizzie inherited her uncle's fortune and house, she never realized what else that would include. Though within minutes of checking out what she now owned, her frien...
My friend Grace. by GrimTrix
My friend GrimTrix
A story of a girl, who was brutally killed in a car crash refuses to leave her best friend, Kathlyn.
Shadow by RogueOneX
Shadowby Zach G
It's not everyday you find a friend whose also like your brother. It's not everyday you got a friend who would die for you. It's not everyday that's actually the case...