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Trust Issues: A 10k fanfic  [COMPLETED]  by UnknownAuthor3
Trust Issues: A 10k fanfic [ UnknownAuthor
It's been more then a few years since the dead started to rise and destroy all of humanity. now it's either kill or be killed... people shoot first ask questions later a...
  • natzang
  • apocalypse
  • infected
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Vial #127 by CassieWood761
Vial #127by Cassandra Mackenzie
Fourteen year old, Emma, used to live a typical life but after a world dominating infection spreads, her life is far from normal. Now, she is alone in the vast word, try...
  • abandoned
  • strength
  • novel
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Not Too Well by famouxx
Not Too Wellby kassandra tate tidland
Desperate for a break from her demanding job, Lilith is convinced to check into the Wellness Center for a week. Curious as to how effective the center is, she decides t...
  • fiction
  • horror
  • cure
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The Virus Within by CrystalScherer
The Virus Withinby Crystal Scherer
What do you do when you are one of the infected? The virus in my blood is trying to steal my humanity. It alters my very thoughts and reactions. It taunts me by temptin...
  • wattys2018
  • terror
  • zombie
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Her Cursed Mate by MissieA
Her Cursed Mateby Cutie4life
Sequel to Her Cruel Mate "The anger that the male's in the Knox family experience to their Mate is a reflection of the grandmother's anger to Alfred's Mate. This wi...
  • cure
  • love
  • werewolf
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A Pirate in Time (Completed) by megsley22
A Pirate in Time (Completed)by Megan Happel
After finally graduating high school, eighteen year old Elizabeth Proctor is pressured into a party at sea. When things go wrong, she finds herself thrown into an entire...
  • pirate
  • cure
  • sail
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The walking dead by Sweetheart_dreams
The walking deadby Sweetheart_dreams
❤️You and carl falls madly in love❤️
  • cure
  • dead
  • walkers
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Things Behind the Sun by ko_at_bakit
Things Behind the Sunby oh
A dead lost soul seeking the earth and a lonely recent high school graduate form a deep connection. cover credit for making this beautiful cover: @demonologies
  • cure
  • featured
  • thesmiths
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Extraordinary Sickness (on hold) by redhatted
Extraordinary Sickness (on hold)by Lily
This is a story of a silent city, in the possible future of our own. Indifference creeps through the streets like a lonely dog, and it feeds off of each and every one of...
  • apocalypse
  • journey
  • powers
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Hitting Rock Bottom by TheLostCandy
Hitting Rock Bottomby TheLostCandy
"We all need a little saving sometimes" ---- I don't know how long we kissed or whatever. I do know that he left me grasping for breath. "What I told you...
  • iloveyou
  • vodka
  • angerissues
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Toxic Apocalypse by TheWritingJay
Toxic Apocalypseby Caitlin O'Dair
  • apocalypse
  • hiv
  • cure
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My Kind of Poems by Nagaera
My Kind of Poemsby Nagaera L. Nosleni
Some of my poems ranging in content from gardens to some of my own ponderings. Contains mostly free verse but also some acrostic, haiku, and lyric poems.
  • death
  • near
  • fear
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My Book Graveyard by KathleenJMBassick
My Book Graveyardby Kathleen
Books or idea's I feel I'll never finish. Have a butchers and maybe find one you like and might want to write, just message me and you can probably have it :)
  • abuse
  • refuge
  • student
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The Madness in his Eyes by theoscake
The Madness in his Eyesby theoscake
Newt is dead. He didn't want to become a brain dead zombie like the other flare-infected cranks. He saw the brainless looks on their faces, and decided that he didn't...
  • kihong
  • dylan
  • lee
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Why Her? by Joelliyaaa
Why Her?by zetstimony
Two people. Both very inlove with each other. But fate itself was just so cruel.
  • annalyn
  • love
  • cure
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Lost in thoughts by KoguraFate
Lost in thoughtsby Alina
  • god
  • lost
  • poem
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para - the other side story by albertjan0182
para - the other side storyby
paranormal stories
  • fever
  • human
  • paranormal
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