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HOTD: Tōshiro Nagi by Eros_Lord
HOTD: Tōshiro Nagiby Eros_Lord
Tōshiro Nagi is a young high school student who finds himself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse in the world of Highschool of the Dead. Despite the chaos and danger ar...
Dead minus by MCPELuisTuican
Dead minusby MCPELuis Tuican
An unknown virus spread in the world like wildfire. The dead began to walk on earth. They infect others with killing bites wjo make them rise like them. Every dead man i...
Multiversal Simulator by Evrabonzz
Multiversal Simulatorby U Son of a Beach, I'm in
A story of a Guy that can travel through the vast Multiverse for an unknown reason. But... unlike the usual troupe. He doesn't have a System. He met no God or Goddess. N...
The immortal minus in a zombie apocalypse  by MihaiAlexandru178
The immortal minus in a zombie apo...by Mihai Alexandru
One day the entire world changed. Dead mans started walking and biting the living. The virus spread. But there was just one who is the humanity's hope. Even though he's...
I'm A Cure by green1000
I'm A Cureby Mystic Wolf
The new student at Fujimi Academy has an interesting power, that has helped save many lives.
Highschool of the dead x Male reader by jasonmakoni54321
Highschool of the dead x Male read...by Jason Makoni
An otaku dies from the hands of trunk-kun and is reincarnated in another world.
The Apocalypse (Kagari x H.O.T.D) by JaeZInsane
The Apocalypse (Kagari x H.O.T.D)by Jay Jay
Join Kagari Sanashi as we witness him go doom guy on the undead.
(H.O.T.D.)X Male Reader: discontinued by -_OutLaw-Rising_-
(H.O.T.D.)X Male Reader: discontin...by Apathy
What happens when a paraniod boy is stuck with his friends in a zombie apocolipse?
HOTD : I am a delinquent Gamer by HAREM_KING_1
HOTD : I am a delinquent Gamerby HARÉM_KING
Waking up in the world of high school of the dead with only a few goals in mind. Power: Of course Bitches: No duh That might be it shall add more later love if you are a...
Highschool of the dead : male reader x saeko (completed)  by thedarklord86
Highschool of the dead : male read...by Darklord86
My own highschool of the dead story (Never got too far in the show because it was so much hentai and could't watch Saeko like Takashi when that guy likes Rei so i just...
Highschool of The dead: The good girl is gone by Arcus2
Highschool of The dead: The good g...by Arcus2
Christina walker or chris for short is always known to be a shy patient girl. she is currently dating takashi komuro.she loves him so much unfortunately takashi is still...
highschool of the dead x male Dabi reader  by dabi-blueflames24
highschool of the dead x male Dabi...by touya todoroki
After being abandoned as a baby and being adopted by the family of takashi komuro, he lived a normal life, but now he's dealing with a zombie apocalypse and the league o...
Superhuman by green1000
Superhumanby Mystic Wolf
It was two weeks before the zombie apocalypse hit the world. This story takes place at Fujimi Academy that's located in Tokonosu City, Japan. Is where, what was supposed...
This isn't what I planned to be in by GodofWrath19
This isn't what I planned to be inby GodofWrath19
Welp! when I completed my Highschool of the DEAD 2.0 you know what happened somehow the world of fanfictions or god of this place just... let's just say reincarnated ins...
The Day It All Came To An End (On Hold) by Shaniqua_The_One
The Day It All Came To An End (On...by KaylaCharles
Sumiko Takagi is the younger sister if Saya Takagi follow her adventure in this zombie infested world.
Reinbloo One-shots? by InnocentMooMoo
Reinbloo One-shots?by (I_SUCK_AT_NAMES_)
uhhm One-shots about reinbloo i guess? also requests CAN be accepted tho they only have to be with reinbloo in it. Only his roleplay characters. I've seen a ... x reader...
Oneshot Book! by Origins_girl
Oneshot Book!by Layla
I only write Oneshots for a few fandoms all listed on first page.
Resident Evil: Highschool Of The Dead by Spider-Deku2012
Resident Evil: Highschool Of The D...by Izuku Midoriya
Students of Fujimi Academy, the son of a police officer, and a young spy, all band together to survive when the Umbrella Corporation looses control of the deadly T-Virus...
Undead Nightmare  by DeathlessRonin
Undead Nightmare by DeathlessRonin
A young high school student is thrusted into the zombie apocalypse and must survive with a group of his fellow students. They must fight through hordes of the undead in...