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My Puppy (Drarry) by Darkdeamon14
My Puppy (Drarry)by Darkdeamon14
The Golden trio are the famous werewolf pack, known for fighting against Voldemort but when they are captured they have no legal rights and are put up for adoption. What...
Your type (Draco x Harry) Boy x Boy by HPFanfics_Drarry
Your type (Draco x Harry) Boy x Boyby Drarry
Draco stared into his eyes. Why was he doing this? Draco thought he had ended their.. Friendship? Whatever it was. "Fuck, Malfoy. You make me fucking crazy."...
Through the Eyes of Draco Malfoy by lovely_madz
Through the Eyes of Draco Malfoyby Madz
Draco Malfoy has been used and abused by his father and family since he was a child, but who is willing to help him? All they see is a death eater. During eighth year Ha...
Cotton candy boy (a drarry fanfic) by Imhere_and_Imqueer
Cotton candy boy (a drarry fanfic)by Imhere_and_Imqueer
Everyone is coming back to hogwarts for 8th year but somethings.... different? Oh yeah, everyone has found out their inheritance!! But... Draco's... a sub?!! And a Veela...
send tweet? | drarry twitter au by saturnstiic
send tweet? | drarry twitter auby 𝓈aturn !!!
draco and harry are getting frisky on twitter!
True Place by z3rochillz
True Placeby Noé Silver
Drarry/Harco fanfic. Characters used aren't my own, the belong to J.K. Rowling however the plot used in originally mine. If the author of harry potter so chooses that I...
Be My Wings {drarry} by cameronn__
Be My Wings {drarry}by Cameron
Draco is a veela, and Harry is an inherited werewolf. {drarry- boyxboy. (very) sub draco, dom harry. don't like, don't read.}
Hadrian Riddle, The next dark lord { Drarry } by Itz_sky_here
Hadrian Riddle, The next dark Itz sky Here
Harry was a broken child..... Each year his 'friends' would more and more ignore him and his 'best friends' sister was continuously trying to get into his pants....... h...
Draco and Legolas by Bangtanarmy581
Draco and Legolasby VaeRyn
Draco blacks out after a rather harsh punishment from his father. Uppon waking, he realizes that he was not anywhere he knew. Confused, hurt, and in pain he wanders abou...
Formidable by chambreduloup
Formidableby chambreduloup🧚‍♀️
Harry and Draco share a secret bond, unknown to everyone, including themselves. It only makes itself present when Harry gets Draco pregnant and they become closer than e...
soulmates//a drarry story by kahousstuff
soulmates//a drarry storyby kahou
at the age of eighteen, a colored rune develops on a witch or wizard's wrist that is unique to them and their soulmate. what happens when two sworn enemies come together...
Slow Dance With Me (drarry social media AU) by the4amprohpet
Slow Dance With Me (drarry That One Bitch
As Harry's crush on a certain blonde Slytherin continues to grow, Hogwarts is open for 8th year. With social media. As new friendships and relationships form and jealous...
Harry Potter Instagram life | Drarry  by Garam_Dapur
Harry Potter Instagram life | alientrash.y
contain Harry x Draco Blaise x Pansy Ron x Hermione Luna x Rolf and other hope u like it ♥️
The French cook and the English prince. by Grim-fairytales
The French cook and the English Grim Fairytales
Harry was raised in a lavish life in his kingdom of Gryffindoria never looking for love. With his best friends by his side what more could he need? Draco did not have th...
Detention by Bored_lesbian
Detentionby Robin Miller
*The art isn't mine So, I was planning on writing a one-shot but I completely failed, but ANYWAYS Harry and Draco get detention and things don't go as planned SMUT WARNI...
Trouble Maker in Hogwarts by super_shipper_fanfic
Trouble Maker in Hogwartsby Miss T~
After seeing Sirius die and going through a tough breakup over the holidays because the STUPID "girl" didn't like his inheritance 16 nearly 17-year-old Harry'...
Heart of a Servant by z3rochillz
Heart of a Servantby Noé Silver
Once feared but now a slave. The war against the dark lord was over, most of the death eaters had a life sentence in Azkaban. Now awaiting his trial, Draco Malfoy was no...
Shards Of The Broken Slytherin //Drarry// by AuroraLucalia123
Shards Of The Broken Slytherin // Aurora Lucalia
Draco gets abused by his father. Harry finds out and attempts to help him. That's it. Im bad at descriptions. A\N: This is my very first fanfic so it might be a little s...
Do I know you? || Harco story by SleepyWeeb_213
Do I know you? || Harco storyby r1l3y-l0l
Upon hearing of new students arriving, Harry Potter and his friends weren't really expecting a surprise. That is until Harry looks out the window and sees the one person...
Mine by Anime_Nerd___
Mineby Anime_Nerd___
Harry Potter hadn't felt emotion in his life until he met him. This is a drarry story and it is my AU ⚠️warnings⚠️ smut in later chapters 12+ Drarry/Harco Gay af Cov...