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Maybe, It's You ✔︎ by Kim_Knights
Maybe, It's You ✔︎by Kim Knights
Clumsy, cheeky and ungraceful - this ordinary girl defies all the rules of how a noble lady should behave. When she chances upon a highly regarded nobleman, one whose de...
Emperor And I ✔️ by Sunset_vermont
Emperor And I ✔️by Sunset Noona
To the country she was born to, she is Princess Le-anne, bastard child of the king. To the empire she is sold to, she is Lady Wei Li Lian... the traitorous spy. But who...
Empress Who? by black_wings123
Empress Who?by black_wings123
"This belongs to our family. For many years this hairpin passed to daughter from mother. You can wear it today." .......................... "Oh my empress...
Not Good! The Villainess Is Muddled (Old Version) by melo_marl
Not Good! The Villainess Is Melo
[NGVM ©2019] First Place for Romance/Slice of Life Genre in Light Novie Awards 2019 by @lightnovelsociety -------This is the Old Version------ Yin Hua Lei was supposed t...
The Hands of Fate by YourTypicalNovelist
The Hands of Fateby ♡
In the kingdom of Allenia, it is a law that royals marry royals, and peasants marry peasants. The kingdom has been that way for thousands of years; that is, until Caspia...
//lost in love💖\\                              (Yandere Kings Vminkook×reader) by blackpink_army_123
//lost in love💖\\ kiara
"ohh y/n you can't escape from us baby and better understand that as soon as possible ,you don't even know how we all three are obsessed over you so y/n better...
The Thief by Prickly_Thorns
The Thiefby Sam
"Tell me little thief," he breathed silently against my ear causing all my hair on the back of my neck to rise. "How should I punish you for such crimes a...
ရုပ်ဆိုးသော ဧကရာဇ် by EiThawTar
ရုပ်ဆိုးသော ဧကရာဇ်by စာဥနွေးနွေး
Author-POWER TIME Born ugly, the emperor had been bullied since his childhood until he met an eunuch... The idiot eunuch save not only the abnormal and scheming emperor...
Loki X Reader | One Shots (Fluff + Smut) by LVE_32
Loki X Reader | One Shots (Fluff LVE32
[[UPDATED: 2/2021]] --- Some fluff, some smut --- One of these stories is over 75,000 words long so why I called them 'one shots' I have no idea. Most others are over 6...
Ishihara // ATEEZ ✔ by dreamperfection
Ishihara // ATEEZ ✔by dreamperfection
This is a world where your worth is as much as the colour of your blood. Akira is the queen's most trusted soldier and general. Being the highest ranked amongst others...
Mondo Pastello | girlxgirl | Completed♕ by Digital-Galaxy
Mondo Pastello | girlxgirl | ꧁Digital - Galaxy ꧂
She was the type to stare herself in the mirror and see someone else stare back. Someone who was free and light, being able to spread her wings like an unbound angel. Sh...
The Zodiacs by _eMKay
The Zodiacsby MK
||HR: #1 in EXCITING!!!!!!|| "I can't do it... what have you done to me, Seven?" - Zahra will do anything for her brother. Master Omari will do anything for th...
My Liege And I  by Sunset_vermont
My Liege And I by Sunset Noona
My love, can you hear that? It is my heart that beats for you. The dew has long settled, Where are you? My feet are sore, breasts heavy, belly sagging, and the time wa...
A Royal Mess by chasingdreamxbts
A Royal Messby chasingdreamxbts
"The prince kisses the girl & they live happily ever after." Y/n, a peasant girl who loves writing fairy tales, has always dreamt of going to the palace & meet...
Tangled Love by OnekindofSpecimen
Tangled Loveby Annie Hephzibah
Suddenly someone who claims to be Jyothi's real father wants her to go with him to his era. She goes with him with no other choice. But there she meets a pair of ancient...
KING'S QUEEN by Lillysharama
KING'S QUEENby manik x nandini
Imagine all the Business tycoons to be Palace and successful Man/Women as King/Queen and their son/daughters as prince/princess and when it comes to marriage of a prince...
Of Phantoms and Thieves by anderkawasaki
Of Phantoms and Thievesby AnderKawasaki
The leader of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Joker, AKA, Ren Amamiya, is not in a good mood. It's been a year after the events that happened in Persona 5, and trouble ha...
Priestess of The Moon by flowersforleah
Priestess of The Moonby Leah
Li Xiang is the Priestess of the Moon, she can see read the stars and she can bring fortune as well as misfortune to her people. However, the life of a Priestess consist...
Marinette - The Secret Princess of China by SpottedCat45
Marinette - The Secret Princess Spotted Cat --> ♥Miraculous♥
Marinette has a secret... She's the princess of CHINA! Will Lila take her down, or will Mari be able to reveal her? The Class is on a field trip to China to see Marinett...
Royal 3 (Book three in my Selection Series) by justdarcy
Royal 3 (Book three in my justdarcy
Rosalyn Osborne was a criminal, so they called her. Six years in prison changed her. No matter what others thought of her, she always knew her true self. She wasn't a cr...