Lost Royalty

Lost Royalty

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Her presence was once one that enamoured the masses. A beautiful young princess whose destiny seemed to be set in a life of royal balls and princes.

But her abrupt absence filled the hearts of so many with anguish and sorrow. On her seventh birthday, Princess Elizabeth seemed to simply disappear. 

Now, nearly a decade later, her father has declared that she must be found by her 17th birthday, or the search will be abandoned. Hope is diminishing, and a kingdom searches high and low for a lost princess. Village by village, every girl between the ages 15 and 17 must be assessed. As a King searches for his daughter, a kingdom desperately anticipates the return of their Lost Princess.

Have a look at the competitions at the end of the book! They are still open :)

@DumDumPops4: Aww this was a great read! I'm really happy you decided to share your work with us on Wattpad. Great job! Keep writing please!
@MadelynCrain: I absolutely loved your book!!!!!  A sequel would be amazing!!!!!!!
@TwistedSecret: This has been one of the best stories I've read on wattpad
@Aurazales: FINSHED this story in two DAYSS!! If you could do a sequel, I would just die (out of excitement) and have my ghost read the sequel

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Hooked up just with ur summary, very much a sucker to royalty-related stories😂 Imma try to read this and gave my thoughts later when i finished reading 😁
readerrkun readerrkun Aug 30
I am excited to read!!!!!!!!
                              The cover and starting is amazing 👏👏👏👏 good job author
watermelii watermelii Aug 30
Also I'm having hope to become a writer when I'm older but 87% of the books I've reader don't have as good plots as this and the other 13%  are only like 1-5% better which is a really good coming from a high level reader
watermelii watermelii Aug 30
I got top in my English I got the highest in my class so saying this book is AWESOMELY AMAZING  just reading the plot and that on getting sucked into the book already is an amazingly true
It sounds super interesting!! I can't wait to read this story!
Essa esta historia n tem em portugues pq no meu ta em ingres