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Melting Me Softly [JJK] by _Lee_Mia_
Melting Me Softly [JJK]by LeeMia
when the cold hearted mafia is forced to marry a bubbly and joyful girl, what will happen ? will y/n be successful to melt his cold heart ? "He said he love me... b...
Pregnant with my cold husband (K.TH)| New Version. by BoxyTaehyung
Pregnant with my cold husband ( 🤍
A new, longer, better and with a better story line book than the other one. Enjoy the story❤🔥.
The Mafia Boyfriend by wtfyashuuu
The Mafia Boyfriendby wtfyashuuu
Only she can make him smile. He can be summoned only by her. She's his queen & he's her king. Only he can make her fantasies come true. She can be touched only by him. ...
Paper Hearts {a KTH ff} ☑️✔️ by sugary_writes
Paper Hearts {a KTH ff} ☑️✔️by 93._.myg
the hearts made of paper to be burned from the fire of love or for the others as hate will they survive the death of their own self to be able to live for their tomorro...
𝙈𝙮 𝘾𝙤𝙡𝙙 𝘽𝙤𝙨𝙨 JUNGKOOK FF✔( Imagine by Yourself ).....!!! by roseraze_
everyone think he is a cold hearted parson...... But he also have heart.....but his cold heart warmed up by a cute clumsy girl... How will they end up together Wanna kn...
Cold Hearts by background21
Cold Heartsby Neetha Sai
Two hearts which have always been filled with warmth and joy for so many years of their lives. Suddenly one heart becomes cold because of the other heart. The other hear...
What will happen if bestfriends fall in love with eachother brother who are also bestfriends. Taehyung,Jungkook are best friend so is their sisters ...
My Mafia Brothers by MU202005
My Mafia Brothersby R0$E._BLACK
I didn't want to come back in this hell. But I had to. Because they r my brothers.
Percy Jackson King Of The North by fortunae_
Percy Jackson King Of The Northby fortunae_
'A new king has been chosen' There is another kingdom. A kingdom that existed far from the eyes of the olympians. Nobody knows where it was, some says it was placed...
BONDAGE✔ | JEON JUNGKOOK by ChimchimBelieber
BONDAGE✔ | JEON JUNGKOOKby ChimchimBelieber
"Just a game of bondage and we don't know eachother." That's what Jeon Jungkook , the so called international playboy said . Y/N doesn't know what had gotten...
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Lost In The Cold [TTTE AU] by BloodRed2007
Lost In The Cold [TTTE AU]by Blood Wolf
Winter was meant to be joyful for everyone, but instead it became a worst nightmare.
Demon Siblings by Azzybazz
Demon Siblingsby Ricky Rott
This is the childhood of Meliodas, Estarossa, and Zeldris.
Home by what_a_dragx_x
Homeby X_X
This is my first Wattpad EVER so pls PLS be patient with me This story is a little slower pace. They don't meet in a instant like most books. Stella Fay was a bright gir...
Mr.Gangster Meets Ms.Cold by roviccatapang
Mr.Gangster Meets Ms.Coldby Tae Hyung&Baek Hyung
When the Gangster meets the Coldest girl....ano kayang mangyayari?? Did they fall inlove in each other or what???
A Miracle Made By A Mistake by Snow_Barry_For_Life
A Miracle Made By A Mistakeby Snow_Barry_For_Life
Barry creates FlashPoint and finds everything has changed. He falls in love but with a price to pay. When he comes back to his regular life nothing is the same and it's...
¿Mommy? «Larry» Adaptation and translation  by fort_fts
¿Mommy? «Larry» Adaptation and Joselyn
He was very young when his mother was no longer for him, it was his father's fault according to his whole family, now he tries to do things right for his family, and he...
The Atrocious Gangster by Son_of_Zeus31
The Atrocious Gangsterby Commander Ice
Blade Ashford is not a typical teenager, he was known to be a genius in his school. But everything came crashing down when he got into high school. He suddenly got trans...
LOVE & WAR ' by maamspringer
is she just a pawn in his game? Or putty in his hand? Arranged Marriage never ends well. Married off to the largest mafia family known to man kind to pay off her fathers...
The Heartless by elainemarieee_
The Heartlessby HIATUS
❝ being heartless runs into my blood ❞
Beyond The Lies by Son_of_Zeus31
Beyond The Liesby Commander Ice
Zyla Blaise Stone Ashford is an achiever in her school. She is known in MIS for being able to bring a gold medal on a Swimming tournament. She basically has everything s...