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Darker Side of Love by Kaylue_Lee
Darker Side of Loveby Kaylue
Part two of my second poetry book in the "You" trilogy, from "Love You" comes "Darker Side of Love". Because my poetry books are of a leng...
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The Unexpected Truth (BWWM ) by cp20212
The Unexpected Truth (BWWM )by cp20212
Please Enjoy Book Two The Unexpected Truth (BWWM) Book One introduced the characters, but Book Two unleashes the truth. Join the drama as we dive in full force on the s...
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Simple Sorrows by Anemone_Dreams
Simple Sorrowsby Death Poetress
Come fly with me- Such Sorrows within. Come Die with me- The Sanguine Sin Will learn you how to live, Again... -just remember, as you're preparing to leave... ...breath...
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The Untold Story by AdityaPurohit4
The Untold Storyby Aditya Purohit
A normal boy's abnormal story....
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Loving you Again by Ocean_Crystal-Waters
Loving you Againby ☯︎︎-ℂ~Ⓦ
"They were bound to meet again." "I never stopped loving you!" "She has no memory of you or the past." What will happen once the two meet a...
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It's Always Been You [On Hold] by DanPaul01
It's Always Been You [On Hold]by Danielle Paul
Eliza Castillo always wanted be a chef. Her hard work, patience and drive made her the most promising chef in Stefano's, a renowned restaurant in Los Angeles. The last...
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Never Enough by ShannonCataldi
Never Enoughby -Shann-
Barry Allen married Iris West. Had a family. Had kids. But what happens when the one person who still remembers when Barry was Sebastian Smythe decides to leave forev...
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Yn imagines  by Liljay1234
Yn imagines by Liljay1234
Different short stories on love
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It's All About Black Holes by Taishou_Angie
It's All About Black Holesby Taishou Angie
What if you REALLY got the chance to observe a black hole closely, without getting sucked into it? O.O O.O O.O Science fiction dedicated to Greece (the country tha...
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The Story Of Us by fieryfyrfly
The Story Of Usby Rayna Malik
When life deals you an unfair hand, what do you do? Either you wallow in self-pity and sleep the daylight away, or, you do what Ella did. Stare the hard times in the fac...
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The Ravisher by georgiepeorgie
The Ravisherby georgiepeorgie
After enduring a kind of suffering never seen by humans, Adelaide is determined to make a new life away from England and her most haunting memories. She is trying escap...
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DIGGING UP A GIRL'S GRAVE | poetryby R. L. Knight
when they ask you what killed me, point them in this direction. TW- mental illness, depression, sh, death
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The Demon Under The Bridge by KayleeBourke
The Demon Under The Bridgeby Kaylee Bourke
"Hello?" she said, hoping the person, the man, would respond. The man grunted in response. She realized that the man was a demon. Not just a demon, but a demon...
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30 minutes. by ngx1901
30 N.
The GPS said it would take her 30 minutes to reach home, but when a speeding SUV, a criminal and a certain good looking cop got thrown into the mix, Avika could not fath...
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Wedding Bliss by MegPatrova
Wedding Blissby Megan Kern
A tragic ending to a happy beginning.
-Wilted roses ( a collection of poems) by Ink_Monster117
-Wilted roses ( a collection of Emmy buddy
Journaling is a way that was recommended to me whenever I was going through a rough patch. I don't take that advice often but the one time I did it was during a terrible...
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Bound Hearts and Lost Souls  by KristenLisa
Bound Hearts and Lost Souls by KristenLisa
Short poems about the leftovers , the pieces we put back together.
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What really Happened? by MaggieStranger
What really Happened?by Maggie Stranger
<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> All I can do is...
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Scribbles by GregElchert
Scribblesby Greg Elchert
Complex situations explained through simple poetry. By dragging my pencil through life, I attempt to transcribe my emotions onto paper, based on the only perspective I...
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