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You're Alive by Rocky_Valdez
You're Aliveby Mad_Queen_Adri
Clementine survived the zombie apocalypse and grew up on her own to the age of 36. Having a job and a quiet, peaceful little apartment. But what happens when the zombie...
Under the Darkness | Clementine x Male Reader  by TheOriginalCroxy
Under the Darkness | Clementine Croxy06
In the last few years, you have roamed the world alone, not being able to trust a group and desperately searching for the man who destroyed your life, your community, an...
Twdg Fanfiction - Second Chance by InsanityLover828
Twdg Fanfiction - Second Chanceby ♡🖤
The story is from Nick's Point of View. Nick dies and wakes up to find that he is back at the cabin. He has been given a second chance to save everyone, to stop their d...
If Lee Survived  by SinnReed69
If Lee Survived by SinnReed69
This story is based off The Walking Dead Game. I haven't seen anyone do a story on Lee if he had survived, so I decided to do it myself. most of everything will be based...
sparks | luke twdg  by justauthoringloll
sparks | luke twdg by georgia
isabelle randall has to protect her friends and new found friends when a past enemy comes back and reveals a truth that she hadn't known
[COMPLETED] All or Nothing | Clementine (S4) x Fem!Reader by Loonie_MoonieEclipse
[COMPLETED] All or Nothing | ☾ 𝔏𝔲𝔫𝔞ミ𖤐
After a long night, and days spent playing Telltale's The Walking Dead...Y/N had finally finished playing the Definitive Edition of the game. Tears were shed, both of sa...
The Girl and The Nomad (ClementineXMaleReader) by TheNomad2077
The Girl and The Nomad ( TheNomad2077
Y/N didn't have an average childhood that's because he was part of a big family They call themselves Aldecaldos. Y/N was a happy guy who got himself a girlfriend with th...
Twdg: Clouis one shots by MiniEverett
Twdg: Clouis one shotsby MiniEverett
*Requests open* *Season 4 spoilers throughout*
 Wonderer of The Dead by Alastor6376
Wonderer of The Deadby The Wanted Samurai
A half native boy turned wandering survivalist. A natural warrior by birth, wherever he goes the cold of winter shall fallow. Cursed with a dark past he now finds himsel...
I Trust You ( A Violetine Fanfiction ) by BechloeSendrick05
I Trust You ( A Violetine your friendly dinosaur
She was covered in blood, Violet didn't really know if it was human blood or walker blood, and she really didn't want to know. Her once shining hazel eyes had turned to...
Reunited: A Gabentine Story by Deadpool0513
Reunited: A Gabentine Storyby Deadpool0513
It's been about four years since Clem left Richmond to go find AJ as Gabe has given up hope that she'll ever come back. But when Clem finally come back into his life, th...
Telltales TWD Izuku season one  by Horseshoes2078
Telltales TWD Izuku season one by Horseshoes2078
so in this one izuku will be reincarnated into TWD telltales he will not have AFO no powers he would just be a regular kid sorta of he won't meet clem in episode one but...
We're In This Together by Curse64
We're In This Togetherby Curse
[Completed!] Whenever you saw Clementine pull the trigger, you've both felt... lost, unsure of what to do or where to go. You both made it out of Savannah safely, but at...
Happiness you never felt // Golden Duo by LanaFuri
Happiness you never felt // Lanafuri
-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Tommy was left alone, or so he thought. His family left him, his best friend replaced him and everyone seemed to hate him. He was promised to be happy...
TommyInnit's unbeatable method of avoiding sudden death by idonotloveyouboo
TommyInnit's unbeatable method Knock
"I uh," Tommy starts, not knowing how to break this to the hero lightly. He hates to be the bearer of bad news. "I think your powers are broken? It's not...
Tommy Adopted AU /Karlnapity by NinoDontForgetIt
Tommy Adopted AU /Karlnapityby Nino Ù<Ú
In this AU Karl, Sapnap and Quackity adopt Tommy. Tommy has been abandoned by everyone and felt like he had no one left. He ran to the woods where he met up with Karl, t...
TWDG Season 4 -- Male Reader x Violet by m4sk3d
TWDG Season 4 -- Male Reader x m4sk3d
(Y/n), a young man, alone and conflicted, wanders around the United States for years, trying to stay alive like everyone else. During an escape from a booby trapped hou...
Clementine x Louis by clemsleftoe
Clementine x Louisby elle
Clementine and AJ have just been introduced to the kids at Ericson's School for troubled youth. The kids seem to take interest in Clem right away. Especially a new boy s...
The Walking Dead Game X Brother of Clementine Reader by AwesomeReadingUniver
The Walking Dead Game X Brother ARU
The dead have started walking, and you and your sister, Clementine, are alone. Your parents are gone. They went to Savannah. You met someone named Lee, and he promises t...
Ericson's Boarding School by resevoir315
Ericson's Boarding Schoolby Resevoir
(Clementine X Reader) Welcome to Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth. After... "it" happened... Most of the teachers at Ericson's Boarding School aba...