The Girl Who Survived, Clementine x Reader by eyesthatlies
The Girl Who Survived, eyesthatlies
In this story you will be Clementines long time partner in survival. The story takes place after season 3 You, Clementine, and AJ are reunited again and plan on returnin...
  • twdg
  • eroticromance
  • fanfiction
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Reunited: A Gabentine Story by Deadpool0513
Reunited: A Gabentine Storyby Deadpool0513
It's been about four years since Clem left Richmond to go find AJ as Gabe has given up hope that she'll ever come back. But when Clem finally come back into his life, th...
  • newfrontier
  • clementinexgabe
  • twdseason3
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The Last Battle {Twdg season 4} by -_-VideoGame_Nerd-_-
The Last Battle {Twdg season 4}by Zombie Slayer
{Based off the TellTale game The Walking Dead} "I use to be the protected, now I'm the protector" Read as seventeen year old Clementine becomes a mother a...
  • emotionalrollercoaster
  • bloodandgore
  • drama
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Bad Blood (Gabentine Fic) by ShadyTrees98
Bad Blood (Gabentine Fic)by ShadeyTrees98
Clementine chooses to stay with the New Frontier, becoming a soldier for David in exchange for AJ to continue receiving treatment for his sickness. David, a once cruel a...
  • javier
  • javixkate
  • ảj
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Alive (The Walking Dead Game x Reader) by frafantoTWDG
Alive (The Walking Dead Game x _Libertalia_
The word changed the same day the dead started to eat the living. There were no differences anymore, no social classes, no slaves and no masters. There were only the dea...
  • clementinemarsh
  • twdg
  • leeeverett
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A Reason To Fight (The Walking Dead Game Various x Reader) by frafantoTWDG
A Reason To Fight (The Walking _Libertalia_
--Sequel of 'Alive'-- It seemed like there was no hope left. People kept dropping like flies around you and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't save them. Every d...
  • luke
  • fanfiction
  • romance
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The Walking Dead Season Three (Javier x Reader): Still Here by frafantoTWDG
The Walking Dead Season Three ( _Libertalia_
--Sequel of 'A Reason To Fight'-- Family. Javier knows a thing or two about family. How will Javier's decisions impact you? Will he choose you over family? Or will you b...
  • romance
  • javier
  • clementine
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Stronger With You by Hope_4life
Stronger With Youby Alyssa ✨
Clementine never wanted to get attached. But she did. She promised getting attached to him would get him killed. But what she didn't know was that could never happen. Be...
  • clementine
  • gabentine
  • gabe
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The Walking Dead - All Alone In This by Otakutori
The Walking Dead - All Alone In Tori
Clementine has been through so much since the apocalypse broke out. It's been 3 years and she's already lost so many people. She has bottled all of her feelings inside o...
  • dead
  • twd
  • lukentine
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What's To Come Of Us(a Gabentine fanfiction) by Loneassassin5503
What's To Come Of Us(a Gabentine Loneassassin5503
6 months after Richmond was saved and Clem left to find Aj. Gabe's life changed his uncle is the leader of Richmond and everything finally looks good but not for long
  • lydia
  • thewalkingdead
  • gabentine
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TWDG Imagines by SquishyQueen
TWDG Imaginesby *•Fandom Girl•*
Hello! I am going to be making imagines for The Walking Dead Game characters! I will try and make them as gender neutral as possible, but I am a girl so I will be leanin...
  • twdgimagines
  • imagines
  • clementine
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A TWD Ship- Clem x Javi (Completed) by Balakay_is_fabu123
A TWD Ship- Clem x Javi (Completed)by Balakay
A Clem x Javi I don't know why I choose them I thinks it because people really don't ship them...we all remember what happened with Luke.... 0-0 Yea..I suck at descript...
  • clementine
  • clementinexjavier
  • twdg
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier || Te Quiero- Kate x Javier Fanfiction by Disturning
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier | SophMari
Disclaimer: I do not own The Walking Dead. {{{I AM SO UNSATISFIED WITH THE DAMN ENDINGS OF A NEW FRONTIER SO I MADE THIS.}]] After Kate confesses to Javi in the front of...
  • thewalkingdeadgame
  • clemmyclue
  • clementine
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|Gabentine| Get You Back by UnusualNoodle
|Gabentine| Get You Backby Clover
WARNING: Contains drugs, cutting, suicide, swearing, and maybe even mature content. There's no apocolypse in this book. I hope you like it :)
  • clementine
  • twdg
  • gabentine
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You Saved Me ♮ Clementine / Luke (Horribly Written and Unrealistic) by Holy_Fanfics
You Saved Me ♮ Clementine / Luke ( ✵ ♚
"Her broken soul is captivated by his love." ©Holy_Fanfics ® Mature Dear, reader! This book was written three or...
  • clementine
  • thewalkingdead
  • twd
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Get Over It ~ A Gabentine Story by WearingMyGlasses
Get Over It ~ A Gabentine Storyby Katy
When Clementine has finally returned to Richmond after finding beloved AJ, she was exposed to something she never would've expected. How could it have happened? And for...
  • gabrielgarcia
  • anewfrontier
  • gabentine
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A New Verge by VitalProtector
A New Vergeby VitalProtector
This story is about what happens after season 3 of The Walking Dead Game: A New Frontier. It focuses on Javi surviving with Kate and Gabe, and the challenges that they...
  • killthewill2k17
  • kategarcia
  • clementine
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Walking dead: A new frontier Clementine x male reader by 9rdaley3
Walking dead: A new frontier 9rdaley3
This a twd story with you in it. there will be romance with you and clementine. your are 14 years old in this. Your all gonna hope That the reader and Clementine are goi...
  • clementine
  • clementinexmalreader
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paper cuts || j.h. by -sauerkraut-
paper cuts || gwen .
⚠️triggering⚠️ triggers are underlined. ily? jim halpert has worked in the same boring office for years; he has to deal with his annoying desk neighbour dwight and his e...
  • television
  • clementine
  • jimhalpert
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Creatures Lie Here || TWDG by sofialouised
Creatures Lie Here || TWDGby Sofia I Guess
When Wellington has a falling out, Clementine and AJ reunite with Kenny after years apart. But what happens when all three of them become prisoners, desperately trying t...
  • fiction
  • darkfic
  • twd
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