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Twdg x innocent reader group chat by GUTTEDscenekid
Twdg x innocent reader group chatby G U T T E Dscenek1d
I'm sorry I keep writing innocent reader stories im just bored
twdg season 4 oneshots (slow updates) by jack-N-snowshoe
twdg season 4 oneshots (slow dead account
fuck it there aint nuff of these yet requests are closed also whoops but there might be a couple ocs making appearances in here so uh whoopdeedoo
The Facade by vintagexpast
The Facadeby vintagexpast
Marlon Brando asks a favor of Rose Taylor, a woman of color, to participate in a staged arranged marriage with him. Scandal arises from Marlon's drastic decision. Things...
Surviving Summer <3 | Griff Temple  by invisibleButerflyx0
Surviving Summer <3 | Griff Temple by invisibleButerflyx0
Isabella Marriott, Summer's best friend, NewYork rat and surfer lover, travels with Summer on another continent because her best friend is exiled by her mother there for...
Stairways | A Surviving Summer FanFiction by phoebewrites_14
Stairways | A Surviving Summer Phoebe
Ari x Reader In the Shorehaven community, you're Y/n, Marlon's sister. After a year out, Ari Gibson is back surfing - you notice how things have changed between you and...
Young Minds (Baxter Radic) by varbariz
Young Minds (Baxter Radic)by Bárbara
Shorehaven, a place you either love or hate, no in between. Some wish to stay here forever other want to never land a foot here. Mar can't picture her life in any other...
90s Imagines by MrsBossPlaya
90s Imaginesby MrsBossPlaya
Some of my favorite men of the 90s & yours too❤️
Last Wave by bored-teenager
Last Waveby hi :)
Sometimes people arnt what they seem or in which Oakley Evans falls for the strong minded Griff Temple
Under the Darkness | Clementine x Male Reader  by TheOriginalCroxy
Under the Darkness | Clementine Croxy06
In the last few years, you have roamed the world alone, not being able to trust a group and desperately searching for the man who destroyed your life, your community, an...
Surviving The Summer With Shay by Renee_j_77
Surviving The Summer With Shayby Renee
Bodhi's sister returns from living with her mom. She's excited to surf along side her older sister and her friends again.What happens when she falls for a close friend...
The Final Step (Clementine x Fem!Oc) by _ahoythereladies_
The Final Step (Clementine x Fem! E
Me and Clementine found our way back to AJ. We fought until we got him. We're all searching now. Together. For a place we can call home. They're all I have. And I will p...
Apartment For Three by vintagexpast
Apartment For Threeby vintagexpast
Three total strangers happened to look at the same apartment at the same time. One being Marlon Brando, a movie star, Paul Newman, an aspiring actor and Adele Miller, a...
The Walking Dead Game Groupchat by milkingzalex
The Walking Dead Game Groupchatby MilkingZalex
Says it all in the title👁👄👁
The Walking Dead S4 {{My Verison}} by ChelseaWilliams628
The Walking Dead S4 {{My Verison}}by Chelsea Williams
Leo, Clementine, and Aj are now traveling together looking for a new home to stay in permanently; While looking for food to feed themselves. They are forces out of amb...
I Can't Lose You | Walking Dead Fan-Fiction [Violet x Clementine] by phoenix1450
I Can't Lose You | Walking Dead Captain Nix Mix
After Violet lost Minnie, she thought there was nothing left to live for. She wasn't living for anything anymore, she was just surviving. Pain and loss never phased her...
~Just a romantic~ clouis by bleepbloop19
~Just a romantic~ clouisby Bleep bloop
In a universe where the apocalypse was non-existent, Clementine had just moved to Washington, meeting Louis and his group of friends. They become good friends Until one...
TWDG Modern Au one-shot  by DarynCarrxBTS
TWDG Modern Au one-shot by Daryn Carr
Hi everyone. this is a one-shot of TWDG but it modern au. this story might contain mature theme so stay tune
Clouis/louistine -;《 smut,, fluff 》One-shots by imcuteunlikeyou
Clouis/louistine -;《 smut,, ✓you bum
Scene where louis said he was a ninja and clem and aj said they were as well <<Both louis n clementine are 18+ in certain chapters>>
Dream Lover by Jade_Bracelet
Dream Loverby Jade_Bracelet
*SHORT STORY* *ROMANTIC DRAMA* *WARNING: - Language - Violence - Racial Tension/Discrimination *2021-2021 🎥 I strolled down the city streets of the big apple itself:...
{Golden hour}                             Surviving summer             Marlon by cmrxx343
{Golden hour} cmrxx343
After moving to Hawaii after her parents split up, everything's changed for Amelia. Not getting to see her father as much and a whole new group of friends. After some th...