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To Marry an Assassin by PLPanda
To Marry an Assassinby PL Panda
Marinette wakes up in a cell and later is forced to marry a member of the League of Shadows, who is also less than willing. Exactly what she was pulled in? And of course...
Angel of DEATH by ViaOMS73
Angel of DEATHby Marie Gold
Not like every other story. I made it my own. This story is about how Marinette got bullied by her class, they went to a trip to ....... and she got left behind! Soon s...
Daminette Wrong Number by Randomfangirl0987
Daminette Wrong Numberby Randomfangirl0987
Damien Wayne gets a new phone, just as he tries to contact drake...he discovers that he has a wrong number. Oh and... !!!!!!!!!NONE OF THESE CHARACTERS BELONG TO ME...TH...
Daminette December by MochiNeko
Daminette Decemberby MochiNeko
Tropes that are posted for the month of December revolving around Daminette. I am starting this with the year 2020. To find 2019, it starts with BLIND DATE in one shots
Loves New Born Nation by lwandile13
Loves New Born Nationby Jennifer Rose
Damian is the demons head grandson. He is future leader of the league of assassin's. They have been in war with the great guardians for a long time. Marinette was abando...
My Alpha Wife by damiyahalghulwayne
My Alpha Wifeby Damiyah (Da Xiaomi)
This is also going to be a Daminette but BL type. Marinette is going to be a boy. Damian too. In the world of Alpha's, Beta's and Omega. Marin Dupain Cheng(Marinette) a...
Betrothed Daminette by NerdyFangirl146
Betrothed Daminetteby Demigod Girl
Just another daminette story. Please read and tell me what you think. Mlb, dc, and the cover don't belong to me. Also I have never read the dc comics so I get my info fr...
Gotham's Lucky Charm (Daminette) by azaleaXangel
Gotham's Lucky Charm (Daminette)by Azalea Angel
Marinette moves to Gotham when Bunnix warns that Lila will ruin her life if she stays in Paris, giving Hawk Moth the chance manipulate Marinette's emotions and akumatize...
Daminette Oneshots/Drabbles by Shizle_Blitz
Daminette Oneshots/Drabblesby its_a_secret
Marinette Dupain-Cheng x Damian Wayne Oneshots P.S Don't expect too much I've never written anything before 😛 DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN MIRACULOUS LADYBUG OR DC There's A...
Rescue Me by miraculousdemigod
Rescue Meby i just thought of something f...
Marinette and Damian have met each other many times before...only they aren't hardly able to be with each other. Only Master Fu knows about their secret relationship, an...
Not Falling in Love (Daminette) by azaleaXangel
Not Falling in Love (Daminette)by Azalea Angel
Marinette visits Gotham while apprenticing under Audrey Bourgeois and meets the city's famous vigilantes. She might have a crush on the youngest one, but no, she won't l...
Robin and his Ladybug 🐞🐦 (ADOPTED) by fantasydreamreader
Robin and his Ladybug 🐞🐦 ( ASH@DISNEY/HP/DC/MLB
Marinette took part in an essay competition which won her class a 2-month trip to Gotham and Metropolis. This is a great chance for her and chat to meet with the justice...
Marinette and the Gods by moonlightstar64
Marinette and the Godsby moonlightstar64
What happens when Marinette and her class take a trip to the Roman museum. Images used in this story aren't mine. They are found online or on Instagram if anyone is look...
Move to Gotham by JayWonnie_04
Move to Gothamby Ash
⚠️Under Heaving Reviewing and Rewriting⚠️ Marinette finally broke after her heart shattered when her friends in class turn on her. The only people that haven't turned on...
Robins Kitten ( DAMINETTE) on Haitus by beutynbest
Robins Kitten ( DAMINETTE) on Mafia Lover
Marinette is born in Gotham she lived on the streets barely having any food to eat or a place to stay Selina Kyle as Catwoman found her and took in at a young age. Stor...
MariBat Incorrect Quotes by miraculousmelodies
MariBat Incorrect Quotesby The_Maribat_Fan
Just some random Maribat incorrect quotes, I posted on my Tumblr. Enjoy!!!
Daminette December One-Shots by Stellar_Arachnida
Daminette December One-Shotsby Stellar Arachnida
It's time for Daminette December. Come and read my first book with my own creation of One-shots. Daminette is my newest favorite ship. Miraculous Ladybug and the DC sup...
Bad Blood by Evening_Blaze
Bad Bloodby Evening Blaze
Everyone in Paris thinks Marinette Dupain-Cheng is a weak, defenseless, clumsy girl, but what happens when they find out she is one of the scariest villains in Gotham?
She's Sunshine, She's Grace, She'll Punch You in the Face by brinxiethebear
She's Sunshine, She's Grace, She' Brinxiethebear
Marinette struggles to stay happy nowadays, but what better way to change your mood than with a change of location? Adrien gave up his miraculous so he could start fresh...
Who does Titus love More ? by purplepapillon15
Who does Titus love More ?by purplepapillon15
A One- Shot which describes how the Batfam realises who Titus's favourite parent is.