The Guardian Angel~ A Bunnymund x reader fanfiction by ZoeTheSpiritWitch
The Guardian Angel~ A Bunnymund ZoeTheSpiritWolf
Ever wonder, who was the first spirit made by The Man in the Moon? Ever wonder, who he or she was? Ever wonder, what happened to him or her? Then this story is just for...
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  • reader
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Call of Duty Images and Preferences  by NedLuke1958
Call of Duty Images and NedLuke1958
Harper,Soap,Sal,Weasel,Marlton,Both Masons,Gideon,and many more.Request are open.COD isn't owned by me and I only own this book.COD Zombies are allowed to be requested:)...
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  • weasel
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Cold~ jackbunny  by septicrylerplier
Cold~ jackbunny by septicrylerplier
"He's chosen a new guardian!" North's thick accent was soft in disbelief. I looked at the evanescent crystal in front of me, indignation clear. "What, wh...
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Jack Frost x Reader~ My Snowflake {Wattys2017} by HermioneKNanase
Jack Frost x Reader~ My Jeon Jungkook
Your a normal girl living an ordinary life until you meet Jack Frost and the guardians. You live with them, fighting evil and figuring new stuff about yourself everyday...
  • santaclause
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  • riseoftheguardians
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Frost | Jack Frost ✔ by -daisyflower
Frost | Jack Frost ✔by ✫ night sky
❝she was average, nothing about her screamed extraordinary. average looks, grades, and life. so why did frost follow her around?❞ ❝she never knew the answer until the bo...
  • sandman
  • toothfairy
  • easterbunny
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The Tiger Lily - A Rise of the Guardians Fanfiction by E-I-C-F
The Tiger Lily - A Rise of the Anniccino
Tiger Lily has been around for only 3 years. She's physically 15, she is the Spirit of Animals, and the Guardian of Imagination. Lily is still getting used to life as a...
  • pitchblack
  • north
  • bunnymund
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Rise of the Guardians: Legend of the Seekers (ON HIATUS) by AnonymousAccident
Rise of the Guardians: Legend of ν ι є м σ
We were all children once... Everyone of us, We believed in stories... And we'd make such a fuss, The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Sandman and Santa... We all knew they we...
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Beware the Seasons (A Rise of the Guardians Fan Fiction) by MolMcN
Beware the Seasons (A Rise of MolMcN
It has only been a few months since Jack Frost became a Guardian of Childhood. He and the other Guardians have started to grow closer as a family. The Guardians do not k...
  • easterbunny
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CRYSTAL ↠ j. frost by AnthiaKay
CRYSTAL ↠ j. frostby 08/2/2018☁
❛ we are just kids. ❜ Elizabeth Fallinson, is fifteen year old girl from Hawthorne, also known as Burgess. She has been living with her Father Gerald, and has lived a h...
  • bunnymund
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Jack Frost x Male! Reader [Heat Me Up] ✔️ by Foxy_Kitsune_
Jack Frost x Male! Reader [Heat Wattpad Lover
Y/n has been bullied ever since he was little. One day, when he was running from bullies, he meets Jack Frost, and he's the first person to ever see him, or believe in h...
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Frozen Chains by I_Love_Jack_Frost_13
Frozen Chainsby Jackie Frost
When Manny sends the Guardians on a mission to save two spirits from Pitch, they don't know what to expect. They never thought they would see two pairs of tortured blue...
  • maninthemoon
  • blood
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(COMPLETED) Secrets In The Snow - Jack Frost X Reader by Glossy_Gamer
(COMPLETED) Secrets In The Glossy
When Jaime's older sister, (Y/N) follows him and friends while they were sledding, Jaime loses his tooth, and (Y/N) suddenly gets the feeling there's someone else there...
  • humor
  • mystery
  • love
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Leyenda de un destino by ZiuRamiro
Leyenda de un destinoby ZiuRamiro
-¿Jack Frost? ¿Quién es Jack Frost?- -Pues es el más genial, valiente y divertido miembro de los guardianes- -¿Y es real? Enid ¿El existe? Jack estaba atónito al escucha...
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Bangtan Supernatural AU (REQUESTS OPEN!!!!) by TaeSoo9593
Bangtan Supernatural AU ( ParkMinSoo
Seven future Idols... ...and a lonely girl... Eight Supernatural creatures... ...all called together... To work as a Team... music and battle... ******************...
  • spiritofthemirror
  • namjoon
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Does Love Really Change Someone? [Bunnymund x Reader] DISCONTINUED by KishinAsura4242564
Does Love Really Change Someone? [ Satan's Son 666
The war between the guardians and Pitch Black ended. Nightmares still came to the children at night, yet no one knows who's doing it. But Pitch does. He has another daug...
  • santaclause
  • fantasy
  • romance
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The Sandman by MermaidsAndStarfish
The Sandmanby °M•e•r•m•a•i•d°
❝A moon beam's whisper you felt tonight. Run, my darling, but please don't cry - or he'll be visiting you in your lullaby.❞ •·-·-·•·-·-·•·-·-·• They say he's a myth - a...
  • shadows
  • poem
  • genie
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I Believe in the Boogeyman by CupcakeCutie124
I Believe in the Boogeymanby CupcakeCutie124
It's been several weeks since Pitch Black's defeat, and everything has been great. Until Pitch finds you, his first believer. This interests him, and he continues to vis...
  • jackfrost
  • riseoftheguardians
  • north
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My Guardian II Jack Frost x Reader by Disneylover8
My Guardian II Jack Frost x Readerby pineapple apple pen
Highest Ranking: #1 in Jack Frost You never imagined fear as a person. You never imagined it dressed in black, pale skin, and glowing eyes. You never imagined it to watc...
  • nicholassaintnorth
  • romance
  • pitchblack
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familiar of zero: modern warfare horizon by lockheedhenesy
familiar of zero: modern warfare lockheed henesy
task force disavowed delta team and warewolf squadron all lived happily after killing makerov and Andrei marcov these heroes decide to do one last mission that will chan...
  • anges
  • roach
  • romance
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The Miraculous Spider-Man by Harry_Villa21
The Miraculous Spider-Manby Harry Villa
Thomas Parker, a 15 year old boy bitten by a genetically mutated Spider, which gave him the powers of a spider. He has the responsibility of Spider-Man and a teenage boy...
  • midtown
  • newyork
  • thomasp
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