Choleric by immortal-serenity
Cholericby ☼ ☼ ☼
Mate. A mesmerising string of four letters placed perfectly for an equally perfect person. How it came about? No one really knows the answer to that. They only know it...
  • pendant
  • virus
  • omegas
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Andi Mack Imagines  {COMPLETED} by RyderImperial
Andi Mack Imagines {COMPLETED}by Ryder
This is a story full of short Andi Mack character imagines. Request any character to do an imagine with. ~Andi ~Buffy ~Cyrus ~Jonah ~Amber ~Bex ~Celia Want a part II...
  • girlxgirl
  • amber
  • jefferson
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The perfect timing- time to leave (Book 2) by JustmeN
The perfect timing- time to leave...by JustmeN
After Celia finds out that her supposed to be dead parents are still alive, her world makes a change from one to hundred. Everything and everyone she had truly believed...
  • aiden
  • romance
  • heroes
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A New Girl (Magisterium Fanfiction) by plumtherainwing
A New Girl (Magisterium Fanfiction)by plumtherainwing
Callie Prince was a girl on the streets trying to live with the food and water she could find. But one day she meets this mysterious man who knows about her abilities. H...
  • celia
  • masterrufus
  • callie
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Andi Mack - The Journey by BurntChickenNugg
Andi Mack - The Journeyby Burnt Chicken Nugg
The Good Hair Crew will discover ups and downs in life, break ups, sexuality, and tons more. Some of the people The Good Hair Crew know, will experience change in their...
  • iris
  • andi
  • buffy
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His Choice (The Selection) by Finnchellove
His Choice (The Selection)by ♥ Wendy Darling ♥
Book 4 in this series. Wrote with @firerose11 Ember filled out the forms as a joke... And then she got picked. Six years after Celia and Flynn found love it, it was Prin...
  • ember
  • cass
  • selection
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Book Club by LilyWrites123
Book Clubby l i l y
Five people will form an unlikely friendship in an unusual way. Meet Flora, Danny, Celia, Eliot and Chloe. WARNING: This book deals with issues like self harm, depressio...
  • anxiety
  • friends
  • book
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Calron Book of Oneshots by phan_kiss
Calron Book of Oneshotsby phan_kiss
OOTTTPPPPP YYYAAAASSSS *breathes like pug* (some smut)
  • celiara
  • magisterium
  • callum
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The Summer of Colby Brock by Lexx12401
The Summer of Colby Brockby Lexx12401
17 year old Celia Parker has been homeschooled in a small, secluded town in Michigan since she was six. She's never gone on vacation, she's never had a boyfriend, and sh...
  • hawaii
  • celia
  • colbybrock
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Our Life Together by Finnchellove
Our Life Togetherby ♥ Wendy Darling ♥
Book 3 in this series, sequel to the Princess Celia, the daughter of Maxon and America, just married the love of her life, Flynn Stephens. When Flynn must learn to becom...
  • stephens
  • maxonschreave
  • mywattyschoice
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Yamine - Ya que la mort qui nous sépareras  by luxxeuhc
Yamine - Ya que la mort qui nous s...by luxxeuhc
Yamine- 20 ans Algerien et fier de l'etre En gros Toutes c'est galère et tout c'est moment de joie. Continue a la lire ne t'arrête pas la! Yamine-Ya que la mort qui no...
  • mariage
  • tristesse
  • joie
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Andi mack fan fiction by starisnice
Andi mack fan fictionby starisnice
Here we talk about all of the characters in all of their points of view. With all new characters that help them face challenges and give them to the good hair crew too...
  • barty
  • andi
  • muffy
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|-| Cyrus Goodman x Reader |-| by Jibbly_Jabblr
|-| Cyrus Goodman x Reader |-|by Jibbly_Jabblr
(Y/N) recently moves into town with her father and attends Jeffreson School. Whilst running to the park for something, she bumps into Cyrus Goodman who hangs out with he...
  • buffy
  • pops
  • jandi
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Un lourd secret [Tome 2] by LoganReg
Un lourd secret [Tome 2]by Loganreg
1 an est passé, tellement de choses ont changés dans ma vie ! C'est incroyable... Déjà, je ne pensais pas pouvoir aimer à nouveau... Être coach, c'est vraiment cool! J...
  • amour
  • tyler
  • margot
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The Wrestling Match by erafeb97
The Wrestling Matchby erafeb97
This is a modified oneshot story from the famous Shakespeare's As You Like It. Some characters are original but some are from my own idea.
  • duke
  • royalfamily
  • oneshot
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Erik and Susan growing love by disneyninja2001
Erik and Susan growing loveby WhitePaladin
This is about Raimon football player Erik eagle and sue Hartland and how Erik came to love sue with all his heart
  • erik
  • mark
  • nathan
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