Ciara Charming || A Jay Love Story by rosie022201
Ciara Charming || A Jay Love Storyby Erynn
My name's Ciara Charming, twin sister of Chad. When we were born, I was chosen to be the future King Ben's Royal Advisor. Since that day, I've been put through extra cla...
  • ben
  • chad
  • mal
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Let's Watch Descendants!!! by Its_Blaire
Let's Watch Descendants!!!by Blaire Roxana Beast
Title says it all
  • chad
  • evie
  • harry
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A Different Life by Its_Blaire
A Different Lifeby Blaire Roxana Beast
What if the villian kids were sent to Auradon at a younger age. How would this effect the people. Will Mal and Ben fall in love or will a new scenario will come. Let's f...
  • disney
  • jay
  • bal
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different || troy bolton [COMPLETED] by babycakescal
different || troy bolton [ ☀️✨⚡️
"I've never seen anything quite like you, you're different Felicity Evans." "I'm not sure if that's a compliment, but thanks." [COMPLETED]
  • sharpay
  • corbinbleu
  • vanessahudgens
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|Lucas| by YesmenyMejias
|Lucas|by Yesmeny Mejias
Lucas is the total bad boy. He disrespects teachers, fights all day, Gets suspended everyday. And also he's a thug. He runs the streets of Downtown New Orleans. Everyone...
  • lidiagoldman
  • lucascoly
  • wattys2018
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So Hard To Let Go : Descendants Bal by Dovely4ever
So Hard To Let Go : Descendants Balby Dovely4ever
What will happen after the coronation? Follow the story of Ben and Mal as they grow up and face some difficulties. This book is mostly about Ben and Mal. The other coupl...
  • ben
  • jane
  • mal
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Not Written[Descendants/Carlos De Vil Fanfic] by Love101Truth
Not Written[Descendants/Carlos Diamond
Evelyn Beauty is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty and King Phillip. She is Audrey's fraternal twin... Evelyn is outgoing and never judges a book by its cover. She is not...
  • disney
  • friends
  • family
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Descendants Watch The Movies To Change The Future. by mommavamp
Descendants Watch The Movies To mommavamp
Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos are in Auradon and it is family day. Audrey and Chad are attacking them verbally but things go different. Mal is fed up with the way Audrey and...
  • chaudrey
  • lonnie
  • carlos
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Banished by Ariana_Hutchinson
Banishedby Ariana Hutchinson
Daphodile was running on E. She was really tired of pretending she was okay with being the black sheep, in a pack full of wolves. Literally. So, when she found her mate...
  • chad
  • secondchance
  • bestfriend
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Our Lives: Sequel to A Different Life by Its_Blaire
Our Lives: Sequel to A Different Blaire Roxana Beast
The story continues with Mal, Ben and their friends.....
  • doug
  • jane
  • maleficent
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The Cheerleader and The Theater Boy - High School Musical by PamLaufeysonOswin
The Cheerleader and The Theater Clara-Line-Oswarld
A cheerleader and a theater boy meet at a New Years party. Are studying in the same school, she is the twin sister of the great player Troy Boltom and the kid twin broth...
  • bolton
  • easthigh
  • ryanevans
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Rotten To The Core [✔Completed✔] by Queen_Kashy
Rotten To The Core [✔Completed✔]by Kookie
Harmonie is the daughter of Hades. She live on the Isle of the lost for all her life. As she was there she met some friends: Mal daughter of Maleficent Carlos son of Cru...
  • evie
  • mal
  • harper
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Aaron II - Completa hasta cap. 28 by CamiiDorado
Aaron II - Completa hasta cap. 28by Camii Dorado
He will come back Todos los derechos del autor a LUCÍA ALUMINE (IronicaYSarcastica)
  • chad
  • hewillcomeback
  • duncan
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Mal x Jay Lost and Found by WolfyTheWolfz
Mal x Jay Lost and Foundby Wolfie The Wolfz
Ever since Ben broke Mal's heart Jay and Mal have been spending time with each other by the time Mal's birthday comes she turns 17 and Jay teaches her how to fence and t...
  • gill
  • evie
  • jay
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Kidnapped by my stalker by mit2226
Kidnapped by my stalkerby mit2226
A lot of you wanted a sequel to "I'm dating my stalker" so here it is. In this thrilling sequel Piper Adams is starting her freshmen year of college. She hasn'...
  • chad
  • kidnapped
  • sequel
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Sister De Vil (Editing)~ DISNEY DESCENDANTS by alvarezsamy
Sister De Vil (Editing)~ DISNEY Samy O Alvarez
Meet Carol. Carlos little sister. When she, her friends, and brother go to Auradon, what secrets will she unlock? *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 48 Chapters. Just in case it te...
  • belle
  • disney
  • ben
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Scarlett: Rule Over Auradon|| Descendants by xoxo_nutella
Scarlett: Rule Over Auradon|| xoxo_nutella
Scarlett , the daughter of Scar. What will happen when Scarlett and her friends Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay have an opportunity to rule over Auradon? Cover Credit: @-lucy...
  • evil
  • rotten
  • descendents
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Carlos x Reader [C O M P L E T E]  by Calum_Hood_0143
Carlos x Reader [C O M P L E T E] by ✪ M a r i a ✪
*I do not own Descendants or any other things I use in this book* You're the daughter of the Queen of Hearts. Y/n Heart. Your best friends are Carlos and Jay, but you h...
  • disney
  • lonnie
  • evie
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Descendants: The Series by Its_Blaire
Descendants: The Seriesby Blaire Roxana Beast
Read the title
  • ben
  • dizzy
  • harry
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Great Expectations  by YJfanficfreak
Great Expectations by HiccstridGirl
Everyone at Auradon Prep had great expectations for the VK's, and the people dating them. But.... After a couple crazy nights, let's just say that the four couples are...
  • disneydescendants
  • audrey
  • pregnancy
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