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Good For The Royal  by LoveTheNerd
Good For The Royal by LoveTheNerd
Jay was born a villain kid, son of Jafar at that. Addy was born a princess, daughter of Cinderella. Jay is a VK and Addy is Ben's royal advisor. Will a love potion be al...
Watching the descendants movies by AmandaBerry45
Watching the descendants moviesby Amanda Berry
After Queen Leah's attack on Mal after the events of the disastrous family day, the characters of the descendants movies are brought to watch their past, present and fut...
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Daughter Of Two Evils  by LoveTheNerd
Daughter Of Two Evils by LoveTheNerd
Madi has always been in Mal's shadow when it comes to Maleficent. When the VK's get to go to Auradon, will Madi finally come first? All rights to Disney and Descendants...
Disney Descendants Trilogy x Princess Y/n by AshleyGryffindor
Disney Descendants Trilogy x AshleyGryffindor
In the main land of the Kingdom of Auradon where Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Heroes and Heroines lived is ruled by King Adam aka The Beast and his Queen B...
Revealing the Rot in our Hearts- A 'Watching the Descendant's Movie' Parody by Ethanwillow01
Revealing the Rot in our Hearts- Ethan Stott
This is the sequel to Tale of a New Heart- A Descendant's Parody. We left off with a dramatic cliffhanger as the tensions of Family Day reach their boiling point. The B...
SWEETNESS - Descendents by itz4fun
SWEETNESS - Descendentsby itz4fun
Ella is the daughter of Hades, but she doesn't know that. She's been living in Auradon her whole life. She's dating Prince Ben and is best friends with Audrey. She is ha...
Descendants Watch Their Movies by Nicegirl5903
Descendants Watch Their Moviesby Nicegirl5903
Takes place before Descendents.
Watching Descendants by NicoleBelle930
Watching Descendantsby 🌹Nikki B.🌹
The characters of Descendants watching their movie.
different || troy bolton [COMPLETED] by -HANGSANG
different || troy bolton [ 𝗃𝖾 𝗍'𝖺𝗂𝗆𝖾
"I've never seen anything quite like you, you're different Felicity Evans." "I'm not sure if that's a compliment, but thanks." [COMPLETED]
Ciara Charming || A Jay Love Story by rosie022201
Ciara Charming || A Jay Love Storyby Erynn
My name's Ciara Charming, twin sister of Chad. When we were born, I was chosen to be the future King Ben's Royal Advisor. Since that day, I've been put through extra cla...
The Beast's Light by Darlingangel200
The Beast's Lightby Dela Angel Delano
Daughter of Persephone Light is dating Ben soon to be king so when declare that four Villans children will come to live to Auradon will Ben and Light be strong or will a...
Descendants Preferences and One-Shots by turtleboi_1776
Descendants Preferences and Christine H. Laurens
LONG LIVE EVIL!! I've created some preferences and one-shots for our favorite hotties from Disney's Descendants. I also take requests for one-shots if you'd like a perso...
Scarlett: Rule Over Auradon|| Descendants by NutellaEmpress
Scarlett: Rule Over Auradon|| Nutella Empress
Scarlett , the daughter of Scar. What will happen when Scarlett and her friends Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay have an opportunity to rule over Auradon? Cover Credit: @-lucy...
Descendents Preferences & Imagines by lovelyymoonlight
Descendents Preferences & Imaginesby 🦋
Descendants 1, 2, & 3 imagines and preferences! I do not own the cover of this book. So credits to whoever made it. I also do not own Descendents or any of the charact...
Ben's Sister by descendantstales
Ben's Sisterby Queen Mal & King Ben
The Descendants story retold with Ben's twin sister, Grace Isabelle Kingston, who happens to be 3 minutes younger then Ben. This story will follow the descendants movies...
Not Written[Descendants/Carlos De Vil Fanfic] by Love101Truth
Not Written[Descendants/Carlos Diamond
Evelyn Beauty is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty and King Phillip. She is Audrey's fraternal twin... Evelyn is outgoing and never judges a book by its cover. She is not...
Disney's Descendants: Watching Their Movie by Descendants4eVeRLoVe
Disney's Descendants: Watching #buckyonlywantedplums
The VKs, AKs, Belle, Beast, and Fairy Godmother disappeared and appeared into a movie theater. They will watch their future (the first movie). Love and friendship, hate...
*•°Disney Descendants X Reader *•°❇Book 1❇ by Uriel_Sinclair
*•°Disney Descendants X Reader *•° ɄⱤłɆⱠ
You, The reader will be the twin sister of Mal and the daughter of Maleficent. DISNEY DESCENDANTS DOESN'T BELONG TO ME. NEW BOOK COVER: MADE BY ME USING PICSART (Februar...