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The Cheerleader and The Theater Boy - High School Musical by PamLaufeysonOswin
The Cheerleader and The Theater Bo...by Clara-Line-Oswarld
A cheerleader and a theater boy meet at a New Years party. Are studying in the same school, she is the twin sister of the great player Troy Boltom and the kid twin broth...
  • troy
  • bolton
  • hsm
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different || troy bolton [COMPLETED] by babycakescal
different || troy bolton [COMPLETE...by 🍑
"I've never seen anything quite like you, you're different Felicity Evans." "I'm not sure if that's a compliment, but thanks." [COMPLETED]
  • highschoolmusical
  • vanessahudgens
  • easthigh
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Let's Watch Descendants!!! by Fashionable_Nerd
Let's Watch Descendants!!!by Elliet Grace
Title says it all
  • evie
  • bal
  • jane
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His Brother is Cupid | Hiatus by flammourie
His Brother is Cupid | Hiatusby bc i want 2
Alliana Stewart is just an ordinary girl. "Do you really want him to love you?" Hoping to be with Chad Hood. Her first love. "Very." Then Chase came...
  • love
  • arrogant
  • alliana
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Free At Last by CamEElAss
Free At Lastby Raven Thompson
Soon to reign, Prince Aeson makes his first act of demands- ". . .As my first declaration, I decided that the children of The Forbidden Isle should be given a chanc...
  • harryhook
  • evie
  • rose
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A Chester fan-fiction- dancing by leamichele28
A Chester fan-fiction- dancingby Rachel Berry⭐️
This story takes place in 2016. Hester and Chad meet again.
  • leamichele
  • chad
  • glenpowell
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Social Life • Emilio Martinez by nayarrose
Social Life • Emilio Martinezby nayarrose
what happen when your brother is Jake Paul and you're one of Team10's member's crush?
  • vlogging
  • athonytrij
  • lovestory
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Good girl gone wrong  by MarnieLinahan
Good girl gone wrong by Marnie Linahan
Kayleaha is the perfect example of a good girl. She always listens In class, hands homework in on time, helps at home and has never been told off. Has a perfect plan fo...
  • chad
  • badboy
  • goodgirl
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Can I Have This Dance? by raura_forever1995
Can I Have This Dance?by RAURA
  • basketball
  • highschoolmusical
  • gabriella
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My gay brother chad by eme126
My gay brother chadby eme126
My brother chad was gay he was dating a boy named seth My brother died a month ago This story starts at the beginning before my brother died before he meet seth Cha...
  • death
  • chad
  • gay
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Turn Around {Sequel to Where the Lights Are} by elephantgirlemp
Turn Around {Sequel to Where the L...by Elisabeth
SEQUEL TO WHERE THE LIGHTS ARE Mia is a college graduate and foster mom. As if that doesn't keep her busy enough, her boyfriend Owen proposes, and she has a wedding to...
  • grimm
  • caleb
  • graham
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Mal's sister by rainbowsandsugar
Mal's sisterby rainbowsandsugar
Skyler was Mal's twin and was younger by ten munutes. They weren't identical twins though. While Mal looked more like their mom with purple hair and green eyes, Skyler l...
  • carlos
  • evie
  • jay
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Ain't It Fun by LaurahhhGrace
Ain't It Funby LaurahhhGrace
Paramore have had a rough time with Josh and Zac Farro leaving the band and the drama that followed it. Will Paramore get back together? What will happen next for Paramo...
  • chad
  • farro
  • jeremy
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Bleeding Love by popdiva143213
Bleeding Loveby popdiva143213
It's Crazy. You Think You Love Someone But Even That Person You Love Goes Through Shit. Lots Of It. And All You Do Is Watch.. Until you're caught bleeding ...love
  • humor
  • funny
  • hood
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When our paths collide #wattys2017 by kamiB11
When our paths collide #wattys2017by kamiB11
Dylan Lace Harper Hensley is a sophomore in college not looking for anything in particular. She's a average height, tan, smart young woman who has the deepest brown eyes...
  • gray
  • harper
  • romance
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Autist and the Chads by spicymemeball
Autist and the Chadsby spicymemeball
The story of an Autist discovering what he likes through situations no one should ever encounter.
  • chad
  • autist
  • bully
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