|Lucas| by YesmenyMejias
|Lucas|by Yesmeny Mejias
Lucas is the total bad boy. He disrespects teachers, fights all day, Gets suspended everyday. And also he's a thug. He runs the streets of Downtown New Orleans. Everyone...
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Living with Guys (Available on Dreame) by FumiseLove
Living with Guys (Available on Fumise Love
'He didn't have any idea of what I'm feeling towards him...Maybe it was better that way in the first place.' Aubrey Tanner is your almost perfect teenage girl. She got t...
  • guys
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So Hard To Let Go : Descendants Bal by Dovely4ever
So Hard To Let Go : Descendants Balby Dovely4ever
What will happen after the coronation? Follow the story of Ben and Mal as they grow up and face some difficulties. This book is mostly about Ben and Mal. The other coupl...
  • benandmal
  • mitchellhope
  • booboostewart
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Sister De Vil (Editing)~ DISNEY DESCENDANTS by alvarezsamy
Sister De Vil (Editing)~ DISNEY Samy O Alvarez
Meet Carol. Carlos little sister. When she, her friends, and brother go to Auradon, what secrets will she unlock? *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* 48 Chapters. Just in case it te...
  • theevilqueen
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  • jafar
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Good Is The New Bad (Sequel) by Dovely4ever
Good Is The New Bad (Sequel)by Dovely4ever
Everything that happens after my first book (So Hard To Let Go). The story continues in the lives of Mal and Ben. Will the nasty royals apologize to Mal? Will she come...
  • descendants
  • evie
  • chad
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The Cheerleader and The Theater Boy - High School Musical by PamLaufeysonOswin
The Cheerleader and The Theater Clara-Line-Oswarld
A cheerleader and a theater boy meet at a New Years party. Are studying in the same school, she is the twin sister of the great player Troy Boltom and the kid twin broth...
  • wildcats
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Celeb Love... In love with a Cricketer! by gowri1712
Celeb Love... In love with a Gowri
Before you start... this book needs to be edited. Read at your own risk. :| This is about Natasha Malhotra, a girl who is obsessed with the cricketer Vihaan Kapoor. She...
  • india
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  • sidharth
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Desendants Truth Or Dare by AshlynnCharming
Desendants Truth Or Dareby AshlynnCharming
Everything is normal in Aurodon Prep but everything goes upside down when these truths and dares pop-up
  • benxmal
  • truth
  • teenfiction
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Maxmoefoe x Reader by ColinsAnna
Maxmoefoe x Readerby ColinsAnna
You're a college student in Australia, hoping to make new friends. You stumble across a rather handsome fella, and his friends... ...
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Descendants Truth Or Dare by trishakeithpantua
Descendants Truth Or Dareby Torishiya Sugawara
Hope your enjoying
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Smiles And Patterns»Carlos De Vil x Cheshire! Reader by -MelodyRose-
Smiles And Patterns»Carlos De {on hiatus -ოelanie}
Y/n Shire, daughter of the Cheshire Cat, meets Carlos De Vil, son of Cruella De Vil. Smiles are shared and patterns mix.
  • carlosdevil
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Doubled Soul ( Bleach ) by silver_lion17
Doubled Soul ( Bleach )by silver lion
He died. There, I said it. Ichigo Kurosaki has died. But, as you know, that's not the only strange thing. He is found about a month after his death in the Rukon district...
  • chad
  • byakuya
  • espada
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Wicked Heart Beat -  A Listen To Your Heart Book by ms_sarcastic
Wicked Heart Beat - A Listen To Fangirl
With the end of junior year quickly approaching, the descendants find themselves in a whirlwind of end of year antics and promises of summer. But friendships are tested...
  • disney
  • carlos
  • ben
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Bleach x Reader by KuudereNekoQueen
Bleach x Readerby KuudereNekoQueen
A collection of oneshots. I don't own the characters.
  • urahara
  • xreader
  • sado
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Who Am I?•Disney Descendants•Ben FanFic•[✔️] by -sweethart
Who Am I?•Disney Descendants•Ben Aimee
Maya is the daughter of Mother Gothel, but what will happen when Maya and her friends get chosen to go to Auradon? There mission is to steal Fairy Godmother's wand for M...
  • troublemaker
  • maya
  • doug
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Descendants Truth or Dare by CaptainCanary13
Descendants Truth or Dareby Alaysia
The book cover is made by @Mal_Maleficent and this story is a game
  • dougandevie
  • jayandaudrey
  • chadandlonnie
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Keep Forever- Disney Descendants FanFic Book 4 by dzny_oddity
Keep Forever- Disney Descendants Karina C.-M.
Everything was, once again, calm in the land of Auradon. The portal from the Isle Of The Lost to Auradon was closed. Maleficent, now known as Angela, lives in Auradon wi...
  • fairygodmother
  • doug
  • ben
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Forgotten Auradon- Disney Descendants FanFic Book 1- #Wattys2016 by dzny_oddity
Forgotten Auradon- Disney Karina C.-M.
What if the Fairy Godmother didn't catch the wand? What if Maleficent caught it... and created a Forgotten Auradon? After she caught the Fairy Godmother's wand, Malefic...
  • lonnie
  • disneydescendants
  • evie
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Switched Destiny by giovanne-scritore
Switched Destinyby 🌻 G I A 🌻
What if Beast is keeping a secret from Ben and Mal? What if things really gone as "planned"
  • evie
  • jay
  • descendants
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Troy Bolton ♪ Faking Smiles by katsmcnamara
Troy Bolton ♪ Faking Smilesby hola im jay
a story in which a sarcastic teenage girl falls in love with a basketball loving boy. [hsm 1] disclaimer; i do not own high school musical or any of their characters or...
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