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Don't Fight it, Park (Jikook) by Ambs713
Don't Fight it, Park (Jikook)by Ambs
Where Jungkook and Jimin used to be best friends, but it didn't work out. Jimin grows a hatred for Jungkook, and Jungkook grows a desire for giving Jimin a hard time, J...
Fan Account • Jikook ✔️ by My_Mochi_Jiminie
Fan Account • Jikook ✔️by 𝕁𝕒𝕫𝕫𝕚 ⁷
Where the Maknae of BTS has a secret infatuation with one of his hyungs. He has to let out his feelings somehow right? (BTS is still a Kpop band but Jungkook has a crus...
Fake Boyfriend {Jikook} by chimcookymini
Fake Boyfriend {Jikook}by Mochiwantcookie
" do you think i like you?" " no" " then no is my answer" Two classmates who hates each other Short story
Ex-Lovers || JiKook by vindy__jade
Ex-Lovers || JiKookby Vindy Jade
📌JiKook 📌TaeGi 📌Short Chapters
Haaru | JIKOOK SINHALA FF 🌙 by Saarakim9795
Haaru | JIKOOK SINHALA FF 🌙by No@.iiver
" එක ආත්මයක අපි මගහැරුනත්.. මේ ආත්මයෙ මං ඔයාව අතාරින්නෙ නැ! මගෙ හාරූ.. "
GORGEOUS -A Jikook Oneshot Collection by sugamin4500
GORGEOUS -A Jikook Oneshot YourHappyPlace
Because we all love us some cringey but really cute Jikook fluffy scenes. And also because I need to get all of this weird adorable scenarios out of my head.
THE TWINS JEONS AND ME (JIKOOK)✓ by chimcookymini
THE TWINS JEONS AND ME (JIKOOK)✓by Mochiwantcookie
Okay, this story is not smut or something. this story has a twin who both fall in love with the same person just like drama. I think jeon jungukk (gunk) jeon jungkook (...
step brother JIKOOK  by life_as_jikooker
step brother JIKOOK by life_as_jikooker
jungkook's father adopts a child which jungkook never accepted as a brother. why his father needed another son when he already had two? jungkook gets older while hating...
Serendipity (Jikook) by Ambs713
Serendipity (Jikook)by Ambs
| A Jikook Twoshot | Park Jimin always gets set on awful blind dates by his best friend, Kim Taehyung, and he's tired of it. But one day after finally agreeing to a LAS...
PROMISE ( JIKOOK) ✔ by chimcookymini
PROMISE ( JIKOOK) ✔by Mochiwantcookie
"kookie I want you to be your light," jimin said I look at him "why?" I ask him to look at me too and smile "cause you are my light jungkook whe...
My 23 hates (Jikook)✔ by chimcookymini
My 23 hates (Jikook)✔by Mochiwantcookie
chances are given to people that earns your trust,not by the people who will do the same mistake Character Jikook (obvious) Namjin Taegi Top jungkook Bottom jimin Sho...
Lavender | JIKOOK FF ♡︎ by Saarakim9795
Lavender | JIKOOK FF ♡︎by No@.iiver
" මං ආදරෙයි කිව්වොත් පිලිගන්නවද ලැවෙන්ඩර්.. "
my cute husband JIKOOK by jungkook_love_ocean
my cute husband JIKOOKby jungkooklover
jungkook never hires a male programmer in his team, but jimin wanted to work with jungkook and stay close to him so bad. he changes his gender to get the job, but jungko...
𝐈𝐀𝐍 | 𝐉𝐢𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐟𝐟 » by Saarakim9795
𝐈𝐀𝐍 | 𝐉𝐢𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐟𝐟 »by No@.iiver
" ඝන රුධිරය තැවරුන දෑතින් නුඹව අල්ලාගෙන සීරුවෙන් මා නුඹ සිපගත්තෙ කවදාක හෝ නුඹෙ දෑතින් මා මියයන බව දැන දැනමය.."
stuck with u by minnie_gukkie_5813
stuck with uby koomi
"Sooner or later, you'll be mine, jimin"
💗 this is love 💗 {jikook} by innocentauthor1
💗 this is love 💗 {jikook}by author nim
.Jeon jungkook CEO of Jeon jewels cold arogant ruthless but never disobey and disrespect his family love his family so much..... Park jimin CEO of park fashion kind swee...
♠️Where you at my love?♠️ by blindmochi
♠️Where you at my love?♠️by Soleil
Missing someone isn't easy. He knows it the best. In which Jimin needs to forget about his love. #jikook #angst #bottom!jm #top!jk
A Thousand faults in our love by Aamber25
A Thousand faults in our loveby jikookerfam
jimin and jungkook are bandmates and they fall in love and so they start dating behind their company's back and then a little bump comes his way and Jimin doesn't know...