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MADE TO BE MINE  by Ideaqueen476
how much a person can control someone ....well there is no limit for that this story you know how crazy a person can go for someone which belongs to him it's onl...
REGRET (topkook)Sad ending(completed)  by guccitaefic
REGRET (topkook)Sad ending( Mistaerious
ANGST. In which taehyung loves jungkook but jungkook loves tae's sister, Kim ji-hun, and ready to marry each other. But what happens when ji-hun escape from the marria...
Reputation by blue-tigress
Reputationby blue-tigress
This story is about three Omega brothers trying to build a better life for themselves in a society where Alfa's rule. While trying to fulfill their dreams they ended up...
Kidnaping the Alpha Not knowing he is the Mafia Boss [Taekook]  by rabisworld02
Kidnaping the Alpha Not knowing Rabi
"Who am I to you?" he asked, his grip was harsh on the petite one's jaw as the omega shivered with fear. "I asked, who am I to you?" Alpha growled. ...
"My cold husband and rude sister in law" (COMPLETED) by BushraKareem7
"My cold husband and rude sister Bushra Kareem
Kim Taehyung, a middle class boy get married in most rich family of Korea, the Jeon family. What will happen when his own sister in law stand up against for him. Will he...
Behind His Boxed Smile (KookV) by bts_stan_vkook
Behind His Boxed Smile (KookV)by bts_stan_vkook
Jungkook, the schools national playboy constantly runs into the schools fashionable yet secretive new kid. He always has that boxed smile of his but what's really the st...
Bad Boy's Boyfriend by babyyeontantae
Bad Boy's Boyfriendby jeontaehyung_
MY THIRD AND MY PRIDE BOOK "Would you?" - KTH "No I won't baby, we can go through this together. Let them hate us but I won't give up on us that easily. I...
TAEKOOK ONESHOTS by green_loves_purple
Some short Taegguk/Taekook stories and series to entertain you. Stories may contain different AUs and variety of plots. Some fluff and some hot experiences... Some of my...
Male lactation Oneshots|| Taekook  by tigerwithbunny
Male lactation Oneshots|| Taekook by Taekook
oneshots of male lactation. Alot stories of Taekook male lactation Achievements 🏆 #1 on male lactation out of 57 stories #1 on Mprg out of 49 Stories #1 on bottom Tae...
ARRANGED TOGETHER....(Completed) by cutegir2002
ARRANGED TOGETHER....(Completed)by cutegir2002
A story where two unknown family meet through a similar friend.....the Kim's and jeon's both are willing to marry their son's to other's....and so they decide to marry j...
Hurt | Taekook✅ by taekook_unmyeong
Hurt | Taekook✅by Unmyeong
"I miss you,kook" "I hate you,Kim Taehyung In which Taehyung left his boyfriend Jungkook but what will happen when they meet after two years? mafia au top...
Family ( Taekook) ✅ by kim0986
Family ( Taekook) ✅by Kim
COMPLETE This story is about being a family from a complete stranger
MY ETERNAL(taekook)√ by kimmeena58
MY ETERNAL(taekook)√by kimmeena58
what happens when a cold soon to be CEO who doesn't believe in love falls hard for an adorable and a sassy cute model....
Mafia in Love || Kookjin ff || by JanntulAfrin0
Mafia in Love || Kookjin ff ||by J.F.A💜BTS♥JKJN
Jeon Jungkook a.k.a JK; The Mafia King of the world,He is aggressive, rude cold-hearted, every bad words suits him, Never care about anyone except for those who are clos...
BERRY BEAR'S PRINCE CHARMING (Completed) by cutegir2002
A story of two best friend so we can say lovers... Who used to live in orphanage.... But an incident make them apart.... The elder from them became the coldest and rude...
The Harlot | Jikook | by NairaRay
The Harlot | Jikook |by Naira Ray
"CEO sir,you know what, I hate God. He is so unjust, he created you people, to celebrate and us to suffer " "CEO sir, you seems to love your wife an...
Cool Guy's Baby by Valeri_Tae
Cool Guy's Babyby Valeria Tae
"cool guy's baby kim taehyung" Jeon Jungkook X Kim Taehyung
കാത്തിരിക്കാം ഞാൻ.... by Kookies-Alien
കാത്തിരിക്കാം ഞാൻ .
ഒരു ക്യാപ്റ്റൻ നേം കാത്ത് ഇരിക്കുന്ന ഒരു പാവം ചെറുപ്പകാരന്ടെ കഥ..... taekook ff mallu 😁
The Dominant Alpha Jeon ||JiKoOk|| by kookiesswag
The Dominant Alpha Jeon ||JiKoOk||by Jeon Jimin
Park Jimin, a giddy, demanding and cute guy thought he was born as a beta and that's upsetting his family because he came from a pure omega bloodline family. One day, h...
Crave For Your Touch || Kookjin ff by JanntulAfrin0
Crave For Your Touch || Kookjin ffby J.F.A💜BTS♥JKJN
"I Love You" "But we can't even touch each other" A story where A lost spirit/ghost called Jungkook, met with a young boy name Jin and can't help but...