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Kanto's Pride by pseudoforce
Kanto's Prideby pseudoforce
This is a story of Ash Ketchum, the boy who became famous after defeating the World Champion Leon himself in the World Coronation Series. After separating from Goh to pu...
(Pokémon) Gardevoir x Trainer by Ghost6194
(Pokémon) Gardevoir x Trainerby AxelRod
A Gardevoir who doesn't want to fight and a Man who doesn't want to be a Pokémon trainer. A very lucky pair but how will it come out in the end? I don't own Pokémon And...
hot milfs by ventisluttt
hot milfsby ventislut
adventuring with dora diego falls off a cliff like the dumb bitch he is and meets mommy gardevoir 😩 tbh idk i fell asleep writing this and this is just for fun if u nee...
What the Future Holds by flairsclap3
What the Future Holdsby flairsclap3
Ash Ketchum is a man of many secrets he is The Unknown Champion of Alola, An Aura Guardian and A Psychic, and The Secret Prince of The Kingdom Of Rota, but he keeps all...
Izuku in POKEMON WORLD!?!??! by HarshaJirou
Izuku in POKEMON WORLD!?!??!by XxdeathxX29
HEY PEEPS ITS MY SECOND BOOK . I WILL EXPLAIN ABOUT THIS IN THE FIRST CHAPTER . pls support guys cause i need you readers to give advice to improve the story.
The Ice Queen and The Knight King (RWBY x Gallade Reader) by mimicbomber
The Ice Queen and The Knight Eugene Jones
RWBY is owned by Roosterteeth Pokémon is owned by Gamefreak and Nintendo I do not own most of the artwork
Luck or Fate (Gallade and Gardevoir) by GalladeMaster_68
Luck or Fate (Gallade and Gallade
Kara, a thieving Gardevoir, and Aerutheal, a noble Gallade, and their journey to save the world. Follows and reviews are appreciated. (Original idea from "What a T...
Gardevoir by Riku_Tek
Gardevoirby Riku_Tek
Another Way by redspah
Another Wayby redspah
Sue, a lowly comp-sci student with no knowledge of Pokémon, must persevere within their world after waking up as a Gardevoir. With the locals and their language complete...
The Journey Begins by ThePikaPath
The Journey Beginsby The Lost Aura
this is a pokémon fanfic. which is about the ash's journey since birth in my way. i hope you enjoy it *foul language* slow updates
Kiara Audrey Kaisor | The Kanto Region by GrayTs0
Kiara Audrey Kaisor | The Kanto GrayTs
Welcome to the enchanting world of Pokémon, where mysterious creatures abound, each brimming with unique secrets and abilities. In this fantastical realm, you'll encount...
The Random RP Files by Red_Gallade_Duelist
The Random RP Filesby SSGSSJ2
Read at your own risk. A collection of random scenarios involving my characters. Have fun!
Journey Of The Bonded (Being rewritten) by DarkenedLight01
Journey Of The Bonded (Being DarkendLight01
Ash Ketcham a pokemon trainer who ia about to go on his frist journey through the Kalos region aiming to win the Kalos League he has the support of his caring caring Fam...
The Pokegames: The story of Belle by GardevoirLover
The Pokegames: The story of Belleby GardevoirLover
Belle is a pokemon known as a gardevoir. She was entered for the 50th Pokegames by her mother. When her mother entered her she also entered Belle's younger sister, Kim...
Cinderella: A Pokémon Fairytale by BersealiaDreamheart
Cinderella: A Pokémon Fairytaleby Bersealia Dreamheart
The world of Pokémon takes a new spin on this classic fairytale. After her father leaves on a trip, Pokémon trainer Duchess Ella is reduced to a servant by her envious s...
Pokémon- Ash The Prince (Fanfic) (Discontinued) by swift-writer
Pokémon- Ash The Prince (Fanfic) ( Swift writer
Ash Ketchum, a prince of an independent kingdom of Rota, in Kanto, is an aspiring Pokémon trainer that wants to be the best of all.His goal is to be the best trainer of...
Pokémon mystery dungeon: beauty and the beast by rosycake333
Pokémon mystery dungeon: beauty
Team charm are known all around the village as the prettiest girls in the Pokémon guild as well as being the daughters of guild masters wigglytuff. While her elder siste...
[PAUSADA] El Entrenador Diamante (Harem x Tu) [Pokemon] by marcos13zambrano
[PAUSADA] El Entrenador Diamante ( Shiroi
Bueno, esta historia es de Fem Pokemons y otras chicas del anime de pokemon (Harem) x Lector espero que les guste, por que me estoy matando las pocas neuronas que me que...
Psychic and Aura: A POKEMON LOVE STORY by AliciafnafGirl9374
A love story between the psychic Pokemon Gardevoir and the Aura Pokemon Lucario with the two facing conflicts and battles between legends. A story of a Lucario after the...
Living in the Shadows by Grown30
Living in the Shadowsby J. B. Naylor-Wilson
Jenna lives with her overbearing (and overprotective) grandfather. Years ago, her parents disappeared without a trace. While walking in the woods one day, she comes acro...