Falling For The Fox (Foxy x Reader FNaF) *COMPLETED* by missme_kissme
Falling For The Fox (Foxy x Lux
Hello? Hello, Hello? Oh, hi, I wanted to record this message for you... So you're the new security guard? The animatronics shouldn't be a problem...Unless you see them a...
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FNaF and Fangames One Shots (Yaoi/Yuri/Straight)  by SomePerson_Online
FNaF and Fangames One Shots ( SomePerson_Online
My older version of this was removed without notice maybe cause of the 'sexual content'. Or some immature brat reported it.As of July 6th this is no longer just a yaoi b...
  • scottcawthon
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Broken Beyond Repair (Foxy X Mangle) by skystxr
Broken Beyond Repair (Foxy X Sky
Foxy the Pirate. Mangle the fox. Will they go against all odds just to be together?
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Human fnaf x reader scenarios by Axnna16
Human fnaf x reader scenariosby Axnna16
Hey guys I'm sorry for not updating my other books, I just haven't had any inspiration for them, I hope you understand, but this is for females only I'm sorry! Who will...
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Fnaf x female reader Lemons ( +18 and older ) by katelynshadowknight
Fnaf x female reader Lemons ( ItzFemaleToyBonnie
There are random lemons All random, taking requests at one point so please enjoy the reading Mainly FNAF
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Female!Reader x Human!Foxy (Forced Lemon) by T_K_Books
Female!Reader x Human!Foxy ( T-K's Books
Don't hate me, but this is my first try! Thanks for the cooperation and please leave no hate comments! (Btw, I am a pervert and a dirty minded person!!!)
  • wattys2017
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Human Fnaf x reader oneshots  by jalxnnie
Human Fnaf x reader oneshots by Idk
Fnaf oneshots Characters: Freddy Bonnie Chica Toy Bonnie Golden freddy And foxy I'll do more later
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Fronnie: I'll love you forever  by SomePerson_Online
Fronnie: I'll love you forever by SomePerson_Online
Freddy and Bonnie both secretly had feelings for each other. After they finally confess it's just a matter of time before everyone soon finds out, but how will they reac...
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Obuz letni (Taconafide, Connor, Dubiel, Sans, Foxy X oc) by AntkoBeedo
Obuz letni (Taconafide, Connor, Beed (preferowane)/Antek/Tony...
Parodi niektórych rakowych ff. Pisane tak by było najbardziej rakowo jak się da. OKŁADKA BY JA miała być chujowa celowo XD
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Human Fnaf x Reader  by Absoladi
Human Fnaf x Reader by Absoladi
Just as the title says! Fnaf characters x Reader-chan. Not oneshots, actual plot. When (y/n) takes a job at Freddy Frazbear's Pizzeria, she doesn't expect the animatroni...
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Do you love me? golden freddy x reader by Endergirl136
Do you love me? golden freddy x Endergirl136
You where friends with the gang until one day.A strange person dressed in a Springbonnie costume leaden you and your friends in a strange backroom.You where the only one...
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fnaf Human x Reader by Frostydollar
fnaf Human x Readerby Frostydollar
(Y/N) gets a new job at Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria not knowing about it's reputation. During her first encounter with the animatronics, she finds out that they are fighti...
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FNaF Characters 1-6 (No FNaF World) by JustaPurpleGuyFan
FNaF Characters 1-6 (No FNaF World)by JustaPurpleGuyFan
List of FNaF Characters for people who don't know them or confuse them I DON'T OWN THE CHARACTERS SCOTT CAWTHON DOES!!! If i made mistakes/left something out, let me know
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Ask Baby FNAF! by Eris345
Ask Baby FNAF!by Fiona_Fox_Afton
I'm bored, okay? XD Ask the baby animatronics anything! BUT NO INAPPROPRIATE QUESTIONS OR ELSE SPRINGTRAP WILL KILL YOU!
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-I too want a story- (Yandere Freddy x Reader) by -smolcrabbean-
-I too want a story- (Yandere -smolcrabbean-
(borrowed the cover from a friend I believe they are spook1803 on Wattpad Edit: -Actually don't hate me but I'm making an explanation for the art-) Mh- its female and so...
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Fangle Highschool | Hell And Heaven by FangleBoy159
Fangle Highschool | Hell And Heavenby FangleBoy159
Foxy has always been....should I say....different. He is the psycho type kid. He isn't seriously crazy,he's just....his mind is...odd. He has always wanted to be alone...
  • foxythepirate
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FNAF Ships One-Shots by kkvantas1
FNAF Ships One-Shotsby Harley
This is a collection of Fnaf One-Shots that I am creating. Please enjoy!!!
  • fivenightsatfreddys
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FNaF ask and dare book by xBallora_Ballerinax
FNaF ask and dare bookby xBallora_Ballerinax
read the title peeps, all fnaf characters included AND THE GUARDS (and the purple grape) I do not own fnaf or any of the characters they belong to Scott Cawthon.
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I want your bite (bonnie x foxy) by golden_bear101
I want your bite (bonnie x foxy)by Im_not_emo
A tale of lust, hatred, passion and betrayal... but mainly lust 😏 (Contains multiple lemons)
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Fazbear & Co by Angawd
Fazbear & Coby Angawd
The Fazbear Four are a well-known and loved band, led by Freddy Fazbear himself. And soon, they have their final concert before their break. All seems well, but Freddy...
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