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But You Already Know That (BillBip) by DeathToLurkers
But You Already Know That (BillBip)by DeathToLurkers
I never really published one of my billdip stories... Idk why I just didn't. So here. Take it.
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My little Kitten (Billdip) by Dashing_diva
My little Kitten (Billdip)by Dashing_diva
Highest rank #1 in billdip out of 3.23k stories Highest rank #1 in billcipher out of 3.23k In a terrible accident Dipper died. Highest rank #1 in Mabel out of 3.44k But...
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My Friend's Brother (a BillDip fanfiction) by The_Angelic_Turd
My Friend's Brother (a BillDip The Angelic Turd
Mabel and Dipper go to Gravity Falls for school. They spend a lot of time at Pacifica's house. Mabel is friends with her, but Dipper isn't. Having to tag along annoys hi...
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Unnoticed by DeathGale
Unnoticedby Sky Dawn
What if nobody really liked Dipper. Not Mabel, Stan, Ford, Soos, Wendy, Pacifica, no one. Except Bill, the only person, well Demon, to show any genuine interest in Dippe...
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Vampire's Kiss by LRussell18
Vampire's Kissby LRussell18
Heya humans! My name's Bill Cipher. And... I'm a vampire. In this world, the humans and vampires get along just fine. Except for the Pines family. They freaking hate vam...
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Selling My Soul to a Dorito (Billdip) by LRussell18
Selling My Soul to a Dorito ( LRussell18
What if Mabel threw Dipper out of her bubble? What if Bill offered a deal to Dipper he couldn't resist? Find out in this story! *Finshed/Completed!*
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Billdip Shorts! (Requests are welcomed) by QueenBee757
Billdip Shorts! (Requests are QueenBee757
Welcome my lovelies. These are tales of Romance, of hardship, whatever I choose~ You may ask for a story if I so choose to allow it. Your request are also very welcome...
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Sweetness Brings Bitterness by Matchedchaos
Sweetness Brings Bitternessby POTATO
Dipper Pines, comes from a abusive mother and sister. His father loves him with all his heart. What happens when they move to Gravity Falls Orgen? Will the twins love i...
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Revenge of a Pinetree(BillDip) (Complete) by Kyra_the_Death_Angel
Revenge of a Pinetree(BillDip) ( Imperfection
(Complete) It's been 5 years since Weirdamagedon. The Pines twins live since 4 years in Gravity Falls because of a car crash. There parents drive to a vet with Waddles...
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Back To BillDip by ParanoidDanni
Back To BillDipby Danni Paranoia
Dipper and Mabel left at the end of the summer for their hometown, Piedmont. The end of the summer means Back To School. When the bullies start picking on Dipper, a my...
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Overpowering Them (Billdip) by Ciel_and_Payten
Overpowering Them (Billdip)by Ciel And Payten
Enough is enough. I'm the one always sacrificing things and getting nothing in return. I'm the one always getting hurt in the end. Time to make a deal.
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Mr. Cipher by james24bear
Mr. Cipherby james24bear
Dipper and Mabel are both juniors at Gravity Falls high school. On the first day Dipper gets a new history teacher. This is BillDip.
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Slave (BillDip) (ManxBoy) (Mpreg) (Omegaverse AU) by AeradellaFerrell
Slave (BillDip) (ManxBoy) (Mpreg) Aeradella Ferrell
Bill, well he was trying to take over the world, of course pinetre aka dipper got in the way like always. God this kid was annoying, but he cared for him in a way. Right...
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Billdip *Completed!* by LRussell18
Billdip *Completed!*by LRussell18
Dipper is captured and tortured by Bill. Yay. I love dark stuff and am open to CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Thanks for reading. DARK FANFIC. I update Monday's. Btw, I don't...
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Play Date by WilliamsInsanity
Play Dateby William Damien Rehpic
This is going to be a Bill x Dipper x Will
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Return of Bill by Torikour
Return of Billby Fanfics!
Bill wakes up in the middle of the The Bermuda Triangle, in the sea. Something isn't right. He didn't have his powers. Scared to death, and utterly confused, Bill is sti...
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A Pinetree's Purpose~Book 1 (BillxDipper) by 123456789thereare10
A Pinetree's Purpose~Book 1 ( Seaweed Brain
What would happen if the story of Gravity Falls happened "without" Dipper?
If a Pine Tree Falls in a Forest... by _the_crow_
If a Pine Tree Falls in a _the_crow_
Dipper felt betrayed. He felt like she had taken all his trust and burned it in front of his very eyes. The moment she floated away from that button, Dipper knew that th...
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FightFalls Dipper x ZeroGravity Bill Comics + Pics by ASmolDroplet
FightFalls Dipper x ZeroGravity ASmolDroplet
This is basically for the people who don't have Tumblr. (but mainly for my friend) Just comics and photos in what I hope to be the correct order. :P Anyways! Enjoy!! or...
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The cipher of insanity  Gravity Falls  by storysdieichliebe
The cipher of insanity Gravity storysdieichliebe
Dipper was hurt after Mabel trusted Stan more then him (Not what he seames) He makes a deal with Bill to save the only persone who still cares for him. The demon's pla...