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Nightmare Of My Dreams | Tom and Bill Kaulitz | by no_one_ig
Nightmare Of My Dreams | Tom and no_one_ig
Read before you start.‼️ based on the story ( My living nightmare by winternightz ) I don not claim the original story. ⚠️trigger warnings ⚠️ • Death and violence • ch...
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Rowaelin: Locked in the Dark by thisxisxali
Rowaelin: Locked in the Darkby Ali
Aelin has been brutalized and scarred before, but never like what Maeve has done to her. How has she survived and coped the weeks apart from her friends, allies, and her...
If I got transported into nightmare sans's body!? Featuring Me IRL by Daemos_Dizzy
If I got transported into Daemos_Dizzy
Warning!! Profanity (mostly censored tho), violence, possible gore???, oh! And death, obviously hehe! This is a story about if Me, a antisocial weirdo, who is obsessed w...
Nighmare by Enamis
Nighmareby Enamis
When Apollo heard his son Will's prayer, he raised his eyebrows. There was so much exasperation and desperation in his voice. And his request was completely out of the o...
I'm Nightmare!?  by die_sonne50
I'm Nightmare!? by Die Sonne
I've seen many fanfics of people becoming nootmare so I decided why not I do the same thing.
Light off with happiness by DuoFree
Light off with happinessby The duo C & P
A light is away bring hope to someone, a hope brings happiness to them. So what would happen if both of it gone? "Fang please believe us! we know it sounds crazy...
nightmares little prince by CQ_error
nightmares little princeby babybones error
error was taken from the abusive queens home by nightmares gang, he was a babybones at the time 5 years later error is 16 when nightmare begins to have an attachment to...
Destruction (Sandboy 2.0) by eveltayl
Destruction (Sandboy 2.0)by E. H. Taylor
Everyone has nightmares. But as time goes on, they change with the person. Marinette Dupain-cheng's nightmare evolved a lot since the last time they saw our dear Sandboy...
I thought it was just another nightmare: Nightmare x reader by Mysticmoon135
I thought it was just another Mystic
You we're running from animatronics that we're chasing you. You got pulled into a closet and they ran past you.(... REALLY). You look at the person who saved you an got...
Un incubo bellissimo! [Nightmare!SansxReader] by Naki_Darara
Un incubo bellissimo! [Nightmare! Naki_Darara
Non sono come mi descrivono... Sono indubbiamente meglio di così... In fondo... Me lo hai fatto credere tu... Vero,(t/n)?
Forever Dawn by K_writer1
Forever Dawnby K_writer1
*Update-I'm really excited-I've almost reached two very important milestones with this story-30 pages on Wattpad & 100 pages on word! Forever Dawn is my Sequel To Breaki...
The Girl Next Door by the-cat-whisper
The Girl Next Doorby the-cat-whisper
Vanessa McKenzie is the leader of the local motorbike gang. After moving into the village she fines a spark in the girl next door. she likes a challenge but something to...
Rants To Ships And Other Stuff by les-bi-ian_Cat
Rants To Ships And Other Stuffby Fan_of_random_shit
I will most likely talk mainly about undertale stuff and i will cus. This is mainly rants or me loving something. Also please give me new ships or fandoms to join im die...
Nighmares: GerIta by Animegirl106
Nighmares: GerItaby Animegirl106
Italy has a really bad nightmare, and Germany comforts him. It sounds stupid but I actually like how it turned out so please read it and vote if you like it!! XP
Night Of Terror And 18 Wheels by EmilyAndJason
Night Of Terror And 18 Wheelsby EmilyAndJason
This was a dream a nightmare I had and thought it would be a great story! No harsh comments please!
Fire Dragons by My_mind_is_king
Fire Dragonsby Creative_Demon
Dragons are powerful creatures. Now what if there was a legend of the Multi-flame Dragon. That is what this story is about. A young Dragon named Fire goes through an ama...
My Secret NIGHTMARE by Blossom33333
My Secret NIGHTMAREby Blossom33333
this idea is randomly from a dream/nightmare I had at some point
killer's secret crush (killermare)  by fresh90skid
killer's secret crush (killermare) by murder time trio
Killer finds himself in love with nightmare Together the go through a lot together And none of these pictures are mine
Perfect Nightmare by StormGirl37
Perfect Nightmareby Ms. Storm
"All I wanted was a happy ending, and he was my fairytale." Lillian Von Helson, new girl to Mission Creek. Easy right? Like the Davenports, she has her secrets...
my morbid poetry stack by MadMonochromeHattres
my morbid poetry stackby Unknown
some dark poems i've made throughout my lifetime so far...i don't know what else to put in here so .... Enjoy~ (BTW helpful criticism is welcomed)