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Gravity Falls: Reader x Dipper x Bill  by MabelShootingStPines
Gravity Falls: Reader x Dipper x Gravity Falls Fan
Im not the first to do this we all know that but its just something I got inspired by. Plot: You are visiting Gravity Falls for the summer! You run into the Pines twins:...
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Fluffy mabill oneshots by dipper517
Fluffy mabill oneshotsby dipper517
this is a bunch of one shots from sad like Mabel dieing to happy like a b-day to funny like messing with people and a few more. if you don't like mabill don't read this...
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Billdip Trash by imosomatsutrash
Billdip Trashby Trash, trash and more trash.
Hello this totally isn't a oneshot book for the cutest ship ever *coughs* yeah [Warning: there might be smut]
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Why? by _Stormfur_
Why?by Storm115
The cover will make sense around chapter 10. ◈◈◈ This is the continuation of Dipper's Possession, so if you have not read it, please read it! Thanks! -Stormfur ◈◈◈
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The Protection (a bill kaulitz story) by TheOriginalMrsTogami
The Protection (a bill kaulitz Zee
Bill Kaulitz is Tired of the same ol story. so one night he takes a drive. and come back to be a Father?!?! see how this happens and if he can hadel it
Chaos by Shyrye
Chaosby Rye
Edit: Wow hey it's 2018 and this is old. Please don't take this seriously pfft Acronym: Criminal Heros Are On Strike This Isn't really meant to be taken seriously, fee...
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Demon, Human, Brother [Being EDITED] by DragonFlame909
Demon, Human, Brother [Being Flame
[Currently editing all chapters] (Cover Drawn By Me) It Depends On Magic And The Ones You Love The Bad Turned Good And Those You Trust ---------------- After a boring sc...
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It's better this way (dipper x reader x bill) by sad-panic-attack
It's better this way (dipper x 🌻🌻🌻
Dipper Pines and Bill Cypher are in for a surprise when someone new joins the Gravity Falls town. The two fall for them. But will a fatal accident change the way they se...
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Golden cage /Bill cipher X reader/ by PrinceOfFluff
Golden cage /Bill cipher X reader/by phillip
Sequel to " gods eye, ghostly sight" this is the official sequel. There is an alternative sequel that fallows what happens in the alternate ending to " go...
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Hello Again (Gravity Falls Mabill) by YumiJin14
Hello Again (Gravity Falls Mabill)by Toppy Hat
Dipper and Mabel return to Gravity Falls five years later, at the age of 18. Oh,but what's this? Bill Cipher is back....and unexpected things are about to happen. (I do...
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My Enemy's Brother by fandomsaremyfamily
My Enemy's Brotherby DazaiOsamoomoo
What had gone on before Pacifica made the deal with Bill? Will she be able to change the fate that had befallen Dipper and her? Come along with Pacifica and the gang to...
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Gravity Falls Texting! by ADVOYSC
Gravity Falls Texting!by Bittersweet Sprite
Gravity Falls texts Should I continue? Comment on the new chapter if I should. I STILL OWN NOTHING BUT MYSELF
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SUMMERTIME  [ Dipper x Reader x Bill ] by evelynty
SUMMERTIME [ Dipper x Reader x evelynty_rose
Summer... The most exciting season of the year. You were going to see your cousins at Gravity Falls because you kinda had a boring life in your town. You found the Myste...
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Random Billdip oneshots (boyxboy) by YaoiFangirlsRule02
Random Billdip oneshots (boyxboy)by Konemi Makenshi
Just Billdip randomness. I take requests and such, so yeah. XP
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Join Me (Gravity Falls) by bowl-of-cereal
Join Me (Gravity Falls)by Dipcifica Northpines
"Please!" Stan cried. "Don't hurt them! I'll do anything!" "How about an alternative plan?" Bill suggested. "I won't hurt Pine Tree an...
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Kerman1:The Lost Kerbal by MrKerb
Kerman1:The Lost Kerbalby Mr_Kerb_The_Kerbal
Jebadiah Kerman and his brothers, Bill and Bob work at the Kerbal Space program. When Jeb meets a girl named Valentina Kerman, his whole lie changes, and it affects his...
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Bipper (The Final Ending) by Dipper_Pines234
Bipper (The Final Ending)by Dipper Pines
Okay so this book is a Gravity Falls book from when Bill takes over Me a.k.a. Dipper so enjoy.
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Last Two [Gravity Falls BillDip/Bill x Dipper fanfic] by EscapingDreams
Last Two [Gravity Falls BillDip/ ♡CLOSED♡
Bill Cipher, the demon who had his powers taken away. Dipper and Mabel Pines, the Mystery Twins, all grown up. Gideon Gleeful, the boy who mysteriously disappeared. When...
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Transcendence by xXFireBlaze618Xx
Transcendenceby Fire Blaze
Dipper dies and Mabel decides to make a deal with Bill to get her brother back. What will the consequences be? What did Bill want in return? Is everything like it used t...
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Bill nye by Stargaze_kitty
Bill nyeby Stargaze_kitty
IM SORRY This was the stupidest thing I've ever done, yet I got so much recognition for it
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