Master | Pennywise X Reader(16+) by Invisible0521
Master | Pennywise X Reader(16+)by Invisible0521
"Hushhhh-h-hh, babydoll" a mixture of blood and saliva dripped on my collarbone and ran down my cleavage. I trembled and sobbed, "Please-" I muffled...
  • skarsgard
  • daddy
  • pennywise
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Billdip oneshot //TAKING REQUESTED// by ErroR_MaN_CHilD
Billdip oneshot //TAKING Hooman reJeCT
one shots of billdip //TAKING REQUEST// fluff more fluff And sometimes smut
  • billdip
  • dipper
  • oneshots
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wandmaker | charlie weasley by wordsbykathryn
wandmaker | charlie weasleyby kath
Shy little Eloise Moreau found herself the proud owner of Ollivanders after his death in the war. Now she's left to cope with the loss of her mentor while attempting to...
  • harrypotter
  • wandmaker
  • potter
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Back To BillDip by ParanoidDanni
Back To BillDipby Danni Paranoia
Dipper and Mabel left at the end of the summer for their hometown, Piedmont. The end of the summer means Back To School. When the bullies start picking on Dipper, a my...
  • billcipher
  • wattys2018
  • mabelpines
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Rescue - Roman Godfrey by sydneyworks
Rescue - Roman Godfreyby sydneyworks
When Elsie moved to Hemlock Grove, she didn't plan on getting involved with Roman Godfrey and the horrifying mysteries that come with him. *I do not own any of the Hemlo...
  • fanfic
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All Mine Dipper Pines by fullbloodmoon
All Mine Dipper Pinesby fullbloodmoon
Bill has returned and it seems Dipper is what he wants. But too much is happening. Will Dipper trust again? And what's happening to Mable. Her trusting ways are such lie...
  • bipper
  • dipper
  • billdip
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s l u t ' reddie smut by loserclvb
s l u t ' reddie smutby 「 ✧ 」
this is reddie smut , be prepared lol
  • reddie
  • holy
  • bible
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Victor Criss imagines (and the rest of the Bowers gang and cast) by 1-800-sendnudesdaddy
Victor Criss imagines (and the Roman(noodles)
requests are open I write for the cast and characters
  • huggins
  • patrick
  • vicotr
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Coffee and Kisses by fanfics_loves
Coffee and Kissesby Wolf🐺
The two brunettes went off to college in a large city called Gravity Falls. One of them is excited while the other one doesn't give a flying fuck. The two brunettes go...
  • eight-ball
  • gideon
  • keyhole
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Bill Skarsgård Imagines by evaoli
Bill Skarsgård Imaginesby e v a o l i
  • valterskarsgard
  • imagines
  • ít
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BillDip: Beauty and the Dream Demon by GriffinGirlElizabeth
BillDip: Beauty and the Dream Demonby GriffinGirlElizabeth
Dipper and Mabel, now seventeen years old, have decided to stay in Gravity Falls with Stan and Ford. Dipper is still the same, a big geek and a bookworm, and Mabel is st...
  • gravityfalls
  • forthwall
  • dipper
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Oak Tree | BillDip by hawkfrost_swag
Oak Tree | BillDipby sʜᴀᴅᴏᴡsɪɴɢᴇʀ
"Eeny!" Pine tree. "Meeny!" Shooting star. "Miney!" Pine tree. "YOU!!" Shooting star. "Wait!" Dipper forced out. &q...
  • billdip
  • dipper
  • weirdmageddon
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It pics 4 by Squipy123
It pics 4by Squipy🏳️‍🌈
  • clown
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Bill Skarsgård » Imagines by kiwitropic
Bill Skarsgård » Imaginesby ~ kiwi ~
Hiii guys! So, I am making this because I simply love Bill!! I just wanna say that a lot of these are probably gonna be ddlg imagines between you and Billl, so, love you...
  • love
  • fun
  • pennywise
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Wrong Number//Reddie by ImTrashLOLidk
Wrong Number//Reddieby stella
In which Richie was given a fake number. Eddie-15 Richie-16 Beverly-16 Stan-16 Ben-15 Bill-16 Mike-16 (This was supposed to be a text fic and it was a text fic in the be...
  • ben
  • beverly
  • stanlon
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The Demon and the Deer (COMPLETED) by Victiny123
The Demon and the Deer (COMPLETED)by Little Star
Monster Falls AU with Hunter Bill and Cervitaur Dipper.
  • bill
  • dipper
  • gravityfalls
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Hidden Secrets {Bill Weasley} *WATTYS 2018* by IzzyBella3
Hidden Secrets {Bill Weasley} * Izzy
Harley Lupin is a curse-breaker working for Gringotts bank in Egypt. After many years, a boy- or should I say- man, she went to school with get's transferred from the ba...
  • gringotts
  • weasley
  • remuslupin
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It Imagines (Requests Are Closed) by Radsavagee
It Imagines (Requests Are Closed)by Allygator 🦄
"We all float down here," You guess it. It's one of those IT Imagines book. Requests are closed! #275 Fanfiction 06/01/18 #233 Fanfiction 09/01/18 #215 Fanfic...
  • henry
  • bendenbrough
  • stanley
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Bowers Gang Preferences  by sctoaorkie
Bowers Gang Preferences by ♣︎ Zaddy ♣︎
^^ what the title says ^^ □ requests open □ I don't really proof read so expect many typos or autocorrected words that don't fit in.
  • stanley
  • victor
  • preferences
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Rain or Shine (UnWilling Roommates book 2.5) by cunzy4
Rain or Shine (UnWilling cunzy4
A collection of one-shots and scenarios about Bill and Will. Takes place after the end of my book UnWanted Reunion, but it's a stand-alone book so you don't have to rea...
  • willcipher
  • dipcifica
  • billcipher
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