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Humsafar (short stories) by user35988469
Humsafar (short stories)by hara
Join the ride full of possessiveness, love,hate,pain,happiness,joy,rudeness.
A Promise | 🗸 by sammyhaa
A Promise | 🗸by sam
Saima Rahman is an aspiring lawyer, with no intention to marry. She wants to live her life and grow closer to God without an annoying husband. She's seen how awful Marri...
The Nikkah Of Hatred by fanciful_writes
The Nikkah Of Hatredby Delusional
We have all heard of arranged marriage and love marriage but, ever heard of hate marriage? Shanaya X Shahyan What happens when two childhood enemies are forcefully marri...
HIS MAID TO HIS WIFE by flawless_ink
HIS MAID TO HIS WIFEby Fahmida Faiza :)
'I was banging my head on the door silently out of despair when the door suddenly opened and I fell onto him with the tray of coffee falling along with me. My head reste...
Sometimes Love Is Not Enough by auroranequam
Sometimes Love Is Not Enoughby Aurora Nequam
This story follows the events when Arnav said to Khushi that, it's all her fault. He wished she never came to their lives.
Healing by thedesiroyal
Healingby Naushin 🤎
A halal modern love story of 2 Muslims trying to heal themselves from their pasts and move forward as better people. Cyra recently moved to Paris with her family. Omar h...
The Marriage Of A Bangladeshi Girl (completed) by flawless_ink
The Marriage Of A Bangladeshi Fahmida Faiza :)
Sadia Haqh, a Muslim Bangladeshi girl, of age 24, who just finished her graduation in politics from London, returns to her motherland Bangladesh. Being a daughter of a b...
Ranjhana(Completed)  by gibbberishh
Ranjhana(Completed) by Pikachu
A forced marriage,what will be their future?Will they be able to find love in their forced marriage? Impressive Ranking: #103 in Pakistan (22 May 2021) #143 in Pakistan...
Epiphany by WattPak_2020
Epiphanyby Wattpad-South Asia
Join a diverse group of desi authors filling your bookshelves with a series of heart-racing, magic-inducing romantic stories. Wattpad-South Asia is proud to present an...
INFATUATED by blue_ink_08
INFATUATEDby @n0n¥M0u$
Studious, Pious, Beautiful, Introvert- enough adjectives to describe her. She gets tagged with 'TOO SERIOUS' at her first encounter with everyone. But isn't her mind the...
CountryHumans Oneshots and Shenanigans by AreebaDazzle
CountryHumans Oneshots and ♥️Amber Heaven Dremurr♥️
Technically speaking I have grown into the fandom for a while but haven't paid much attention to it but now I am deeply in love with it especially the countries like Phi...
Contrived  by aditydhar
Contrived by Adity Dhar
Suhana Arora Sharma She is stone hearted person with bubbly nature and attitude but has a kid heart doesn't believe in love .... Rahul Sharma He is short tempered busi...
You Are Mine 2// Min Yoongi Horror Fanfiction// by slothsuga07
You Are Mine 2// Min Yoongi Katherine
( READ SEASON 1 MIN YOONGI "YOU ARE MINE") You thought your suffering is over after that incident... but how wrong you are!!! You don't even know something muc...
আন্দোলনের চোন্দোলন by samihossen88
আন্দোলনের চোন্দোলনby Martin Samir
শহরের টালমাটাল পরিস্থিতিতে একজন সাব ইন্সপেক্টর ও এক নারীর যুগলবন্দী খেলা।
A Whole New World: A Desi Disney Anthology by WattPak_2020
A Whole New World: A Desi Disney Wattpad-South Asia
Welcome to Wattpad-South Asia's newest project, "A Whole New World: A Desi Disney Anthology". Be ready to be transported to a world of fantasy, magic & dreams...
Skulls and Roses || BL 18+ by meow_191
Skulls and Roses || BL 18+by Lady Caroline
The life of a mortician changes forever after he tries to have his way with a beautiful woman's dead body. And soon he discovers that the only person who can save him fr...
Halal memes by CassandraJamesxx
Halal memesby ᴄᴀssᴀɴᴅʀᴀ
These are not mine but a compilation of memes I found on Instagram. Started this when I found out that making people smile is sunnah and sharing memes can increase my ch...
Unbreakable bond.Kinnporsche[Omegaverse] by ZahraIslam017
Unbreakable bond.Kinnporsche[ Zahra Islam (Ibshika)
Kinn recently lost his love of his life.How will kinn take revenge for his love? Is it possible that Porsche is alive? Join kinn as he explores the mystery behind porsch...
Clash Of Souls (The clashes series #1) by bonhi_writes
Clash Of Souls (The clashes Myshuuuuu
"Do you want me to be yours?" He whispered against her lips. "More than anything." She wrapped her arms around his neck. "And how do you want th...
Those Eyes ~  by Nizzamanisaa
Those Eyes ~ by Nxu
~ Plugging in her headphones, she played Wedding Nasheed. Humming in some parts her fingers ran over the books, eyes scanning the summery of each book she held. Engross...