The Ex Princess by EmilyJoyxo
The Ex Princessby Joy
A fairytale romance isn't expected to last forever. "You disgust me. I knew you were only with me for the title." He sneered at me before continuing. "SI...
  • cheating
  • bestfriend
  • bae
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Bad Boy's Game by Abigail1212
Bad Boy's Gameby Abby
Blake was standing right in front of me, arms crossed. He pushed me up against the lockers. I could feel his breath on my lips, of either of us moved even the slightest...
  • romance
  • goodgirl
  • read
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by ShawnMendesImagines1
Shawn Mendes Imaginesby ShawnMendesImagines
Shawn Mendes Imagines!❤️
  • cute
  • sexy
  • mendesarmy
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sns | bae jinyoung by baejin-jja
sns | bae jinyoungby hei
"you're adorable" "um wtf" & thats where it all started.
  • wannaone
  • produce101season2
  • pd101
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On the Run - Aomine x Reader x Various by SS_Hime
On the Run - Aomine x Reader x SS❤
You used to go to Teiko. You were friends with the generation of miracles. But you randomly left them without say and now you're in high school and you're back. You trie...
  • knb
  • kuroko
  • reader
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Tom Holland Interracial Imagines by tomschocolate
Tom Holland Interracial Imaginesby -holy water needed -
Okay I didn't make this kids appropriate so grab some holy water while reading
  • melanin
  • randomstories
  • randomthoughts
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Dash Parr x Reader ~ My Supergirl by SidLuvsWriting
Dash Parr x Reader ~ My Supergirlby ✌︎('ω')✌︎
TEEN! DASH PARR X READER You're just a normal teenager...that's how all stories like these start anyway, right? When you're about to be squashed, a boy faster than The F...
  • hero
  • superhero
  • shipping
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Demi Lovato LGBTQ Imagines by imaginethis_lovato
Demi Lovato LGBTQ Imaginesby Y/N and Demi Imagines
Lesbian Imagines about the most amazing person in the world and you. *Warning: Sex, Violence, Vulgar Language, etc. *
  • lgbtq
  • ddlovato
  • lgbt
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You and Me || Shawn Mendes by tayyy_96
You and Me || Shawn Mendesby { tay }
You move to the tiny town of Pickering at age 16. You were unhappy at your parents leaving your childhood home. You and Shawn become close as you met and go through each...
  • shawnmendes
  • notomatoes
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The Baby (BXB) {MPREG} [PAUSED] by LunaPack
The Baby (BXB) {MPREG} [PAUSED]by Meggers❤️
{viewer discretion is advised- BxB moments- I warned u- may offend- mature scenes-mpreg.} don't know if this will actually happen^ A vampire BxB couple decide to have a...
  • ageplay
  • gay
  • bxb
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A Night Over {A Marichat Story} by _ThatPanda_
A Night Over {A Marichat Story}by Miraculous Story teller
Marinette was getting ready to head to bed, when she heard a knock on top of her room. Its Chat Noir! What happen's next? What would Marinette and Chat do together?
  • marichat
  • miraculousladybug
  • sins
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Thick & Thugin by Asiatherealest
Thick & Thuginby Asiatherealest
"Your not ever getting away from me" he tightens his hands around my wrist. "Fuck you" *********************************...
  • generalfiction
  • promises
  • skiny
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bae [hoshi ff] by lybwieelyn
bae [hoshi ff]by ~Lyw❤Lyn~
{{Based from the Hoshi Chatbot (@naegahossshhhi) on Messenger which I created.}} Highest ranking: 💎 #26 in Short Story 💎 #80 seventeen tag 💎 #8 dk tag 💎 #2 joshua ta...
  • joshua
  • hoshi
  • kwonsoonyoung
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Fall||Bae Jinyoung ff by tofu_pudding
Fall||Bae Jinyoung ffby tofu_pudding
If I fall for you, will you fall for me? No, sorry I don't see you as anything.. you're just a classmate nothing else The story of how Mina falls in love with smart, co...
  • bae
  • wannaone
  • baejinyoung
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Bae -Grayson Dolan- by __Grayson__
Bae -Grayson Dolan-by (:Torie Dolan:)
We walk up to them, "Holy shit..." I say and my mouth drops.
  • ethan
  • dolantwintuesday
  • graybae
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Love needs no age *Marc Bartra*(Stopped) by JaneBoueri
Love needs no age *Marc Bartra*( Jayn
He was just 25 and I was only your usual 20 years old. He was famous and I was a nobody ... Yet he fell in love with me . And I fell in love with him even harder . But...
  • bae
  • cute
  • love
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Why Me???(A kid lucus love story.) by keekroyal
Why Me???(A kid lucus love story.)by keara walker
Kylie is a 15 year girl that gets bullied almost everyday by her brothers friend Lucas Coly. What she doesn't know is that Lucas has a huge crush on her ever since the...
  • kidlucas
  • leah
  • kylie
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No Longer Secrets (A Peter Maximoff Fan Fiction) by HaruChanTuna
No Longer Secrets (A Peter Whiplaaaash
Fawn Lefroy has the ability to control energy. After and incident with her powers happened when she was younger, her parents freak out and sell her too someone who keeps...
  • quicksilver
  • romance
  • fast
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Lies  by kinggunnarsens
Lies by kinggunnarsens
I would've never thought that a boy I found on the street would become so important in my life...
  • mmer
  • macandtinus
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Celebrity Imagines Vol. 3 by thekillerde4th
Celebrity Imagines Vol. 3by Julian
Celebrity Imagines Vol. 3 is another installment of the previous two Celebrity Imagines I have done (Make sure to check those ones out too). A lot of love and preference...
  • preferences
  • bae
  • love
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