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Maeve's Daughter ~ Throne of Glass by meechella103
Maeve's Daughter ~ Throne of Glassby Meach
What if the lone white owl at Maeve's side was not just a Fae healer, protecting her from the Valg Kings.. What if it was her daughter too? What dark powers might she...
Worlds of Light and Dark by Rocket320
Worlds of Light and Darkby TheStarsThatGazedBack
Elentiya finds herself in Prythian when Amren trys to find a way back. Characters met and relations are made. Will Elentiya find her way back to Terrasen? Will she even...
Iron in the Night by WelshFlower02
Iron in the Nightby WelshFlower02
Aelin has been trapped for two months. on the brink of death she is wicked away to a new world, Prythian. the people there want to help her but all she wants to do is g...
A NEW WORLD: Acotar and tog ✅ by -unrelatedtwins-
A NEW WORLD: Acotar and tog ✅by Moon&Star
When the wyrdmarks get out of control, Aelin and her court are sucked into a mysterious world, Prythian...
Cursebreaker and Fireheart by BeautyBeastRose
Cursebreaker and Fireheartby BeautyBeastRose
Feyre Archeron, High Lady of the Night Court, is one step away from a secret. Aelin Galathynius, Queen of Terrasen, is one step away from the truth. A dark force has e...
Worlds Of Fire And Darkness by LynnB122
Worlds Of Fire And Darknessby
When Aelin Galathynius tumbled through worlds, she landed in Prythian, the land of the fae. She was found by our beloved bat boys who now will help her go back to her w...
Manon's Child by AmayhaR
Manon's Childby Amayha
After the war, everything has changed for Manon. All of her friends are dead and grief is eating her up inside. But then, she finds out she's pregnant and everything cha...
Kingdom of Stars and Fire by Witchling167
Kingdom of Stars and Fireby Witchling167
A ACOTAR and TOG crossover. Takes place after KoA and aCoFaS: Aelin and Feyre, and their kingdoms, are at peace. But after they somehow end up in each other's worlds, th...
The Reaper of Thorns and Blood by women_with_knifes
The Reaper of Thorns and Bloodby Women with knives
An ACOTAR and Throne of Glass crossover. Aelin is given the opportunity to escape from Maeve and takes it. She along with Fenrys are thrust into Prythian and she need t...
Sam Cortland Lived by allurance8804
Sam Cortland Livedby allurance8804
A story where Sam never died and now he is going to see Aelin, the new queen of Terrasen, and tell her he's alive. Along the way he meets the witty and very enthusiastic...
Dance of Betrayal (Fenrys x Fem Oc) by IAmNotHere0k
Dance of Betrayal (Fenrys x Fem Oc)by IAmNotHere0k
"No matter what you come first. I will not let you get hurt, whether it be emotional or physical." Sarin DeVil's family fled to Terrasen to be free from slaver...
Dead Spring by WelshFlower02
Dead Springby WelshFlower02
Tamlin has trapped Feyre in his manor, in her panic she travels to a strange new world. Will the people there hurt or help her?
acotar & throne of glass crossover by cosmotae
acotar & throne of glass crossoverby 𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐢𝐞
despite being in the iron coffin, aelin finds herself transported to another world and into the territory of the night court. they are horrified by what they see and wa...
Fanfic and what if's, about acotar and tog! by alexiaperr08
Fanfic and what if's, about alexiaperr08
Being in a major heartbreak after I finished tog I wanted more, those eight books weren't enough. Here are some scenes I would have loved the see in acotar, tog or other...
Amalie Crochan-Blackbeak by rhysandrowansbae
Amalie Crochan-Blackbeakby someone
Amalie Blackbeak was different. Her sister Manon was perfect, leader of the Thirteen, and heir of the Ironteeth clans. Amalie was different. This is a ACOTARxTOG crossov...
FALLEN TOG by cardans_tail
FALLEN TOGby cardans_tail
Isabella had been a prisoner of war for three years when the opportunity to escape appeared. She had been running away. She had been looking for her freedom. She couldn...
A Court of Storms and Shadows by _Vellichxr_
A Court of Storms and Shadowsby _Vellichxr_
This is a crossover between 2 existing books series, I recommend reading both the Throne of Glass series and the a Court of Thorns and Roses series entirely before readi...
A Court of Baes & Feels by Aelin_Galathynius_
A Court of Baes & Feelsby Aelin of the Wildfire
Includes angry rants, ridiculously inappropriate, laugh out loud inside jokes, Nessian sexual tension, one shots, the one & only original Daily Programming Good for Noth...
Wildfire and Stars Eternal by BeautyBeastRose
Wildfire and Stars Eternalby BeautyBeastRose
[SEQUEL TO CURSEBREAKER AND FIREHEART] The gods have returned, and they are out for blood. With the Queen of Terrasen missing in action, Feyre Archeron takes matter...
Throne of Glass and ACOTAR Crossover (complete) by Feyrhys_Archeron
Throne of Glass and ACOTAR Feyrhys_Archeron
(#790 in fanfiction 2017-04-30) **I am including a spoiler warning for Empire of Storms and A Court of Mist and Fury. Both now have canon follow-ups, but just in case. ...