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✓ | Bad influence by caroherma
✓ | Bad influenceby Caroherma
"I was a bad influence... but after I met him, everything changed" IMPORTANT: Marcus & Martinus is not famous in this story. © Caroherma, 2018
  • norway
  • cheerleading
  • drama
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Dirty imagines  by fuckyaachickenstrips
Dirty imagines by this bitch empty
I take requests! Just like the title says, every chapter will be one short dirty novel with either Marcus, Martinus, Shawn, Isac or whoever you want. I'll also write so...
  • marcusandmartinus
  • martinusgunnarsen
  • dirty
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brothers love by storysmactinus
brothers loveby storysmactinus
this story is about brother love
  • marcusgunnarsen
  • martinusgunnarsen
  • martinus
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Prince Charming ~ Martinus GUNNARSEN by 16GUNNARSTYLES
Prince Charming ~ Martinus Bryanna Salunga
A boy from Norway who is treated like a prince met a girl who was very sweet. She made his life happier. He made her life more exciting.But as usual drama gets in the wa...
  • martinusgunnarsen
  • authorsnote
  • complicated
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{Fuckboy's princess/Marcus G.} by peacefulgunnarsen
{Fuckboy's princess/Marcus G.}by Matilde
Police: Cloe Martin, you're coming with us Mom:Cloe? Cloe: don't worry mom, it's fine.. I'll find a way to fix this... It all started when Cloe Martin, a normal American...
  • marcusandmartinus
  • martinusgunnarsen
  • marcusgunnarsen
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FACT ABOUT GUNNARSEN FAMILY (English-Indonesia language) by Nyptr40
REAL FACTS NOT FAKE AND FIKTIF STORY!!! I'm Proud MMers and I Love MARCUS & MARTINUS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  • marcus
  • emmagunnarsen
  • marcusgunnarsen
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Preferences//M&M by vio_laaa
Preferences//M&Mby vio_laaa
A preferences collection about our favorite twins Marcus and Martinus :) Don't forget to comment! :)
  • martinus
  • marcusgunnarsen
  • preferences
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Falling for him||Max Mills by mmmhfanfiction
Falling for him||Max Millsby mmmhfanfiction
Boys. You know how they can be,but what happens when you fall for someone you know can't be yours.
  • martinusgunnarsen
  • harveymills
  • maxmills
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Train Express[3] [Martinus Gunnarsen] by JolanaGunnarsen
Train Express[3] [Martinus Gunnarsen
,,I'm waiting for you H."
  • martinusgunnarsen
  • three
  • trainexpress
imagines #2 by storysmactinus
imagines #2by storysmactinus
imagines - dirty/sad/cute My acc on Instagram (where you can ask me for one) - @/xmactinusfanpagex and @/xmactinusgnrx
  • marcusandmartinus
  • cute
  • love
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Marcus & Martinus Imagines by coffeerosie
Marcus & Martinus Imaginesby dreamer
gif imagines about these two Norwegian boys :) (they can be very bad, I'm sorry :p) started: 07/16/18 finished: -
  • mmer
  • martinusgunnarsen
  • marcus
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hot boy gif imagines♡ by moonlightomd
hot boy gif imagines♡by moonlightomd
hot imagines about all the hot characters and celebs we love...♡
  • harrystyles
  • riverphoenix
  • hotboyimagines
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wrong number {marcus gunnarsen} by blurryfandom
wrong number {marcus gunnarsen}by blurryfandom
most people ignore a text from a wrong number. but she isn't like most people. cover @laz...
  • martinus
  • marcusandmartinus
  • wattys2017
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Playboy and his brother // Marcus & Martinus  by blurrygunnarsen
Playboy and his brother // mactinus ♛
COMPLETED Marcus Gunnarsen, biggest playboy in Trofors. Every girl dreams about him. New girl almost every day, fucking everyone who walks by. Then there is Martinus Gu...
  • playboy
  • marcusgunnarsen
  • gunnarsen
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Marcus & Martinus x reader by Ray_Gunnarsen
Marcus & Martinus x readerby MacTinus_Lover
This is a story about you and who you are. You are famous and all, but then you meet them, will they fall for you? Who will you choose? Marcus or Martinus?
  • xreader
  • trofors
  • fanfic
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silence.                                                    +martinus gunnarsen+ by blurryfandom
#16 blurryfandom
she looked at me with those deep hazel eyes. i knew she was screaming on the inside, yet nothing was coming out.
  • martinus
  • marcusgunnarsen
  • martinusgunnarsen
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letters for my twin // marcus & martinus  by blurrygunnarsen
letters for my twin // marcus & mactinus ♛
COMPLETED marcus writes to his twin every day. or at least he tries to.
  • marcusandmartinus
  • marcusgunnarsen
  • gunnarsen
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sparkles | marcus gunnarsen by shinegunnarsen
sparkles | marcus gunnarsenby marcus & martinus <3
they forgot her. they seem to not care about her anymore. but she does. a lot. sparkles. a marcus & martinus fanfiction. ©by shinegunnarsen; 2018/2019 started posting: 1...
  • marcusandmartinus
  • mac
  • highschool
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I'll wait for you by storysmactinus
I'll wait for youby storysmactinus
She had secret friendship with him but he wanted more. Till one day she left. Years later she come back but lot of things changed.
  • mactinus
  • bestfriends
  • philophobia
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Him. // Martinus Gunnarsen by blurrygunnarsen
Him. // Martinus Gunnarsenby mactinus ♛
COMPLETED Just the thought of him made the world seem like a better place. Maybe he could save her and take the pain away. Or just make it worse. Cover made by blurryfan...
  • twins
  • abuse
  • martinusgunnarsen
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