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Bucky Barnes Imagines by KiwiSomething
Bucky Barnes Imaginesby KiwiSomething
There's some other characters thrown in and also Sebastian Stan imagines. They get better, I promise. Enjoy. (I'll also take requests just message me) Bucky Barnes - B...
Sandor Clegane x Reader by xCornDogx
Sandor Clegane x Readerby xCornDogx
The Hound. While frightening to most you found a certain comfort in his presence. After the scarred man saved you. I don't own the script for game of thrones obviously...
Life isn't a drama  (seongjoong) by itsawhatever
Life isn't a drama (seongjoong)by itsawhatever
(completed) The story is about a 17-year-old boy named Kim Hongjoong who has good grades and works at the local cafe. One day at the cafe someone bumps into him makin...
Berk National High (Editing) by NameIsHiccup
Berk National High (Editing)by Dragon Rider
Hiccup and Astrid are living together, not as a couple but complete strangers. Hiccup has a past that prevents him from being in a relationship. Astrid has a past that...
Forced Marriage With My Ex by BangTan_Love080207
Forced Marriage With My Exby BangTan_Love080207
"Kim Chin-Sun" I heard my mother calling from downstairs. I quickly got up to see what she wanted. My brother, Kim Seokjin was next to her and a familiar face...
BTS's Girl ( BTS×reader ) by BTS_PURPLE_ACE
BTS's Girl ( BTS×reader )by ACE ( INDIAN )
BTS as idols y/n as ??? ( who changed BTS's life ) Hi guys , so this is my second ff I hope u all will support me If any parts of my ff r same as s...
My Husband Is A Mafia Boss (Gguktae) by Kim_taetae_95liners
My Husband Is A Mafia Boss ( BoO_BitcH👻
In which taehyung is an average girl, not wealthy and not poor just an average one while jeongguk is a mafia boss who acts like a normal teenager. What could go wrong? T...
Dear Tree BTS x Namjoon by IGOT7_ARMYinMYcorner
Dear Tree BTS x Namjoonby Lav_Loner -_-
Namjoon was from a normal family. He had a good education and enough money for his future but the only two things that Namjoon didn't have was, love and care. Namjoon's...
5:00 AM by OrokanaKishi
5:00 AMby Ellie
Subtle movements. Don't wake them. Odd places. Lost faces. ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー All chapters are different stories, some may be another part to one. Most of the characte...
Bts Groupchat/ And Other by AyenLopezPablo
Bts Groupchat/ And Otherby Julianne Lopez
Bangtan boys group chat
The Unknown Brothers by KaylaLove2r
The Unknown Brothersby Kayla Brown
Italian Mafia leader Stefano McKay lost his wife in war between him and the Spanish mafia regardless won anyway.He was left with 6 sons to take care of,after 2 years he...
💗Forbbiden love💗 Lucifer x reader♡ by Your_local_flowers
💗Forbbiden love💗 Lucifer x αυяσяα
♥*♡∞:。.。  。.。:∞♡*♥ There Was A Twin Sisters That Is Wanted TO thee While World, If You Are Wondering Why Are They Wanted, Well My Welcome To My Story, Our Dear Main P...
The Dreamer~F. H x (Reader) by CianiGarcia
The Dreamer~F. H x (Reader)by •GarciaC•
<<Five Hargreeves X (Reader)>> _Currently being Updated_ Y/n, otherwise known as number eight, has an extraordinary ability. She can make people believe they...
adopted by ariana grande  by chloie2109
adopted by ariana grande by chloie2109
There was a ten years old girl with tourette syndrome. She was abandoned from her family and she lives across the streets.
Chase Mafia (y/n)  by proooooolovely
Chase Mafia (y/n) by storieeees
Y/n's family got kidnapped after her family got murdered the kidnapper falls in love with y/n after some time, he's a celebrity but also a murdere y/n hates him but...
Haven and Hell P.M. by happpyme1234
Haven and Hell happpyme1234
This is a story about a girl named y/n who falls in love with her enemy on the other side a P.M. story . hiiiii this is the author I hope you guys like the story
Should I Kill This Love ((NC 21+)) by jungeunssi
Should I Kill This Love ((NC 21+))by Jung Eun-ssi
Should I Kill This Love // Bagian NC akan segera di upload Cinta memang perlu perjuangan. Tapi apakah perjuangan berarti harus menderita? Starring : Park Chaeyoung. Pem...
Insanity  or Normality  • BillDip • by RavenPuffPrince
Insanity or Normality • BillDip •by RavenPuffPrince
Sanity. This is what the others thought of this. They never got a break, first was a five year Armageddon. What they thought was the body of evil is now human. And wh...
My Enemy Lover~ by Slytherin_Wxlfe
My Enemy Lover~by ~•°Badass Slytherin°•~
Harry fell in love with his enemy in fifth year and started dating him but what will his friends react like...? find out by going on this thrilling adventure with Harry...