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The Fox Prodigy by Cashmoney122334
The Fox Prodigyby Cashmoney122334
Minato and Kushina do not die. Naruto has a twin sister named Naruko and later on has a younger sister named Mito. Naruto and Naruko are both jinchuriki only Naruko has...
Weak but Deadly ( Splenderman x Reader ) by Moonlight_Candy
Weak but Deadly ( Splenderman x Walnut
Weak hearts but deadly love. These two, once hurted people finds love once again will it last or will depression take over these souls again. Only time will tell. Read t...
I am in love with a dead gamer ( BEN drowned x reader)  by Moonlight_Candy
I am in love with a dead gamer ( Walnut
You stare into his blood red eyes. Helplessly wonder what he was going to do for you had no idea. So you just stood there shaking not in fear but in curiosity... * this...
| SCREAM | ReTo by emilylezaza
| SCREAM | ReToby emily lezaza
Piastów to ich rodzinne miasto. Tu wszystko się zaczęło. I tu wszystko się skończy. intro 10.08.2018
Beyond the Surface (Finished) by Maclovia1213
Beyond the Surface (Finished)by Maclovia1213
A boy named Eren was in a house hold that didn't care about him at all. He had no friends or other relatives that he could have went with. He had given up on try to impr...
What Could I Have Done to Help Bart Simpson Live a Better Life? by AutisticChristian
What Could I Have Done to Help Joshua Fair
(The Author/Writer x The Simpsons Crossover) All episodes of the Simpsons wouldn't be complete without the Little Rascal, Badass, El Barto, Class Rebel, Yet Repetitively...
Bullied by Steven Fernandez! by HaileyDennison
Bullied by Steven Fernandez!by S.F.E. <3
I'm Laine (L-a-n-e-y) Mathers, I'm 14 and I've lived in Compton mostly all of my life (if you can call it a life) My real dads a rapper so I don't see him a lot & my mo...
mental health quotes by ihate2021
mental health quotesby Im-Not-here
not my quotes in you have any you want to put in here let me know, also let em know what mental health problem it goes with. ANd remember your worth a lot more than you...
The Worst Day of My Life, My Wedding Day. by Wonderlands_Wendy
The Worst Day of My Life, My Wonderlands_Wendy
(I wrote this when I was 11 💀) Join Kristabelle as she prepares to get married, but here's the catch, she's 12, and Horace is 37! Just a short story about how I feel a...
Zero by killerofflighta
Zeroby killerofflighta
Ajo njihej per karakterin e saj moskokecares,disinteresimin e situatave dhe lenia e namit ne publik kurse "Ai"...Zero.Zero njihej per "Asgje",askush...
 The life of a street fighter  by YoumnaAyouti
The life of a street fighter by CrazySouki
"Your really high right now?!? Why? Because your parents are never fully available, never can give their full attention? Or seeing that you're rich maybe your paren...
my life is getting worse  by life_is_sad_
my life is getting worse by life_is_sad_
Well, this is my life, with a few imaginative details, but I'm not going to say what 😊
A Sensitive Soul by MajaxRose
A Sensitive Soulby MajaxRose
Opowiadanie jest o 16 letniej dziewczynie, która swój ból i cierpienie przenosi na kartkę papieru. Każdy rozdział podpisywany jest cytatami, które opisują jej dany dzień.
ᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀ by MickeyMouseGirlie
ᴡᴏɴᴅᴇʀby .•°иαвι°•.
Venus was like any other student in her high school or at least that's what every thought. She was different, in a way that people wouldn't accept her true form. Or at l...
Dark Side by orangetaste
Dark Sideby orangetaste
if u wanna know my dark side, just keep reading ok?
What is Depression? by MysteriousWriter__
What is Depression?by Life's A Mystery
This is a book of what i feel about the world, and myself, sorry if this is a snooze fest, but it might mention what i have done and wish i could do in my life :)
The Girl by lawliet_gurl
The Girlby lawliet_gurl
This story is about a girl who is struggling with depression and is also there to build other people who might feel the same Like the girl in the story and also to show...