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The Fox Prodigy by Taylormane345
The Fox Prodigyby Taylormane345
Minato and Kushina do not die. Naruto has a twin sister named Naruko and later on has a younger sister named Mito. Naruto and Naruko are both jinchuriki only Naruko has...
Bad Life(BL Novel) by Levisdub
Bad Life(BL Novel)by Levisdub
Aku, Ean Luth Arsyad (OnHold) by Ichaaeri
Aku, Ean Luth Arsyad (OnHold)by atmosphere
"Aku benci penipu yang bersubahat dengan musuh arwah mama aku" -Ean Luth Arsyad "Bagi aku peluang" - Qiara Adelia xxxx Ean Luth Arsyad seorang yang...
Badass Sister by Gothgrl1234
Badass Sisterby Gothgrl
This is a story about three girls named Cataline, Tina and Nina who were triplets with a very complicating life
MY MAN by lonjk97
MY MANby إيڤانـِِـِـا
[ R O M A N T I C C O N T E N T ] إعتَقدتُ أنَنِي لَنّ أُشفَى بسبب زَوجُ أُمي الذي كَانَ يضرُبَني وفَقِدتُ شُعوري بِسبَبَهُ، ولكن كُلُ ذالكَ إِختَفَى حِينَ قابَلتُ ذال...
Beyond the Surface (Finished) by Maclovia1213
Beyond the Surface (Finished)by Maclovia1213
A boy named Eren was in a house hold that didn't care about him at all. He had no friends or other relatives that he could have went with. He had given up on try to impr...
The Worst Day of My Life, My Wedding Day. by Wonderlands_Wendy
The Worst Day of My Life, My Wonderlands_Wendy
(I wrote this when I was 11 💀) Join Kristabelle as she prepares to get married, but here's the catch, she's 12, and Horace is 37! Just a short story about how I feel a...
Let It Burn by gayneonbloodfur
Let It Burnby Jakkson
Dante Leray was born October 1, 1989. His mom was a local Junkie with 3 Kids before him and carried on to have another. 2 of which Died as when Dante was 7 and 11 the ot...
I am free by 20022017Rosie
I am freeby That One?
Pain and suffering. That was all I knew before I met him. NOTE:THIS PICTURE IS NOT OWNED BY ME
Catatan Anak Nakal by rizkyysembiring
Catatan Anak Nakalby RizkySembirinG
Catatan Anak Nakal Adalah Sebuah Cerita Tentang Masa Sekolah Gue , Dimana Gue Tengah Mencari Jati Diri... Ilmu,Teman,Sahabat,Cinta Serta Hal Lain Membentuk Seorang Anak...
I am in love with a dead gamer ( BEN drowned x reader)  by Moonlight_Candy
I am in love with a dead gamer ( Arrow
BRUH THIS WAS WRITTEN IN 2018 I SWEAR I DON'T WRITE LIKE THIS ANYMORE You stare into his blood red eyes. Helplessly wonder what he was going to do for you had no idea...
The changes of a single decision by mimiot7
The changes of a single decisionby tony stark
Friend- if you had a button which you could press and your life would restart from the day you started wishing would you push it Me-yes without hesitation Friend-you wo...
Y??? by 007ilovetoread007
Y???by person
about a girl asking herself why it had to happen to her wrote this in creative writing as well but this is a full story if I continue on here it would be the sequel type...
Emotions? ... Maybe! (Quotes By Me!) by lyna-nana
Emotions? ... Maybe! (Quotes By Lyna-Nana
Every day a quote! every day an emotion ♡
HALF DIED. by BadPhsyco
In A Stupid World.
MIND HACKED✔️ by alivebutnotwelll
MIND HACKED✔️by Frantastique ✔️
What would you do if your whole life changed in a matter of seconds? Did you ever imagine hacking people's mind?! I never did... But it just happened and my life turned...
Don't Judge A Broken Book By Its Cover by little_insane_wolfie
Don't Judge A Broken Book By Its little_insane_wolfie
This is a story I have started ages ago when I have felt strong depression. It is not done but I'll keep on adding to it. Hope you guys enjoy it.
Bad an Struggle by imawanda17
Bad an Struggleby imawanda17
FOLLOW SERTA VOTE SUARA KALIAN SAYA HARAPKAN !!! gadis dengan segala kepribadian buruk yang membuat perjuangnya pun mengikuti penampilanya , adu pukul merupakan kesehari...