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My Omega {Mpreg} by jaegerackereri
My Omega {Mpreg}by jaegerackereri
When an Alpha and Omega come of age, they will go to a mate ritual. This is an event where Alphas and Omegas come to meet at a place to search who they would like to ma...
Remember Me (ereri) by aprilaesthetic
Remember Me (ereri)by buni
At the age of 5, Eren moved to a new town called Eldia. He thought for sure he'd hate moving there until he met his new neighbor, Levi Ackerman, who was 13. Both their p...
Castaway - (ereri/riren) by JaegerBombasticBooty
Castaway - (ereri/riren)by 𝓚𝓪𝔂𝓵𝓪
A school trip goes wrong when the plane crashes in the ocean and the group washes up on an island in the middle of nowhere. Eren and the other students and teachers of S...
"So Levi, who you texting?" by Ember6812
"So Levi, who you texting?"by Ember6812
Levi goes to a party at Hanji's apartment and keeps receiving texts throughout the night. The others get suspicious and during truth or dare they dare Levi to invite ov...
Hold Me (Ereri fanfic / Ereri) by fizzabel
Hold Me (Ereri fanfic / Ereri)by WeAreAllCorrupt
If comments seem a bit out of place, it's because I gave this book a heavy (well needed) edit! Eren was the eldest boy at the orphanage, mostly sticking to himself his w...
Your Wish is My Command by jaeger_bombastic1
Your Wish is My Commandby Levisass
Eren needed a way to prove to his 'friends' that he really had a boyfriend. Ever since day one he had always bragged about how great his was in comparison to their own...
House Cat [Neko!Levi x Eren, Attack on Titan] by Rememberrun
House Cat [Neko!Levi x Eren, Rememberrun
Due to my love for both this ship and Neko AUs I bring you a combination. This is boyxboy so don't like, don't read and all that jazz. I stay strictly fluff. Since I can...
The Weirdest One Yet by 1izz_ard
The Weirdest One Yetby 𝙻𝚒𝚣
yeah levi meets titan eren in the forest on an expedition thanks to everyone for liking the ff and voting i promise to update soon im so sorry Also on hiatus until I com...
The Difference Between You And Me by Kagenoshojo
The Difference Between You And Meby Kagenoshojo
A monster will only ever be a monster. Eren believed that whole heartedly. The thing is, does the monster have to be alone? Eren was born a titan, from a titan, but reje...
Colliding hearts-Eren x Levi, Jean x Mikasa by Nadia23smiler
Colliding hearts-Eren x Levi, Nova Rei
Eren Jaeger was always the outcast. His sister; always the pretty smart girl. His enemy; the horse jock. And his secret crush; the most popular guy in school. So when al...
Rare Beauty, The First Omega by laziliamorjin01
Rare Beauty, The First Omegaby laziliamorjin01
world announced that there was only 2 types of gender, and it's Alpha the highest type, most of them is a male while the female is only 10% of the alpha's population, wh...
Wings (Levi x Eren)||Attack on Titan Soulverse AU by AnimaX_07
Wings (Levi x Eren)||Attack on It's AnimaX
Everybody is born with a single wing. One can only be truly free after they grow their second wing, if and only if they finally meet their soulmate. Attack on Titan Soul...
Your my blood sources, only "MINE"(levixeren Yaoi!) by animeislife1011
Your my blood sources, only "MINE" Secret
This man if he's Levi's friend then he's also a vampire like him "What do you mean you don't know ?" "Saddly no sir I' see Im blind" "Oh...
Why? (Depressed Eren X Captain Levi) by AnimexLover140
Why? (Depressed Eren X Captain Weeby :3
Eren was having a war with depression, Eren became depressed after finding out what his comrade thought of him. It triggered him to do the unspeakable and even put a smi...
Slave promotion by cicadasounds
Slave promotionby Nny
Eruriren Eren is homeless. It's winter and his clothing is practically newspaper and finding food has been unbearably hard this year. He sees a man talking to another an...
Pros and Cons (Eren x Levi) by Attack_On_Feelings
Pros and Cons (Eren x Levi)by Emily
AU where Levi is Eren's tutor and they end up falling for each other. "Well, fuck." Of all the people to have a crush on it was an old, short guy who also happ...
Olivia by Captain_Levi_31
Oliviaby LeviJaeger_1
This is just the story of how Eren and Levi had Olivia. I hope you guys like it!
Too loud by JoleenSlack
Too loudby Joleen Slack
Levi is a teacher at Eren's high school. Eren absolutely hates going to his English class, not because of the things they learned, but because he's had a crush on his te...
It's good to see people cry (ERERI FANFICTION) by MajesticTeagle
It's good to see people cry ( Faithian Hroman
Eren loves Levi with all his heart, but when Levi begins to show the boy less affection, Eren gets emotionally distraught. So he breaks up with Levi despite how much Er...
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