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Love Me Not - {riren au} by JaegerBombasticBooty
Love Me Not - {riren au}by 𝓚𝓪𝔂𝓵𝓪
After crushing on Levi Ackerman for two years, Eren Jaeger finally decides to confess his feelings - only to be rejected. With a broken heart, he tries to move on. It ta...
Kill or Be Killed (ERERI) by gayfanficslol
Kill or Be Killed (ERERI)by alex
Eren wasn't just any cold blooded killer. He was someone who saved Levi's life. It was dark and cold outside from the rain that poured down hours ago. Levi was running...
They all ways thought she is a boy but found out that she is a girl, with many more secret I'm having problem so updates are going to be very slow
That Badass Couple (ERERI) by gayfanficslol
That Badass Couple (ERERI)by alex
IM HAPPY TO SAY WE MADE NUMBER 1 IN ERERI!! FUCK YEAH BABY! - That badass kid. Eren Yeager. He will soon learn his lesson after being in a class with Levi Ackerman. That...
"So Levi, who you texting?" by Ember6812
"So Levi, who you texting?"by Ember6812
Levi goes to a party at Hanji's apartment and keeps receiving texts throughout the night. The others get suspicious and during truth or dare they dare Levi to invite ov...
My Omega {Mpreg} by jaegerackereri
My Omega {Mpreg}by jaegerackereri
When an Alpha and Omega come of age, they will go to a mate ritual. This is an event where Alphas and Omegas come to meet at a place to search who they would like to ma...
Stealing the Groom by zerozaki_Zen
Stealing the Groomby zerozaki_Zen
Levi's a theif, stealing other people's possession was his job. But he knew he couldn't keep up with the dirty job any longer. Luck must be in his side that day, after r...
Dancing With Death (Eren x Levi) by Flinchyboi
Dancing With Death (Eren x Levi)by Flinch
Levi is the most powerful mafia leader in the contry, and a alpha. He has not found his mate and does not have the time to. Eren is a hacker and a theif that is well kn...
Your Wish is My Command by jaeger_bombastic1
Your Wish is My Commandby Levisass
Eren needed a way to prove to his 'friends' that he really had a boyfriend. Ever since day one he had always bragged about how great his was in comparison to their own...
Ereri And Riren [ONESHOTS]  by FujoshiGirl23
Ereri And Riren [ONESHOTS] by Lilly_Laila
Again this is sexual content hope you understand that but please keep in mind that I've been working on all of these OneShots so please no hate but if I have errors you...
I Fell Inlove (ERERI!) by gayfanficslol
I Fell Inlove (ERERI!)by alex
Female Levi! (: x Eren Levi was a stubborn female and was pretty mean... So how did she fall inlove with a boy who was probably the nicest person she's ever met? Who wa...
Tails (mermaid au) - Levi x Eren by BladeSeeker
Tails (mermaid au) - Levi x Erenby L
- Sequel to Tears - Levi and Eren have been together for 132 years. They have promised each other forever, but after such a long time, will forever really be possible? T...
The king's Omega by Human_weeb_trash
The king's Omegaby ‌
Eren is a 17 Omega who is looking for his mate. He lives with his abusive father and adoptive sister. Erens father Grisha allows Mikasa (his adoptive sister) to rape him...
House Cat [Neko!Levi x Eren, Attack on Titan] by Rememberrun
House Cat [Neko!Levi x Eren, Rememberrun
Due to my love for both this ship and Neko AUs I bring you a combination. This is boyxboy so don't like, don't read and all that jazz. I stay strictly fluff. Since I can...
Maria and Rose {Mpreg} by jaegerackereri
Maria and Rose {Mpreg}by jaegerackereri
There are two tribes, one called Maria, the other known as Rose. Both equal in power, both have an equal amount of members. However when the two omegan children of the...
It's good to see people cry (ERERI FANFICTION) by MajesticTeagle
It's good to see people cry ( Faithian Hroman
Eren loves Levi with all his heart, but when Levi begins to show the boy less affection, Eren gets emotionally distraught. So he breaks up with Levi despite how much Er...
Ereri oneshots by JK_TGUKKIE
Ereri oneshotsby Morgyn Valentin
Just some ereri fluff one shots in here! Enjoy! (Finished)
Ereri Smut- Saved By My Lover by eren4levichansmu2
Ereri Smut- Saved By My Loverby Levi Ackerman
Erwin tries it on with Eren one day, but Levi stops him. <three thousand words of smut that I wrote at five am>
The Sex Demon by BasicFangirl69
The Sex Demonby BasicFangirl69
Eren Jaeger, a inuccubus, has just escaped from out of the shadow realm in search of freedom. Once out he immediately creates mischief and goes around using his charms h...
He's the one by fujomo
He's the oneby mo
Eren has a boyfriend name Jean, they are the cutest couple in school , but Jean hides his true self , he actually abuses Eren at home . One day eren goes to a little get...