Childmarriage Stories

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Meenakshi by nwrites__
Meenakshiby N
Shiva is a well respected man. He is an ideal son, ideal grandson, ideal brother, ideal father, ideal brother in-law, ideal friend and an ideal man to the world. ...
Sold to my Husband by sonachopra
Sold to my Husbandby sonachopra
I was seven years old when I was Sold .... Sold to my Husband ....
Masoom Ishq  by RiddhimaPaul
Masoom Ishq by SidNaazFan
Marrying someone without your will and then staying in that marriage is difficult. But what happens when you get married to a person who doesn't even know the meaning of...
Amadea's fate. by debbie_mellan
Amadea's Debbie_mellan
This story takes place in the fictional town of Mhilia. Amadea, a twelve year old girl is married off to a man older than her father as part of the customs of her land...
BAL VIVAH {EK APAVITRA VIVAH} (Continued) by -Shaayraana-
Surangi, The Child Bride by kahiliginger
Surangi, The Child Brideby kahiliginger
There was confusion in the eyes of the seven year old Surangi as they dipped mango leaves into the sandal-turmeric paste to anoint her. She did not know what marriage me...
Bal Vivaah-: Story of child marriage.  by Nishfanfic25
Bal Vivaah-: Story of child Nish
A sidneet ff, Story of two children, a boy and girl who doesn't even know the meaning of the word "MARRIAGE" gets tied with eachother in a sacred bond at the a...
BLOOMING LOVE  by 123aaysha
BLOOMING LOVE by 123aaysha
Love story about two souls!! Both had different path but destiny join them using a relationship chain . It's called " MARRIAGE" What will happen a city boy m...
Karthikeyanand  by itsnotsyd
Karthikeyanand by itsnotsyd
Story of a fictional king in ancient India (before British made India its slave colony) This story features about a new king of a powerful kingdom.
The Worst Day of My Life, My Wedding Day. by Wonderlands_Wendy
The Worst Day of My Life, My Wonderlands_Wendy
(I wrote this when I was 11 💀) Join Kristabelle as she prepares to get married, but here's the catch, she's 12, and Horace is 37! Just a short story about how I feel a...
AniDita Forever : OS/TS/SS by -bubblybubbles-
AniDita Forever : OS/TS/SSby Werid soul
Anidita Forever : OS/TS/SS collection ❝ My love for you is a journey starting at forever and ending at never ❞ Just one more author penning down Some different phases of...
My Lawyer Husband •TaeKook•  by KooTaeKoo9597
My Lawyer Husband •TaeKook• by BTS⁷
| •Slow Updates• | It is a story of time 1940 when Korea was under rule of Japan. Women and Intersex male doesn't have any rights whether its studies or going out witho...
Barrister Babu - Tark Se Mitaiyenge Fark ( BOOK 1 )  [ UNDER EDITING ] by _Sneha_05_
Barrister Babu - Tark Se SNEHA
BOOK 1 of Tark se Mitayenge Fark duology. The story is set in 1920s in Bengal, British India. The story traces the struggle of Bondita, a victim of child marriage, to be...
SurYa FF-Pyaar Ka Dard Hai(Discontinued) by EnigmaUnseen
SurYa FF-Pyaar Ka Dard Hai( Pragyan Kiran
This was my first fanfiction which I wrote 3-4 years back. No description read the story. Cover by @missiontellywood
Barrister Babu - Tark Se Mitayenge Fark ( BOOK 2 ) by _Sneha_05_
Barrister Babu - Tark Se SNEHA
BOOK 2 of Tark Se Mitayenge Fark duology. Years back two pairs of eyes have seen a dream together. While one showed the way the other did everything to make the dream a...
Honeymoon by hazelamber09
Honeymoonby hazelamber09
14-year-old Vanessa has been forced into a marriage she doesn't want because of her parents' homophobic ideals. Will she ever find a way to escape? This is a collaborati...
 𝐌𝐎𝐌𝐎 (OS Completed✔) by Again_if_only
𝐌𝐎𝐌𝐎 (OS Completed✔)by Aparajita
◇♡A OS from the point of view of a girl in the 1900s India.♡◇ ●A true story inspired by my grandmother's life.● ■Originally penned down by me in the 9th standard in my E...
Runaway by Balladoad
Runawayby Farista Sairuv
A young woman is desperate to escape the man she's been yoked to. She's running. Ever since she was born she's been told to follow the rules, to obey the authorities, to...
Tera Mera Pyaar... by sonachopra
Tera Mera sonachopra
' This is not fair why I have to marry her dadi' ask Sanskar in irritation. ' chora(boy) you already married to her now you have to take her responsibility' Sumarti D...
Gudda - Guddi Ka Khel  by curious245
Gudda - Guddi Ka Khel by curious245
बचपन का गुड्डा - गुड्डी का खेल जिंदगी का सच बन जाएगा ! ये किसको पता था ? #MananStory. A Different Plot and Intresting Story. Stay Tuned for It ! IT'S MY OWN STORY AND I...