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Izuku Mugen:The Chaos of Infinite by HayateAnaguma
Izuku Mugen:The Chaos of Infiniteby Hayate Anaguma
Izuku Mugen, formally Yagi never had a happy life. His father, Hisashi Midoriya, died before he was born. His mother, Inko(Xtreme) married Toshinori Yagi(All Might) and...
izuku O'connor by AvengedMoon
izuku O'connorby Avenged
izuku O'connor, originally Izuku Yagi, Abused, Neglected, and fed up. What if he had the chance to live the life he truly wanted? What if he went 'missing' but returns a...
Izuku of Mars by SpiralQuill
Izuku of Marsby SpiralQuill
DISCLAIMER: Any photos and artwork used within this story is not owned by me and credited towards the original creators. If it's been edited, that's all I claim. Izuku...
Izuku Midoriya-Red Dragon Emperor  by HayateAnaguma
Izuku Midoriya-Red Dragon Emperor by Hayate Anaguma
After so many abuse, neglected and bullying,Izuku Midoriya meet Ddraig who separated himself from his previous host, Issei. Now Izuku and Ddraig will become friends and...
the forgotten son of giants (Bleachxbnha) by sansundertale35
the forgotten son of giants ( sansundertale35
izuku yagi was a abnormal boy but all his life he was taller then the other kids. they all thought It was his puirk until he was diagnosed quirkless. After that everyone...
Big Heroes by SpiralQuill
Big Heroesby SpiralQuill
Several dollars were enough for a train ticket. Stares were looking in his directions but that was to be expected if you see a 10 year old boy purchasing a train ticket...
Deku the Alchemist by Lololasolol
Deku the Alchemistby Ronal Dangeropa
Izuku and Izumi yagi are the children of the number 1 and 18 heros All Might and Magnet. Izumi has a super powerfull quirk and Izuku is quirkless, so he is bullied by th...
All The Power by BigTeddyg3498
All The Powerby BigTeddyg3498
Izuku hated his life. He hates school to how distant his mother is from him. Ever since that day, a year after getting told he was quirkless, it's been going downhill. W...
Izuku Midoriya-CEO And Second Male IS User  by HayateAnaguma
Izuku Midoriya-CEO And Second Hayate Anaguma
Izuku Midoriya, formerly known as Yagi never had a happy life Ever since he was diagnosed as Quirkless, his life turned upside down His step-sister Izumi along with her...
The Jester is no fool (Hiatus) by Poppy_and_carnation
The Jester is no fool (Hiatus)by Poppy
In the bustling streets of Musutafu, five ambulances could be seen speeding towards the nearest hospital. Each one of them contained a student barely clinging to life. ...
Izuku the Demon Swarm of Wrath by RSK12321
Izuku the Demon Swarm of Wrathby RS the K
This my first fanfic and description sorry if terrible: After Quirks first appeared changing the world were superheroes and supervillains exist, people noticed that only...
Izuku Midoriya-Spider-Man by HayateAnaguma
Izuku Midoriya-Spider-Manby Hayate Anaguma
Izuku Midoriya, formerly known as Yagi. At the age of 4 he was diagnosed as Quirkless. His Mother Inko(Green Storm), his Step-father Toshinori(All Might), his step-siste...
The Rising Hero Generation Of The True Heroes by DarkUnknownReader
The Rising Hero Generation Of
"Corruption have been a problem for centuries and many things have lead to it, but most of time it have always been power hungry people but there have always been a...
U.A's Gentle Giant by SupremeKingColour
U.A's Gentle Giantby SupremeKingColour
This is a Story about Izuku Yagi the son of both Toshinori and Inko Yagi and older brother to Izumi Yagi but there's one problem. ya' see in a world where 80% of the pop...
Gaara Deku by Cementosss
Gaara Dekuby Ken Ishiyama
First story Izumi and Izuku were good siblings who were happy with their friends and family who grew happily to become very strong heroes... Atleast thats how it was sup...
Next Generation Leveling (Solo Leveling X My Hero Academia) by Zyren__
Next Generation Leveling (Solo Zyren__
Sung Su-Ho was the son of Sung Jin Woo and Cha Hae In and the grandson of Sung Il-Hwan, but during the battle between the absolute being, he was sent to another world re...
Bnha X Battlefield V 1941 by Cowboyvenegas213
Bnha X Battlefield V 1941by Edwin Venegas
Izuku Midoriya Or Formerly Izuku Yagi Since He And His Sister went to See the Quirk Doctor His Sister Had The Quirk That's His Mom And He's Been Diagnosed As Quirkless H...
The Son Of The Demon King Of Tyranny  by Zyren__
The Son Of The Demon King Of Zyren__
Izuku Yagi the son of the number 1 hero All Might and Green Tornado realized something at a very young age, life is unfair. He was constantly bullied, neglected, abused...
Madara's Rebirth: A Izuku Yagi Story by Dazai_enjoyer
Madara's Rebirth: A Izuku Yagi Dazai
I don't own anything I use except for this story. This is a small experiment to see if people will enjoy my Izuku Yagi stories, so I hope this is any good!
neglected op izuku by Arthurpendragon203
neglected op izukuby Arthur pendragon
izuku is a sweet and caring boy that want to save everyone, but fate have so plan for the poor boy. Warning bad inko and bad all might good dad for one no gay ship this...