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The Bad Boy's Gang Leader? by killer_the_queen
The Bad Boy's Gang Leader?by Harley Quinn💋
Meet Raven Smith moved to a small town from the Big Apple from her dark past. Lost both her parents and her sister as she now lives by herself and her current guardian i...
  • abuse
  • teenstories
  • dark
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Troubled little youth. by shani_leigh
Troubled little S H A N I
He thought he was a bad boy. She thought she was a psychopath. He was bad news. She was worse. He was angry at the world. She just wanted to have fun in it. When Ash...
  • boarding
  • swearing
  • guards
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Loving Trouble by KateAnnee
Loving Troubleby K8
Ryder Lynch is Trouble, the notorious gang leader and the unbeaten street fighter, but nobody knows this. So, when Ryder lays his eyes on innocent Amelia Davis, he think...
  • trouble
  • teenagers
  • family
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The Bad Boy Next Door (Completed)  by toxic_girl2002
The Bad Boy Next Door (Completed) by I'm amazing
Avery quinton, a bad girl that got in trouble, got dettention and didn't give a fuck about anything But they didn't know she's a gang leader and not just of any gang. T...
  • fight
  • badgirl
  • street
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My dad sold me to a gang leader  by toxic_girl2002
My dad sold me to a gang leader by I'm amazing
Eva ferrari, dauhter of alex Ferrari Alec is a feared gang leader with the police, FBI, CIA and even more gangs in his fist expect for one The knock outs, the most fea...
  • badgirl
  • alchohal
  • drugs
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My Brothers Gang by misstialeon
My Brothers Gangby misstialeon
⚠️Language and mild sexual stuff⚠️ Maddie has travelled all the way from London to Los Angeles to stay with her brother because her parents can't take care of her anymor...
  • gangleader
  • mybrothersgang
  • mybadboy
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Nothing Holding Me Back {Unedited} by Allaali2002
Nothing Holding Me Back {Unedited}by Allaali2002
**Under construction and major editing** Colton Storm. A name no one has uttered in 2 years, was now the name everyone was repeating. ...
  • forbidden
  • badass
  • highschool
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The Bad Boy Is A Virgin  by bad_boy_booked
The Bad Boy Is A Virgin by bad_boy_booked
Emilia Anderson and Hunter Maddox are completely different but both of them hide secrets that may be key to the reputations they possess. So maybe they're more alike. Bo...
  • love
  • badboy
  • complicated
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The Bad Girl's Return by icecreamobsession
The Bad Girl's Returnby Alondra
Kimberly Zanders was the nerd. The one who was always pushed around not only because she was a nerd but because she was chubby. She always kept quiet and dreamed of how...
  • badgirl
  • drama
  • revenge
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His Hidden Luna  by toxic_girl2002
His Hidden Luna by I'm amazing
Maddy Smith, a 17 year old lone wolf Her mom and dad are dead as they were killed by another pack when she was only 10 years old which made her go into foster care But...
  • wolf
  • dating
  • tattoos
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Togetherness by writerscrafts
Togethernessby dusk
[I marched up to him, "Where the hell were you? I thought something happened to you? Did you not care enough to..." My rambling was cut short when a pair of wa...
  • fighter
  • completed
  • bane
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Bad Girl Attitude {E.D} by ethandolanxxx
Bad Girl Attitude {E.D}by 🥺❤️
"I don't like that attitude Leah, let me teach you a lesson baby girl"
  • badgirl
  • ethandolan
  • imagines
Loving Mr.Good Boy by ishtararahman
Loving Mr.Good Boyby Silence_killer
She is a bad girl He is a good boy She smokes He hates smoking She has fucked every guy in her school He is a Virgin She drinks ,parties He hates parties and alcohol is...
  • goodboy
  • jealousy
  • badass
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The Bad Girl and the Boys by ____GhostGirl____
The Bad Girl and the Boysby Ghost Girl
This is not a story about a good girl. This is a story about a bad girl and her boys. ...
  • gangs
  • stepsister
  • badboy
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The Four of Us | Major Editing by AubreyParsons
The Four of Us | Major Editingby Aubrey Parsons
Highest ranking in Teen Fiction #78 • His hot breath touched the dip of my shoulder, and I found myself tilting my head away slightly to give his lips more access as the...
  • justwriteit
  • wattys2019
  • fights
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Bad Girl Lennon by getsholywater
Bad Girl Lennonby evie
Kingdom High School was your ordinary cliche high school with its cliques. You have the populars. Jocks. Nerds. Band geeks. Outcasts. Delinquents. Then you have Lennon a...
  • badgirl
  • badass
  • teen
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I stole the gang leaders phone  by toxic_girl2002
I stole the gang leaders phone by I'm amazing
Luna martines Abandoned at the age of 3 and was left at the doorstep of an orphanage Growing up for her was difficult House from house States from state But when she...
  • fiction
  • badgirl
  • romance
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Hockey Boys vs Hockey Girls by noni1717
Hockey Boys vs Hockey Girlsby Courtney
"Nolan..." I say as his lips meet my neck. He gently kisses up and down my neck. "Stop." I say. "You're not my boyfriend, stop acting like it.&q...
  • hockey
  • strongfemalelead
  • sports
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The Bad Couple  by llmariahleell
The Bad Couple by mariah lee
"Who the hell is that?" I ask nobody in particular. The rest of the boys look where my focus is. One chuckles. "Oh, that's the new girl. She got expelled...
  • badgirl
  • future
  • trouble
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Miss Queen  by lanalaurence
Miss Queen by lana laurence
"What can i help you with sir " i said before lifting my head .. and there he was silver eyes and all We both looked at each other with shocked expressions o...
  • romance
  • guns
  • love
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