His Hidden Luna

His Hidden Luna

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I'm amazing By toxic_girl2002 Completed

Maddy Smith, a 17 year old lone wolf 

Her mom and dad are dead as they were killed by another pack when she was only 10 years old which made her go into foster care 

But one day when she gets the chance at age 14, she runs 

She runs from foster care, jumping from school to school avoiding it 

Outside of school she works in a tattoo shop with her best friend josh but he doesn't know anything about her being a wolf and she keeps it that's way 

At school she hides behind a hoodie pushing people who speak to her 

But what happens when one day Xavier  Jones comes back to school with his 2 bestfriends kyle and chase and according to rumours, from juvie 

Girls worship them like they are Greek gods and boys envy them 

But as soon as they step a foot on campus Maddy smells wolf and when she and xavier come eye to eye 

She runs

But what happens when she goes back to school and sees xavier wolfing out and helps him but she gets caught....