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ONLY FOR YOU // Merlin/Merthur Oneshots by ambyssall
ONLY FOR YOU // Merlin/Merthur One...by !! ambyssall !!
description edited 7/13/2022 hi, it's ya boy ambyssall. merlin is my comfort show and i am a gay little boy who is absolutely bonkers over these stupid men. look, i upda...
Trespassing Into The Alpha's Heart by Spontaneous
Trespassing Into The Alpha's Heartby Spontaneous
When Avalon Stavros is sent to a summer camp in middle-of-nowhere North Carolina right after graduating high-school, she thinks her life can't get any worse. Enter Talon...
DXD Caster's Magecraft by WriterEvan12
DXD Caster's Magecraftby IvanCruz
Caster. His name is Ivan. He was a human. A heroic spirit. He learned Rune magic and illusion. But the most he spiecalized is Sword. He casted a miracles. A miracles tha...
Danmachi - The Throne of Heroes by SenjuUzamaki
Danmachi - The Throne of Heroesby Dragoon 0720
After being stabbed through the heart by Ottarl, in Bell's last moments, time froze, and he meets an unknown entity. "Bell Cranel, Child of Hestia, and Reincarnatio...
How To Train Your Dragonlord by SteamoReaper
How To Train Your Dragonlordby SteamoReaper
"I only use it for you, for Camelot..." Merlin saved Arthur's life in the Battle for Camelot, due to a twist of fate, where Mordred attacked Arthur with his sw...
I'll Paint You, Mornings Of Gold (Labyrinth Fanfiction) P.S. Jareth×Reader by atedoreenz
I'll Paint You, Mornings Of Gold (...by thegiftofgod
(UNDER EDITING* THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING) What if Sarah Williams didn't exist and you we're the Goblin King's Bride? In a world where nothing is what it seems. Pre...
Pure Blood by BlackCherryChaos
Pure Bloodby TaliaSyn
Avalon Greene, Little miss Innocent, Little miss Goody two shoes Good grades. Good friends. Good life. Until she meets the Black brothers Hunter and Archer. He came in s...
My Mates A Fairy?! by NiraElice
My Mates A Fairy?!by N. Elice
Mila Pontfere is an Omega in the northern Fenris Pack. She has a hard enough time living the life of the lowest standing pack member, but she isnt an ordinary Omega. Her...
Tutor (Lab Rats Fanfiction) by ungerlover
Tutor (Lab Rats Fanfiction)by ungerlover
"Avalon, I've seen your grade records from your old school, and I think it would be best to assign you a tutor." "Are you sure? I've tried tutors before...
Child of Artemis by azunar0
Child of Artemisby azunar
Avalon is a demigod who isn't supposed to exist. Only she and another demigod named Ivan know about her parentage. She is different, even for a half-blood. Her powers ar...
I am the Storm that is approaching by ghyguh
I am the Storm that is approachingby María Iscar
Hey my name is Y/N L/N, and I'm just or rather was an average man, that really liked the Fate Franchise especially the Grand Order group(And all the characters that orig...
The Last Angel (Winx Club) by Sunshine131929
The Last Angel (Winx Club)by Sunshine131929
Emma Carter is the last of her kind, An angel and a teacher at Alfea school she is very good friend with The Winx club and Palladium but what happens when the girls star...
I'm Not King Anymore (Merthur Short Story) by StyxHuntress
I'm Not King Anymore (Merthur Shor...by Styx
I got the inspiration for this story from a similar oneshot on Fanfiction.net by Aeon The Dimensional Girl if the user wishes for me to take this one down I will, howeve...
Tainted Blood [3] by BlackCherryChaos
Tainted Blood [3]by TaliaSyn
After the escape from Stefan's prison and the reveal of the Mistress, Avalon is finally reunited with everyone she loves. But.... Avalon more determined then ever to ki...
Aednat and the Wolf by JerrySkell
Aednat and the Wolfby JerrySkell
RAGNAROK, the final battle and destruction of all the worlds, the end of all things, loomed stealthily, inevitably. Only a time traveling girl and her friend, a shape sh...
One-Eyed Fairy by IWantAnime
One-Eyed Fairyby RedRosey10
Kaneki somehow find himself at Alfea after being snatched away from his world. With little idea on how to get back he agrees to become a student at Red Fountain while he...
The Pendragon by Silver-rose26
The Pendragonby Silver-rose26
AU: Merlin was captured by King Cenred and his men after seen doing magic in his village. But after weeks in captivity he flees from their prison under the cover of dar...
Avalon: The Six Keys of Destruction by Nekros7
Avalon: The Six Keys of Destructionby Nekros7
[Under re-editing] Prince Arkadian, the sole heir to the Holy Aurum Empire, is preparing to take up the crown and rule his people justly, just like his late father did...
The Girl That was Never Popular-Until Now That is (Harry Potter Fanfic) by Kiaraglacier
The Girl That was Never Popular-Un...by Icegirl
Avalon Lily Potter, an outcast of her family. In the shadow of her sister, Rosalind Potter, the so called Girl Who Lived. Truth is, Voldemort did die but Tom Riddle retu...
Merlin One-shot collection by CreamyXD
Merlin One-shot collectionby CreamyXD
A collection of my Merlin one-shots that will most likely contain Merthur. If you don't like don't read. Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin.