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Fallen Angel✔| Ayato Kirishima X Reader BOOK 1 by Abagain
Fallen Angel✔| Ayato Kirishima X R...by Abagain
You're the only human worth saving-Ayato Kirishima _ Ayato hated the humans with a burning passion. They ripped away his father from him, they all deserved to die. That...
  • kirishima
  • love
  • reader
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Two Halves •kaneki×reader• by HiraSenpai
Two Halves •kaneki×reader•by ✧ HiraSenpai ✧
The way she saw the world was very different from the way he saw it. Though it made sense since she saw it through the right eye, and him; the left. The ghoul inside cl...
  • kanekixreader
  • tokyokushuu
  • tokyoghoulroota
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kaneki/Haise x reader oneshots. by ken_kaneki4
kaneki/Haise x reader oneshots.by ken_kaneki4
a bunch of kaneki/haise X readers. ONLY FLUFF!!!! ENJOY! 🙂🙂❤️❤️👍
  • haise
  • kaneki
  • xreader
[Hiatus] Anubis | Tokyo Ghoul X Reader by LostKilljoy_
[Hiatus] Anubis | Tokyo Ghoul X Re...by Trashy
Anubis, the name people all over Tokyo are scared of. Anubis is a well-known ghoul who is a big problem with the CCG. No one, not even other ghouls, knows the true ident...
  • touka
  • uta
  • fanfiction
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Blood, Flesh and Soul [Naruto & Tokyo Ghoul Crossover] by starsetmystery
Blood, Flesh and Soul [Naruto & To...by starsetmystery
Can a ghoul coexist with shinobi? Can a shinobi learn to fall in love with a ghoul? Read as legendary Village Hidden in Leaves is twisted up with more troubles than just...
  • naruto
  • crossover
  • tokyo
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Tokyo Ghoul X Reader one-shots by SuzanneYehet
Tokyo Ghoul X Reader one-shotsby (ノಠヮಠ)ノ*: o , # *: o , #
Is this compulsory?
  • tokyoghoul
  • ayato
  • readerinserts
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Tokyo Ghoul X Reader One Shots by Chibi-Mochi
Tokyo Ghoul X Reader One Shotsby Fatsie~
Tokyo ghoul one shots
  • characterxreader
  • otaku
  • reader
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KANEKIxREADER (finished) by asianaegi
KANEKIxREADER (finished)by belle :)
You're a human and Kaneki a human but also a ghoul. You've liked him ever since you first met him. But an untold mystery about you stumbles upon your future and a Kaneki...
  • touka
  • kanekixreader
  • kaneki
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A Ghoul And A Titan by Shimigitsu21
A Ghoul And A Titanby Shimigitsu21~ :3
It all started between the fight of Kaneki and Amon, fighting along with their quinque and kagune. As the fight goes on, a black hole suddenly appear between the two, su...
  • amon
  • attackontitan
  • crossover
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Anime guys Lemons, One-shot  X Reader by Neonz-a-bitch
Anime guys Lemons, One-shot X Rea...by Blue-Rebel❌™
Lemons, fluff, scenarios blah blah Requests available Generes would be written according to my mood
  • karma
  • kaneki
  • leviheichou
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Tokyo Ghoul And Avengers! by user55569813
Tokyo Ghoul And Avengers!by Very weird Person
Kaneki has suffered a lot from that one day when his hole life turned around that one night with Rize, until he has met the avengers and then was made to work with them...
  • kaneki
  • tokyoghoul
  • avengers
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Kaneki x Reader One Shots by TheGirlInYourCloset
Kaneki x Reader One Shotsby TheGirlInYourCloset
This book is officially finished, there will no longer be any more updates. I'm sorry. I mean yeah this was a joke book at first but people seem to really like Kaneki lm...
  • kaneki
  • cute
  • reader
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kaneki ken / haise sasaki one-shots by teafawn
kaneki ken / haise sasaki one-shotsby xox
hello & welcome ! this is a haise sasaki / kaneki ken tokyo ghoul :re fanfiction book ! i do not own any tokyo ghoul characters - sui ishida does and he is my drawing se...
  • haise
  • suiishida
  • manga
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Boys Like Boys ➸ Hide x Kaneki by SinDumpling
Boys Like Boys ➸ Hide x Kanekiby Yang 🐉
[Commissioned by @jiminssjams] Hide realizes his feelings for Kaneki only after Kaneki reveals his sudden interest in a girl he met at a local cafe.
  • wattys2018
  • hidexkaneki
  • kanekixhide
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tokyo ghoul memes by namahage
tokyo ghoul memesby lol
shitty tokyo ghoul memes you've probably seen at least 20 times * I do not own any images *
  • juuzou
  • uta
  • kaneki
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We all go a little mad sometimes (Kaneki ken x reader) by PROJINY
We all go a little mad sometimes (...by 威風凛々
One day while walking home from a friends house, at night, you encounter a savage white haired Kaneki. Not realizing that this will change your life forever. Amazing cov...
  • kaneki
  • anime
  • crazy
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Various! cheater x Reader by BabyChikken
Various! cheater x Readerby Trinity 💕
°• rєquєsts αrє σpєn •° αll fαndσms αllσwєd ! ⚠️ just cσmmєnt σr dm mє чσu'rє rєquєsts :p vαríσus chαrαctєrs chєαt σn thє rєαdєr σr sσmєвσdч thє rєαdєr rєq...
  • wattys2018
  • anime
  • published
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I Need You By My Side (kaneki x reader) by tokyoghoulprincess
I Need You By My Side (kaneki x re...by tokyoghoulprincess
Your all alone no home no family but you always go see touka in the morning and she would give you free coffee but there was someone new working and you fall madly in lo...
  • love
  • hide
  • sadness
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Roomates (Hidekane) by Hidekanecoffee
Roomates (Hidekane)by Hidekanecoffee
Kaneki and Hide are luckly in the same college.. but surprisingly roomates too! What will happen in this story of events?
  • kaneki
  • senpainoticeme
  • story
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